2013 Award Recipients

(Photos by Owen Egan)

Allan A. Hodgson Arts Internship Award

Lorenzo Daieff, MA1, Political Science: Lorenzo Daïeff will intern in Accra, Ghana, with the Centre for Democratic Development, a local think-tank monitoring governance and democracy in the region. Lorenzo is currently a graduate student in political science, and is interested in the nexus between well-being and development. As such, this internship presents the opportunity to witness Ghanaian society at first hand, whilst working in close collaboration with both local and international partners


Vlaho Dragic, U1, Political Science: Vlaho will be interning with the MMEP Summer Institute at their rights based community action centers in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. Vlaho is a Political Science major with two minor concentrations in International Relations and Geography. He has always been fascinated by the Middle East and human rights, and is enthusiastic to be able to apply his knowledge in a hands-on international context and promote access and entitlement to basic human rights.

Marc-Antoine Fortin Robitaille, U2, Economics and International Development Studies: Marc-Antoine will intern with the Kyrgyz Alliance for Water and Sanitation to work on the implementation of new water saving and sanitation technologies, the empowerment of women, and development of new business opportunities in rural communities of Kyrgyzstan. This internship represents for him a highly valuable experience on the academic, professional and personal sides, and he is eager to work with local drivers of change in a region that has long been of interest to him.

Christopher Liu, U2, Political Science: Chris Liu will be interning with Chee Soon Juan, a political activist and leader of the Singapore Democratic Party. Chris is pursuing an Honours degree in political science with a Minor in philosophy. He looks forward to helping to advance democracy and human rights in a vibrant and diverse country—assuming the monsoon winds don't sweep him off the island first. Chris hopes to pursue a PhD in political science following his undergraduate studies, and knows that this internship experience will prove enriching and invaluable.

Daniel Perrett, U3,  Geography: Daniel Perrett will intern in the Fundraising Department of the Jordan River Foundation in Amman this summer. The Foundation was founded by Queen Rania and works to empower women and children through community development programs across the country.Daniel is a U3 Student majoring in Geography and minoring in Arabic and International Development Studies, and this internship will combine these fields of study with his passion for the Middle East.

Daniel Ruiz-Serna, M.A. 2, Anthropology: Daniel will participate in an internship with Oxfam and the Social Research and Popular Education Centre, a communitarian organization based in Peru that provides technical and professional training for street youth. Daniel has been involved in various social justice initiatives in Bolivia and Montreal, including a project with former child-soldiers in Colombia. Having been born and raised in a developing country, he hopes this new experience will be a contribution towards the social responsibility that developed countries have vis-à-vis the impoverished ones.

Benoit Scowen, U2, Latin American Studies: Ben Scowen is a third-year Latin American Studies major. He will be interning with E-Tech International in Ecuador, where the organization is providing critical environmental technical support to indigenous communities affected by Canadian and Chinese mining operations. Ben has spent the past year working with the McGill Research Group Investigating Canadian Mining in Latin America (MICLA), which documents environmental and social conflicts between Canadian mining operations and Latin American communities. Ben's internship with E-Tech will provide him with further insights into this dramatic issue.

Pedro Trujillo Mejia, U2, Political Science & Economics: Pedro will be interning with UNAIDS in Ciudad del Saber, Panama. There he will be collecting data from various organizations and acting as liaison between UNAIDS and other NGOs. His work will serve to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and promote partnerships between various organizations working to fight HIV/AIDS. Pedro is currently pursuing his degree in Economics and Political Science and his work with UNAIDS will allow him to gain valuable experience working with institutions to combat social and economic issues.

Thomas D'Arcy Williams, U1, International Development Studies: D'Arcy will be interning with maxPro, a non-profit organization located in Kathmandu, Nepal working as the Program Management Intern with close coordination with UNICEF and the Nepalese Government. maxPro works towards eliminating malnutrition among pre-school children in Nepal. D'Arcy will be helping operations of the program from a grass root level. He will be analyzing the social capacity building aspects of their micronutrient powder development program in rural areas of the country.

Anderson Family Internship Award

Maria Bernier, U3, Philosophy & Economics: Maria will intern at the Canadian Consulate General in Detroit, as part of the Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Service Section. Maria is a third year student majoring in Philosophy and Economics. Her interests include economic development, environmental and women’s issues. On campus she has been active as a member of the varsity women’s rugby team. This internship will offer her a valuable perspective on the role of public diplomacy in international trade.

Melissa Shohet, U1, History: Melissa will intern in the United States Senate this summer in the office of Senator Mazie Hirono. She is majoring in History, with a minor in Political Science and Jewish Studies. After working with President Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012, she is excited to see what a career in politics would be like and to directly participate in development of policy and creation of legislation.

