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Selection of birthday messages received so far...  

Congratulations on the birthday. Certain that the best is yet to come! (Prof Tim K., McGill)

A very happy birthday (Prof. Rona G., U Sherbrooke)

BIC, you don't look a year over 29. What is your secret? (Prof. Lesley F., McGill)

Happy anniversary and long life to the BIC! (Prof. Mathieu P., UQ Trois-Rivières)

What a great accomplishment. Best wishes. (Prof. Marie-Hélène B., McGill) 

Your brain may be wrinkled but your voxels are as sharp as ever. (Prof. Ed. R., McGill)

Happy Birthday! It's amazing to have such a great place for doing science! Keep on getting more experience... (Ana-Lucia F. Grad Student, McGill)

Wishing you many more stellar years of discovery! (Prof. Abbas S., McGill)

You are my age!! ...the sum of the first four squares... Let's go 30s!! Y los que nos quedan! :) (Dr. Guiomar N.G., McGill)

Wishing all the best for the future of the BIC, many more years of exciting and groundbreaking discoveries! (Prof. Thanh DV, Concordia U)

English: Happy Birthday! French (Canada): Bonne Fete! French: Joyeux Anniversaire! Zulu (South Afican): Ilanga elimnandi kuwe! (Prof. Denise K., McGill)

Long live the BIC ! (Sébastien D., Grad Student, McGill)

Happy birthday BIC! It all only begins at 30! (Prof. Alexey K., McGill)

To join the faculty of the McConnell Brain Imaging Center, Montreal Neurological Institute and McGill University, in 1986 was a dream come true. To work at one of the chief pioneering sources of modern neuroimaging and to learn the ropes under the tutelage of Bill Feindel and to do so with Chris Thompson, Tony Hakim and Alan Evans and the rest of the wonderful neuroimaging crew at the Neuro, was the basis for my own subsequent efforts to map the metabolism and neurotransmission of the human brain. To further be able to do so in collaboration with Brenda Milner and Robert Zatorre and their colleagues in neuropsychology, neurology and neurosurgery elevated the potentials of the work into unimaginable heights, even when these potentials were not always realized. As alumni of the Neuro, Suzan in neurosurgery and myself in neuroimaging, Suzan and I are forever grateful to the pioneers of the Neuro and the McConnell BIC in the 20th Century and to those like Alain Dagher who carry the torch far into the 21st Century.  (Prof. Albert G., U Copenhagen)

Here's to many more years of non-invasive, non-injurious brain mapping! (Prof. Stevan H., UQAM)

After all these years, it's still clear: BIC, there is no substitute. Happy Birthday! (Prof. Sridar N., McGill)

Happy birthday BIC! I am so honored to be part of you! (Dr. M. Liu, McGill)

I wish you a creative brain for the next century ! (Dr. Claude K., CRCHUM)

Wishing the BIC another 30 successful years and more! (Maryse T., Graduate Student, McGill)

Here's to another thirty! (Melissa P., McGill Foundation Relations)

A special and fantastic place to have trained.  Happy birthday! (Prof. Mallar C., Douglas Institute)

From 2006 to 2009 I did my postdoctoral fellowship funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) at the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre, under the supervision of the internationally renowned neuroimaging expert Dr. Alan Evans. During this time I worked on identifying using cutting-edge morphological analysis tools brain phenotypes (biomarkers) in children with neurodevelopmental disorders using structural magnetic resonance imaging. The training environment was outstanding. The breadth of personnel involved in my training was exceptional, provided me with unique opportunities to interact and learn outside my own discipline, which was already multidisciplinary. Within these 3 years, I authored and co-authored seven scientific peer-reviewed papers published in international journals, built the strong ground for my future career plan, and strengthened the fundamental principles that underlie multiple neuroimaging modalities, which I will be using during my academic research career. THANK YOU BIC! (Dr. C., CHU Ste-Justine)

You're just as important as ever, are still among the bests, and have much more to offer. (Prof. Jean-Paul S., McGill)

I have been using the BIC facilities for 6 years now; and I'm enjoying collaborating with the BIC staff since. Your birthday message: Happy Birthday BIC ! Congratulations for the amazing work ! I wish to see you for your 60th anniversary. (Dr. Simon C., McGill)

You're still young. Continue to move on ! (Dr. Benjamin M., McGill)

30 years - that's about as much as one year on Saturn. So... happy first Saturnian birthday! May there be many more productive years to come! (Anastasia S., Graduate Student, McGill)

A wonderful place, with a rich history, to learn and grow as a neuroscientist. (Julia N., Graduate Student, McGill)

Happiest birthday to an exceptional place, the BIC! (Dr. Lindsay L., McGill)

Happy birthday BIC, it's an honour to be part of the celebration! (Axel B., Concordia U)

An incredible achievement!! Happy 30th :) (Alida E., Concordia U.)

