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Published: 19Feb2019

Neural Dynamics of Brain Systems: Postdoctoral fellowship opportunity.
Laboratory of Sylvain Baillet

Post-Doctoral Position at the Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University, Montrea

Neurophysiology (MEG) of Speech Auditory Processing in Aging

We are looking for a creative, post-doctoral MEG specialist to work under our joint supervision (Etienne de Villers-Sidani & Sylvain Baillet) on a study of how aging affects the neurophysiological mechanisms of speech processing. A specific focus will be on age-related changes in the tonotopic auditory cortex and their implication on speech comprehension. We use a multimodal approach, with an emphasis on MEG and advanced data analytics, in the framework of predictive inference for auditory perception (e.g., Morillon & Baillet, PNAS 2017; Donhauser & Baillet, Neuron, in press).

The fellowship will be held at the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre, a leading research facility specializing in multi-modal human brain imaging, including 3 & 7-T MRI, PET, MEG, TMS and EEG. The BIC hosts about 150 staff members and students who specialize in human brain imaging and neuroscience.

The McConnell Brain Imaging Centre is located at the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) and Hospital, on the downtown campus of McGill University, in the heart of Montreal – probably one of the coolest student cities worldwide. The MNI is recognized as a world leader in neuroimaging, neuroscience, and the study of neurological diseases. Overall, this is an exciting opportunity to advance systems neuroscience and to benefit from a thriving research and learning environment.   

Interested candidates need a solid background in brain imaging (preferably MEG) and good analytical and scientific coding skills (Matlab or Python). Experience in neurodegeneration, brain computational modeling and statistics are further assets.

Duration: One-year, renewable.
Start Date: Position available immediately.

Qualifications: Team player; hard (analytical) and soft skills; minimum one journal article published as 1st author;

Application: E-mail CV, contacts of 2 references and a one-page research statement to sylvain.baillet [at] (Dr. Baillet).

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