Sridar Narayanan, PhD

Contact Information

Email: sridar.narayanan [at] (Sridar Narayanan)

Website: MRS: Magnetic Resonance Studies Lab





My overall research interest is to study mechanisms of injury, repair and progression in neurological diseases, particularly multiple sclerosis (MS), through the development and in vivo application of advanced brain image acquisition and analysis techniques. Current projects include: development and validation of a method to detect subpial cortical demyelinating lesions in living MS patients using surface-based analysis of structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and myelin-sensitive magnetization transfer imaging (MTI); development of in vivo markers of demyelination and remyelination in new lesions based on MTI, and refinement of this technique to provide a robust biomarker for use in clinical trials of new therapies designed to promote remyelination in MS; studying the extent and importance of blood-brain barrier disruption in MS, both focal and diffuse, using dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI; studying acquired demyelination syndromes and MS in children. All of this work is intensely collaborative, involving physicists, engineers, neurologists, immunologists, neuropsychologists and other people with specialized skills. Our group has fostered excellent collaborative links both within the MNI and beyond.


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