The Baillet Lab is hiring!


Published: 19Feb2019

Neural Dynamics of Brain Systems in Health and Disease: Postdoctoral fellowship opportunity.
Laboratory of Sylvain Baillet
MNI, McGill University, Montreal

Dr. Baillet is seeking a strong, creative post-doctoral fellow interested in elucidating the grand mechanisms of neural dynamics of brain systems in health and disease. Open to any specific focus, sensory modality or higher-order aspects of brain functions. Studies being carried out in the lab at the moment concerns the dynamical structures and interdependencies between brain rhythmic fluctuations as possible biological mechanisms of active inference and predictive coding in brain networks and systems. The lab's methods of choice are focused on electrophysiology and imaging at multiple scales, from field and multiunit recordings in disease models and patient volunteers, to non-invasive EEG and MEG. The lab is also involved in open-source methods and software developments (Brainstorm) and data-sharing initiatives (Omega, Meg-Bids). Available access to all state-of-the-art imaging technology, including MEG, HD-EEG, 3T and 7T MRI, PET, etc. in addition to TMS, high-performance computing, etc.

The candidate should be interested in and capable of assisting Dr. Baillet co-supervise the projects of undergrads and grad students in the lab, contribute to grant writing and represent the team in consortia. Position is available immediately, and for up to 3 years.

Qualifications: Team player; hard (analytical) and soft skills; minimum one journal article published as 1st author;

Application: E-mail CV and a one-page research statement to sylvain.baillet [at] (Dr. Baillet).