Dr. Stephan Binder and Mr. Chris Hsiao join the BIC PET Unit

Published: 6 February 2017

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Stephan Blinder as the new BIC PET physicist on staff. 
Stephan completed his PhD in Astrophysics (U de Bordeaux I, France) and later shifted his interest towards biomedical imaging research. He worked for 4 years with the MIRG group led by Dr. Anna Celler (U of British Columbia, Vancouver) on SPECT imaging, focusing on 3D and 4D image reconstruction techniques. 
In 2004, he joined the PET group led by Dr. Vesna Sossi at UBC, developing 12+ years of experience in PET imaging. He worked with several technologies of small-animal and human scanners, including the rather unique High-Resolution Research Tomograph (HRRT), and the CTI/Siemens microPET, both are instruments in the BIC's portfolio. 

Stephan has tremendous expertise in PET/SPECT data acquisition, image processing and analysis, also in hardware. 

The BIC PET Unit has also hired Mr. Chris Hsiao as new BIC core staff. Chris is a registered Nuclear Medicine Technologist, with four years of experience working at St. Mary's and Royal-Victoria Hospitals. He also has received training in Biochemistry at Concordia University, CT Imaging at CAMRT, and Diagnostic Ultrasound at Ahuntsic College.

Both Chris and Stephan augment our key human resources at the PET Unit in response to the increased research demand in the modality.



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