Network Neuroscience Lab

  bratislav.misic [at] (Prof Bratislav Misic) Visit the lab's full website  

Multimodal Imaging and Connectome Analysis Lab

  boris.bernhardt [at] (Prof Boris Bernhardt) Visit the lab's full website  

Simultaneous PET/MR Imaging for Brain, Cardiac and Cancer Research


The future of in vivo imaging is not only in new and improved scanner technology – with constantly augmenting sensitivity, spatial and temporal resolution – but also in our capacity, in health and...

Job opportunities

If you are interested in joining the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre as a student or research trainee, please contact the BIC's principal investigators directly. Specific opportunities for staff and...

Neural Dynamics of Brain Systems (Baillet)

Sylvain Baillet's lab contributes advances to understand human brain activity: from milliseconds to the life span. 

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