Molly Young, U2, Middle East Studies & English Literature:  Molly will be interning with the McGill Middle East Program in Jordan, Palestine, and Israel, where she will assist in promoting social justice and a rights-based community practice in disadvantaged neighborhoods. She is interested in travel, creative writing, and international policy. During her internship Molly hopes to further her skills and knowledge in Arabic language and culture.

Andrew Buntain Arts Internship Award

Shaina Agbayani, U3, Equity Studies: Shaina will be a video production intern with the Kapisanan Philippine Center for Arts and Culture, which promotes the intersection of cultural development and youth empowerment through mentorship, education-building, and arts workshops. This internship will allow her to develop the skills to pursue her aspirations to produce accessible media for propelling discussion that addresses the barriers to the socioeconomic development of Filipino-Canadian youth.

Aletta Brandle, U2, International Development Studies: Aletta Brandle will intern at the Canadian Council for Refugees, where her work will involve research, writing and networking, designed to assist her in learning about Canada’s immigration laws and policies and how to analyse them from a human rights perspective.  She became interested in refugees and the immigration process when working at a camp for low-income housing children, many of whom were refugees.  This internship will enhance her ambitions to work as an immigration lawyer.


Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund (AUIF) Internship Award

Joseph Boju, U2, Honours in French Literature:  Joseph will be interning with the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie at the United Nations headquarters in New York. In addition to his studies, he is actively involved in the Delit as an editor for the Arts and Culture section and he performs in the arts undergraduate theatre society musicals

Sarah Firestone, U2, International Development Studies & World Religions (Joint Honours): On the Dean’s List, and holder of a Golden Key, Sarah is active in Hillel, The McGill Pre-Law Society, McMun, and The International Criminal Court Student Network. Sarah is looking forward to her internship at the Israeli Consulate in Toronto where she can combine her passions for social justice, global affairs, diplomacy, Israel advocacy, inter faith dialogue, and international development.

Laurent Goyette-Levac, U2, Political Science & Philosophy: Laurent will intern at the Délégation Générale du Québec at Brussels which works mainly to secure the interests of Québec before the European institutions. Laurent is completing a joint honours degree in Political Science and Philosophy at McGill. This internship is an outstanding opportunity in the field of international relations and also a first step toward a successful career.

Davide Mastracci, U2, Political Science & History (Joint Honours): Davide Mastracci will intern in Montreal at CKUT Radio which provides the city with alternative news and music. Davide currently works for numerous publications including the Huffington Post and the McGill Daily, and intends to apply for a Masters in Journalism following the completion of his undergrad. This internship will give Davide an invaluable opportunity to broaden his range of journalistic experience.

Brittany McGillivray, U3, English Literature & Communication Studies: Brittany will intern at Vehicule Press this summer, where she will learn about the production cycle and editorial tasks of small press publishing companies. Brittany hopes to pursue jobs in the future that combine her love of writing, editorial, pop culture and media.

Rachel Mulbry, U3, Environmental Studies & Geography: Rachel Mulbry will be interning with CEDHA, the Center for Human Rights and Environment, in Argentina. Her work with CEDHA will focus on increasing access to information about mineral mining in Latin America, with the goal of deepening regional awareness about the social and environmental effects of resource extraction. Rachel hopes that interning with CEDHA will allow her to explore in depth the connections between communities, multinational corporations, and the environment.

Julia Simone, U2, Industrial Relations & Management: Julia will be interning with DEEP Corp, the first potential geothermal power producer in Canada. Having a strong passion for clean, sustainable energy production, she hopes to contribute to the further development of geothermal projects around the world. She studies Industrial Relations and Management, loves outdoor sports and activities and brings a smile to those around her.

Brenda and Morrison Hurley Arts Internship Award

Annaliese Snodgrass, U2, Honours International Development: Annaliese Snodgrass will intern this summer with the Massachusetts General Hospital Division of Global Health and Human Rights and Harvard’s Global Hunger Initiative at Nyakibale Hospital to help implement the Initiative to End Child Malnutrition in Rukungiri, Uganda. Annaliese is pursuing a major in Honors International Development with a minor in Environment. She looks forward to bringing to this health issue the broader perspective gained from her studies to help ensure program sustainability and efficacy.

Bryan Cooke Arts Internship Award

Ying Li, U2, International Development Studies: Ying will intern at Camp Taiwan, which is located outside of the city of Taipei. Camp Taiwan is an English-teaching Camp with an emphasis on cultural learning and environmental awareness. Ying is currently completing her Undergraduate Degree, majoring in International Development Studies, with a double minor in Arabic Language and Langue Française. Along with her studies, she volunteers her time on campus as a First Responder with the McGill University Student Emergency Response team. Through her internship Ying hopes to gain better insight on the importance cultural awareness in our ever-globalizing world.

