The BIC's Event and News submission form

This web form is used to submit events and news items that you want to have posted to the BIC's web site. Submissions will be reviewed by staff and published as soon as possible; no more than 2 business days. Events will be published here and News items will be published here. Recent news and events will also appear on the bottom of the BIC home page.  A weekly email digest will be sent out with latest news and events (planned for February 2021).

Submissions should be internal to the BIC or have clear relevance to BIC faculty and research. 

You will receive a copy of your submission at the provided email address. To report a problem or make a suggestion about this form send email to bicadmin [at] (subject: Re%3A%20BIC%20event%20%26%20news%20submission%20form) .


This form can be used for events or news. Please indicate which one you are submitting.
Please enter a URL where details about the event or news can be found. If none exists, please write all details in the description field.
Only future dates are accepted. If you are submitting a news item, please leave this field empty.
If you want your post to be published at a specific time, or have other details you want to specify, please enter them here. BIC staff will publish all submissions as soon as possible after receiving them, no more than 2 business days.


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