30 years of BIC and 35 for the cyclotron facility! (Dean J., Manager, McGill)

Happy birthday to the BIC and all of the amazing staff that work endlessly to help students with running their experiments!! (Dr. Mayte P., McGill)

Congratulations! Here's to another 30 years. (Prof. Howard C., Jewish General Hospital, Lady Davis Institute, McGill)

Happy birthday and wishes for many important scientific findings in the future! (Prof. Georgios M., McGill)

Keep up the Image-nation! (Prof. Douglas A., McGill)

Long live the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre! (Dr. W. Yi, McGill)

Continue to grow. Show the world who we really are! (Miriam K., Research Technician, McGill)

Happy Birthday BIC. Bill Feindel would be proud. (Prof. Janet F., Carnegie-Mellon U)

Happy Birthday BIC, good luck with all the magnets. (Benjamin E., Graduate Student, McGill)

A great program and a good way to celebrate a 30th anniversary of an internationally renown centre! (Prof. Sandra B., Sunnybrook U)

Congratulations on being at the forefront of neuroscience!  (Robert P. J., Graduate Student, McGill)

Happy Birthday!!! (Jean M. Z., Associate Editor, Nature Publishing Group)

Congratulations on 30 very successful years! (Prof. Steven S., Rotman & University fo Toronto)

Congratulations on all of the Centre's achievements! (Prof. Natalie P., Concordia University)

An awesome place to work, with equally awesome folks! Happy Birthday BIC!!! (Grace F., McGill Administrative Coordinator)

At 30, you suddenly become more mature, more responsible, more self-disciplined, more reliable, more grown-up: just like your parents. Happy 30th birthday! :) (Yashar Z., McGill)

Happy 30! Many more great years to come ahead! (Justin K., Software Developer, McGill/Douglas)

I was there when it opened! I have been one of the first users of PET. I followed over the years the tremendous accomplishments and development of the center. BIC has a world influence on brain imaging that will continue over the next decades. (Prof Maurice P., U Copenhagen)

Congratulations. Thirty years ! According to the Romans you have now reached the age of adulthood. Looking very much forward to the next 30 years. (Prof Ron K., U copenhagen)

Have the loveliest 30th birthday! Very grateful for your contribution to research! (Grace C., Grad Student, McGill)

Happy 30th Birthday! Thanks for being a great mentor throughout the years. (Dr. Travis E.B., Ste-Justine Children's Hospital)

Hard to believe it's been 30 years since I first walked up the street from main campus to meet Alan Evans. It's been a great ride for the BIC and the MNI. Here is to 30 years of cutting edge brain imaging research. The best is yet to come. (Sean M., Staff Scientist, NIMH, NIH)

Joyeux anniversaire!  Nous sommes ravis de participer à cette célébration. (Gerald B., The Mathworks)

29 again! Congratulations! The history of the BIC is, in large part, the history of functional neuroimaging - 30 years is a milestone worth celebrating. I'm looking forward to seeing friends and colleagues, and I'm probably not alone in feeling the absence of other key figures who should be celebrating with us (such as Bill Feindel, Ernst Meyer, Keith Worsley...). (Prof Ingrid J., U Western Ontario)

Congratulations on 30 years of world-class accomplishments. (Paule T., McGill)

Happy birthday and keep up the good work! (Daryan C., Lab Technician, McGill, IRCM)

The highlight was working with Bill Feindel to acquire the first MRI, and then to finally see images! Happy 30th BIC! (Prof Terry P., Robarts Research Institute, Western University)

Happy 30th birthday BIC! I'm enjoying my life at BIC very much. (Kangjoo L. Grad Student, McGill)

I have enjoyed several lectures organized by BIC over the years. I wish the BIC a happy birthday and a long and prosperous life. (Prof. Michel P., Neurolinguistics, McGill)

Congratulations to the BIC and great hommage to Dr. Feindel, its Founder.  He was a great neurosurgeon, scientist, entrepreneur, advisor and human being.  Even though his presence will be missed, his legacy lives on through the founding of the BIC and the work  he did at the MNI. Also, of course, through his own and academic family and colleagues. (Dr. Milagros S-P., Hans Selye Foundation)

Happy birthday, and thank you for five truly memorable and productive years! (Prof. Nikola S., Ecole Polytechnique)

The BIC taught me everything I know! (Prof. Virginia P., Concordia U)

Happy 30! Many more great years to come ahead! (Justin K., Software Developer, McGill, Douglas Institute)

Wishing the BIC continued success over the next 30+ years! (Prof. Natasha R., Douglas Institute, McGill)

To another 30 years of excellent work! (Dr. Gregor J., McGill)

Happy birthday BIC - may there be many more years, or at least 4. (Sebastian U; Graduate Student, McGill)

Wishing the BIC another 30 years of success and exciting new discoveries! (Annie L.B., Admin Coordinator, McGill)

I pay tribute to the great scientific success of the BIC. Happy birthday and long live the BIC! (Dr. Thomas V., Concordia U)

I am a recent graduate in International Affairs from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. My research interest is in advances in neuroscience and its interplay with political science brought me to the research done at the BIC. As a soon to be graduate student I wish the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre a Happy Birthday and at least another 30 years or great work! (Nicolai P., Graduate Student, U. St Gallen, Switzerland)

Long live the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre!!! (Kevin L., Research Assistant, McGill)

GO, BIC, GO! (Dr. Jelena D., Neuropsychologist, McGill)

It has been 30 years of groundbreaking work, discoveries that take your breath away. Can't wait to see what we learn over the next 30. (Prof Marco L., McGill) 

30 years of unparalleled innovation, paving the road to a new era of investigation and discovery. Congrats! (Mr. Zahoor C., Director Administration and Finances, MNI)

I am so moved to read these tributes. I am proud of the work my dad,Bill Feindel, started  and so happy it is thriving so well. (Prof Janet M. F., Carnegie Mellon University)

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