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Brain imaging: unique tools for brain research and clinical neurology

Structural, molecular and functional brain imaging is at the core of the neuroscience battle against brain diseases. Our Centre is a one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary hub for neuroimaging research, serving a broad (inter)national community of basic-science and clinical investigators. Our established tradition of excellence and innovation is recognized internationally, with the first nuclear (1978) and magnetic resonance imaging (1984) scanners installed in Canada. As a facility, the BIC has a proven track record of translating advances into routine research and clinical trials and use, thus benefiting the health of those suffering from major brain disorders.

Large instruments at the service of research and patients

Brain imaging is the "astrophysics of life sciences": large instruments, vast volumes of data, a vast spectrum of disciplines involved. The impact on our knowledge of how the brain processes and integrates information is unique in neuroscience. Our Centre is particularly focussed on how neuroimaging can help patients and doctors in the clinic. This angle is particularly strong through our integration within the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital. We have established a track record of training clinical scientists, creating biomedical companies and conducting clinical research trials to contribute to the development of new treatments.  

Why your support is important

In a time when public research funds are dire in support to academic and clinical research, direct support from the community can leverage tremendous momentum and enable giant leaps in our progress against brain diseases and our knowledge about brain (dys)functions. We always have new ideas and projects that would benefit from your support: ultra-high field MRI at 7T, new equipment for disease models, imaging resources for cancer diagnostic and brain tumours, etc.    

If you are interested in supporting these projects, please sylvain.baillet [at] (subject: Interest%20in%20supporting%20the%20BIC) (contact )sylvain.baillet [at] (subject: Information%20about%20the%20McConnell%20BIC) (us) to inquire about helping the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre. Thank you!     


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