2013 ARIA recipients

In 2013, 27 students from 12 departments and programs received awards to work under the supervision of faculty members.


"Oral Histories of the Ngöbe-Buglé Comarca"

Sean Phipps, Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Prof. Colin Scott, Anthropology

"Rangeland Neoliberalism: Emergent Land Markets with the Dissolution of the Commons at Maji Moto, Kenya"

Sabina Sloman, Economics

Prof. John Galaty, Anthropology

Art History and Communication Studies

"From the Bystander as a Social Problem to the Bystander as Interventionist Subject: Activist and Academic Constructions of Bystanding"

Emma McBride, Cognitive Sciences

Prof. Carrie Rentschler, Art History and Communication Studies

"The Urban Night as an Interdisciplinary Object: Aesthetic Foundations"

Kathryn Yuen, Art History & English

Prof. Will Straw, Art History and Communication Studies


"Institutions and Entrepreneurship in Ghana"

Renaud Comba, Political Science & International Development Studies

Prof. Markus Poschke, Economics

"Robustness of Economic Systems to Catastrophic Events"

Keat Yang Koay, Economics & Finance

Prof. John Galbraith, Economics

"How Much Do Firms Experiment? Evidence from Compustat"

Guillermo Perez, Economics

Prof. Markus Poschke, Economics

"Non-parametric Estimation in Non-smooth Cases"

Jing Yang, Economics

Prof. Victoria Zinde-Walsh, Economics


"Romantic Poets and Poetry in Victorian Print Ephemera"

Emma Hambly, English

Prof. Tom Mole , English

"Postcolonial Cultures and the Cold War: Representations of the Border War"

Karen (Jiayuan) Huang, English

Prof. Monica Popescu, English

"The Automatic in Performance"

Scott Leydon, English

Prof. Erin Hurley, English


"The Role of Environmental Migrants in Ethnic Conflict in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh"

Lauren-Victoria Hellrung, Economics & International Development Studies

Prof. Gwyn Campbell, History

Jewish Studies

"Mapping the World of A.B. Yehoshua"

Yael Faitelis, Sociology

Prof. Yael Halevi-Wise, Jewish Studies

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

"Digital Environmental Humanities Commons: Building Frameworks, Tools and Partnerships"

Veronica Poplawski, Psychology

Prof. Stefan Sinclair, Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Langue et littérature françaises

"Édition de l'ouvrage collectif  "L'Écriture des femmes à la Renaissance 2""

Christian Veilleux, Langue et littérature françaises

Prof. Diane Desrosiers, Langue et littérature françaises


"Accent dynamics on reality television"

Misha Schwartz, Linguistics

Prof. Morgan Sonderegger, Linguistics

"Verbal Morphology in Chuj Mayan"

Joyce Xiao, Linguistics & Psychology

Prof. Jessica Coon, Linguistics


"The Content and Context of Pasch's "Lectures on Projective Geometry" (1882)"

Douglas Campbell, Philosophy

Prof. Dirk Schlimm, Philosophy

Political Science

"Civic Artisanship, Past and Present"

Pio Araneta, Political Science & Economics

Prof. Filippe Sabetti, Political Science

"Human Rights and Global Poverty"

Conor Bean, Political Science

Prof. Catherine Lu, Political Science

"Despotism in the Workplace and the Socialization of Production: Marx's Response to French Socialist Schools"

Lola Duffort, Political Science

Prof. William Clare Roberts, Political Science

"The Interdisciplinary Study of Political Behavior and Political Decision-Making"

Nicole Leonard, Political Science

Prof. Elisabeth Gidengil, Political Science

"New Left, Old Corruption?"

Vincent Mauro, Politcal Science

Prof. Manuel Balan, Political Science

"The Case of Same-Sex Marriage: Newspaper Reporting, Public Perception, and the Implications for Judicial Legitimacy"

Colleen Morawetz, Political Science

Dean of Arts Christopher Manfredi, Political Science

"Aboriginal Politics and the Charlottetown Accord: Diversity and Consensus"

Olivier Scheffer, Political Science & Psychology

Prof. Christa Scholtz, Political Science

"There's No Such Thing As Ideal Theory"

Diane Shnier, Political Science

Prof. Jacob T. Levy, Political Science


"Toward an Integrated Sociological Theory of Sexuality Among Older Adults"

Sophia Jaworski, Psychology

Prof. Aniruddha Das, Sociology

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