Bryce Internship Award

Farah Momen, U3, Geography: Farah will be a Grant Writing Intern at Pueblito Canada in Toronto, Ontario, an NGO that develops programs in Latin America to empower children through education. She is eager to understand the internal functions of NGOs and how they can be instrumental in combating global inequities. She also serves as the President of Journalists for Human Rights at McGill, and was a previous intern for JHR at a radio station in Kumasi, Ghana.

Brooke Nancekivell, U2, Honours International Development Studies: Brooke Nancekivell will intern this summer with Africa SOMA, an organization which supports small-scale educational initiatives in Kenya. Brooke is involved in community development and social justice initiatives in Montréal, including the Midnight Kitchen and AIDS Community Care. She looks forward to learning more about living in rural Maasailand and how to work collaboratively in international contexts.

Carol and Lloyd Darlington Arts Internship Award

Marion Becheri, U3, Honours Women’s Studies:  Marion Becheri will be interning at the Association for India’s Development (AID), in Chennai, India. AID is a non-profit organization that aims to promote sustainable, equitable, and just development. Marion has always been interested in developmental issues, especially regarding women’s empowerment through education. Marion aspires to work for an NGO in the future and is now eager to learn how a large organization, such as AID, functions at the grassroots level.

Devan Braun, U2, Political Science & Psychology: Devan Braun will be interning at the Association for India's Development (AID) this summer in Tamil Nadu, India. She will be working on the Eureka project, which works to promote equal access to education, health & livelihood in marginalized communities to ensure equitable development. Devan has a passion for travel, culture & knowledge, and she hopes that she can combine this with her academic interests to gain valuable skills in the field of international development.

Leah Demarest, U2, Geography: Leah will intern in Boston, Massachusetts with the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights, which works to bring knowledge on issues of gender to security and peace-building. She is a third year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Honours Geography with a minor in International Development Studies. Leah sees her internship at the Consortium as an ideal opportunity to build upon her academic interests in international development.

Helen Gao, U2, Honours International Development & Political Science: Helen will be interning at Africa SOMA and EWRC, where she will help implement local educational development initiatives to provide opportunities for disadvantaged youth in the Kenyan Maasailand as well as the slums in Nairobi. She is pursuing two Honours degrees, in International Development Studies as well as Political Science. Her previous development work in rural China provided her with a foundation for understanding cross-cultural perspectives in the field, while experience at SOMA will further develop the practical research and professional skills required to implement successful grassroots programs.

Nour Ghadanfar, U3, International Development and Sociology: This summer, Nour is interning at the International Bureau for Children's Rights in Montreal. She will be working on training defense and security forces on children's forces in the Middle East and Africa. Nour hopes that this internship will nurture her passion for investigative journalism as well as contribute to her dream of returning to her homeland of Syria to help with the current humanitarian crisis. 

Carole Jayawardane, U2, Industrial Relations: Carole will be interning at the Immigrant Workers Centre in Montreal this summer. She will be assisting with the creation of an independent organization of immigrant workers who work under Temporary Placement Agencies, in order to promote and protect their labor rights. She will also be assisting with labor rights violation cases within Quebec, which her degree in Industrial Relations has prepared her to do. Carole is currently in her third year at McGill University.

Stephanie Khairallah, U2, Economics & Industrial Relations: Stephanie will intern at the Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping Department of the UN World Food Program in Panama this summer. She will aid in the analysis and management of secondary data for the making of Food Security Profiles and reports that identify hungry populations and establish their causes. This internship provides an opportunity to connect academia with real-world experience and to get in touch with a new culture.

Émilie MacIsaac, U2, Honours International Development Studies: Émilie will intern at AMULTIAGROS (Multidisciplinary Sustainable Agro-Environmental Association) on the Bolivian Andean plateau to research and document gender-based participation in producer organizations. Émilie’s volunteer work for non-profit initiatives in Canada, Cuba and Indonesia has contributed to her interest in the NGO sector, particularly in participatory approaches and the integration of marginalized populations. Her internship will enable her to explore these issues further and to prepare her for future work in NGO settings.

Kirsten Marsh, U2, Honors International Development Studies: Kirsten Marsh will intern in Cape Town with IPACC, a trans-national organization that advocates for the rights of Indigenous groups in Africa. Her interests include education, community-based development, legal pluralism and empowerment of women. She looks forward to her internship experience as a precursor to working internationally in the future.

