BIC neuroinformatics application form

Registration and payment are required to access the BIC's networked data storage resources and BIC Neuroimaging Workstation program.

Please consult our rates before you fill the form. Note that we may not be able to accommodate your request in its entirety in order to best respond to everyone's demand.

Payment for service is for 12 months and required at the time of registration using McGill FOAPAL or external Purchase Orders - see below . Trainees and staff need to coordinate with their Principal Investigator. For users on McGill campus, please indicate a FOAPAL number for payment. For other users (including at the Douglas, RI-MUHC, JGH, etc.) please produce a purchase order and indicate the PO# in the form below. 

For any questions and special requests, please data [at] (subject: %5BBIC%20Data%5D) (contact us).     

Request for maintenance of BIC Neuroimaging workstations

(enter '0' if no request) 

Enter how many BIC workstations you wish to see maintained by our IT experts.
Specifications: 1 CPU, 4 GB RAM, 40 GB storage for OS and /tmp, 8 GB swap. Default OS: Ubuntu 14.04 precise.
Specifications: 2 CPU + 8 GB RAM, 40 GB storage for OS and /tmp, 16 GB swap. Default OS: Ubuntu 14.04 precise.

Detailed request for data storage space allocation

Enter your request in GB by steps of 100GB in each of the categories below. Enter 0 if no request in specified category. There is a soft quota of 25TB (25,000GB) per Principal Investigator. Should you need a larger storage allocation now or soon, please data [at] (subject: Request%20for%20larger%20storage%20allocation) (contact us).

Enter a code name (5-20 characters) that will be used for naming the root folder of your data storage allocation.
Anything you'd like us to know?

Please provide a FOAPAL, or if your affiliation is outside the McGill Campus (i.e. Douglas, JGH, RI-MUHC), provide a Purchase Order (PO)#. For information concerning how to obtain a PO from your institution, please visit our Access & Pricing page. 

By clicking 'submit', I understand the usage of BIC data storage space and computing resources (including workstations) is for research and/or teaching purposes only.  Data storage, in particular, is not for archiving or distributing private/personal files.  


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