Alumni & Spin-off Companies


Our trainees have gone on to the very best institutions around the word (e.g., Harvard, Stanford, Yale, NIH, Max Planck, Oxford, CNRS), and many have returned to Canada to set up new labs across the country. For example, in Canada only, Descoteaux (U Sherbrooke), Duschesne (U. Laval), Lerch (U of Toronto), Owen (U. Western Ontario), Paus (Rotman, Baycrest), Strother (U of Toronto) have all received graduate or post-graduate training at the BIC.   

Spin-off companies and translation

BIC faculty members and ex-trainees have been successful with creating spin-off companies: NeuroRx (Arnold), Biospective (Bedell, Evans), Intelerad (a medical image archiving company with hundreds of employees and sales offices across Canada, the US and Australia; Henry), True-Positive Medical Devices (Collins, Duschesne) and Rogue Research Inc. (Comeau) currently employ >250 HQP, most were trained at the BIC.


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