Mina Mir, U3, Political Science: Mina Mir is an international student from Karachi, Pakistan. She will be interning this summer with the Social Justice Committee of Montreal as a Human Rights Education Intern. She is extremely excited at the opportunity to supplement her academic knowledge from Political Science and Women's Studies Minor with the experience gained through interning at an NGO dedicated to human rights and sustainable political development.

Nalini Ramlogan, U2, International Development Studies: Nalini is a U2 student majoring in International Development Studies with a minor in Communication Studies. She will be interning at CODIJUP, a grassroots human rights organization that acts as the judiciary branch of the Catholic Church in Oaxaca, Mexico. Being half-Mexican, Nalini is very excited to be able to live in Mexico and fully immerse herself in the culture and apply her knowledge to help a community very dear to her.

David Tarr and Gisele Chèvrefils Arts Internship Award

Lucy Sun, U1, English Literature & Political Science: Lucy will be interning this summer with Project Caste Away in New Delhi, India. Project Caste Away aims at the eradication of caste-based prejudice and Dalit violence through the education system. She has been involved in McGill’s Debating Union and Creative Writing Society. She hopes to pursue her passion in human rights advocacy by gaining a first-hand experience on how the struggle between cultural behaviours and official policies carries out in development.

Eva and Myron Echenberg Arts Internship Award

Devin Kesner, U2, International Development: Devin will intern in Zanzibar, Tanzania with the Zanzibar Institute for Research and Public Policy, an organization which conducts research and drafts recommendations for public policy decisions. Devin is looking forward to participating in the beginning foundations of public policy, which she believes to be a viable vehicle for change. 

Constance Naud-Arcand, Master’s level, Political Science: Constance will intern at the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice in Accra, Ghana. Throughout her studies, Constance has pursued her various passions: human rights, migration, comparative public policies, and orchestral music. This has led her to intern with the investigative journalism team of the Société Radio-Canada in 2010 and with the International Bureau for Children’s Rights in 2012.

 Faculty of Arts Externship Award

Maureen Nealon U3 International Development Studies: Maureen will be interning at the Cathance River Education Alliance in Topsham, Maine, an NGO that aims to preserve the Cathance River and it’s surrounding area as well as promoting environmental education in local schools. Working with CREA will give Maureen unique hands-on experience in environmental policy and NGO management. This opportunity will prove crucial as she aspires to a career in sustainable development. 

Brittany Cost, U1, International Development: Brittany is serving as an intern at Highland Green, a retirement community dedicated to sustainable development practices, and the on-site Cathance River Education Alliance, a nonprofit organization entrusted with the easement of the Cathance River land preserve in Topsham, Maine, and local nature education. Brittany, a Maine native, is grateful for the opportunity to learn about sustainable development, grant-writing, and ecological preservation practices that with help her in a future career in non-profit management.

Faculty of Arts Internship Award

Marissa Mills, U2, Cultural Studies:  Marissa will act as an editorial intern for VICE Magazine in Stockholm, Sweden, while on exchange at Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden. Marissa is a Cultural Studies major with minors in both Communications Studies, and Management. Marissa has worked as head of Public Relations at Leacocks online magazine, is a note-taker for students with disabilities and has been a member of Best Buddies since 2011. Marissa hopes to pursue a career that merges her interest in the entertainment industry, with her drive for business and entrepreneurship.

Gail Elizabeth Todgham Arts Internship Award

Amanda Pileggi, U2, Urban Systems & Cultural Studies: Amanda will be the Community Outreach Intern at the Regent Park Film Festival, situated in Canada's oldest social housing development and Toronto's only free-of-charge community film festival. Local and international independent films relevant to the transitioning Regent Park community are showcased and critical social dialogue is encouraged. Amanda's previous work at the Luminato Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival demonstrate her skill and interest in the contribution of arts and culture in city building. She will be implementing a community mapping project for the RPFF with the goal of increasing outreach efforts.

Audrey Kwan, U3, Art History: Audrey will be an intern at the Burke Museum in Seattle in a docent position. Primarily, she will be educating visitors on the various exhibits at the museum through guided tours. This internship will help benefit her as both a student of Art History and Communications as she will be working interactively with both children and adults. Audrey is a former coordinator for Mosaica McGill, through which she has performed in a variety of charity performances for groups such as Synesthasia and Casco annually. She is also the current VP Communications for Fridge Door Gallery.

Hinda Ordower King Award of Merit

Cornelia Aton, U2, Middle East Studies: Cornelia will intern with the McGill Middle East Program Summer Program at their Community Practice Centers in Israel, Palestine and Jordan. These centers seek to reduce inequalities with a right-based approach and relationship building. Cornelia has always been interested in the region, particularly the consequences of the Arab-Israeli conflict and is looking forward to expanding her knowledge of human rights and social justice.

