Access: Policies & Pricing

Policies (Terms and conditions for access, scheduling, cancellation and billing)

Please note that the Principal Investigator MUST sign all booking confirmations before scanning.

Pricing (Rates for scanner access, radiotracers & high-performance computing and data storage)

Please note that for McGill users, a FOAPAL number is required at time of booking. 

Researchers with affiliation outside the McGill Campus (i.e. Douglas, JGH, RI-MUHC):

  1. need to provide the BIC with a standing Purchase Order  issued by the hospital or company who is paying for the services,
  2. this PO # must also be provided at the time of booking for all scanning services for any given study,
  3. the total amount of the standing PO must be large enough to cover all scan requests until the end of the fiscal year at your institution.

Purchase Order is to be made out to:
McGill University
Accounts Receivable
3465 Durocher St., Suite #323
Montreal, Quebec 
H2X 0A8

Once the PO is issued, please send it to us [at] (subject: New%20P.O.%20for%20study%20at%20BIC.) (by emai) [at] (subject: New%20P.O.%20for%20study%20at%20BIC) (l), for processing. 

Data Analysis (MRI, MEG/EEG, PET)

Our teams of highly-qualified personnel are here to assist all investigators and can perform their data analysis (with data acquired at our Centre or elsewhere), in any imaging modality featured at the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre.

The staff at the Brain Imaging Centre is dedicated to helping you get your project started and see that you get the help you need to be successful.

Helene Day

Manager, Finance and Administration [at] (email)

phone: (514) 398-1470

Fax: (514) 398-2894


Stacey Peixoto

Judy Barany

BIC Reservations Coordinators

bic-finance.mni [at] (email)

phone: (514) 398-1602



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