Danielle DerOhannesian, U2, Political Science: Danielle will intern with the McGill Middle Eastern Program (MMEP) in Israel, Palestine in Jordan. MMEP works with locally-owned participatory rights-based community centers seeking to assist people in disadvantaged communities to learn and secure the rights necessary for improving their living conditions and their societies. Danielle looks forward to exploring the socio-political and cultural applications of rights-based work and using this experience for her future endeavors and studies.

Kaya Dunawa-Pickard, U3, International Development Studies & Political Science: Kaya will be participating in the McGill Middle East Summer Program (MMEP) in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. Kaya will intern at rights-based community centres in both Israel and Palestine. She will help support people in disadvantaged communities learn about their rights and gain the knowledge and skills to meet their basic human needs. Kaya is pursuing a double major in IDS and Political Science and this internship will allow her to explore her interests in development and human rights and is a great way to help prepare her for a career in these areas.

Victoria Gillan, U2 Political Science: Victoria Gillan will intern in Israel and the Westbank with the McGill Middle East Program, which focuses on reduction of inequality and the promotion of civil society and justice related to both peacebuilding and security. With the McGill Middle East Program (MMEP) Victoria will work with local partners in the area to implement McGill's own Rights-Based Community Practice. Studying International Relations and Development, her internship will combine experience and academics only to provide more substantive knowledge for her future aspirations in International Human Rights Law.

Hon. Paul and Yvonne Casey Internship Award

Lucile Smith, U3, Honours History: Lucile Smith is a U3 History (Honours) student with a minor in Political Science. She will be interning at the local NGO Payoke in Antwerp, Belgium. Located in the heart of Anwerp's Red Light District, its mission is to protect and assist victims of sex trafficking through legal, psychological, social, and administrative assistance. This will help reinforce the knowledge Lucile has gained of social justice for oppressed group through her work with Amnesty and V-Day.

Ithaca Arts Internship Award/Bourse Ithaque pour les Stages en Arts

Ya Yun (Winnie) Hu, U3, Political Science and English: Winnie Hu will be pursuing an internship with the Canadian Consulate in Shanghai in the Foreign Policy and Diplomatic Services Section which is dedicated to strengthening lawful trade agreements and bilateral relations. Her political science studies and her own multi-national background have piqued an interest in Chinese politics and Canadian interests in China. She hopes to successfully manage her own diplomatic project in Shanghai and gain valuable insight into what it will be like to work in an international field.

Judy Patton Hamilton Arts Internship Award

Emmanuelle Arpin, U2, Sociology: Emmanuelle will be interning at the U.S. General Consulate in Montreal with the Public Affairs division. As a third year Sociology Honours student, with two minors in Political Science and in French, she has a specific interest in political sociology, focusing on policy-planning, institutional arrangements and Canadian-specific issues such as language rights. From this internship experience, she hopes to deepen her knowledge of Canadian-American relations and gain professional experience in the areas of diplomacy and intra-governmental relations.

Margot Frazier, U2, International Development Studies: Margot is thrilled to be interning at the Social Justice Committee in Montréal, Quebec. The Social Justice Committee aims to eradicate global social injustices by educating and mobilizing Canadians. Margot sees this internship as a great way to apply her passion for global human rights, help the Montreal community, and gain professional experience with an independent, politically active organization.

Anastasia Pivnicki, U2, English Literature and History: Anastasia will be interning at Shoreline Press, a small publishing house in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue that aims to publish first-time authors and with its “authors-helping-authors” policy, Shoreline uses the proceeds from one published book to publish the next book. She is interested in all things literary and she is excited to be assisting the publishing staff at Shoreline because she hopes to learn about the field of publishing and learn about the English-language publishing opportunities in Montreal.

Amy Tang, U2, Psychology: Amy will be interning with the Faculty of Social and Political Science at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta: a relatively new faculty which strives to educate and produce students with global awareness and understanding of social issues. Amy is interested in the ideas of community development, its relationship to governance, and also human self-conceptualisation, the confluence of which she hopes the opportunity at UIN Jakarta will allow her to explore.


Adriana Willms, U3, Political Science: Adriana will intern at Equitas in Montreal, Qc, a human rights education NGO. She will assist the education specialists in organizing their 34th annual training program for human rights workers coming from all over the world. Her internship at Equitas will give her the opportunity to meet people working in conflict zones, and learn about field work, international partnerships and other practical aspects of peacebuilding. She plans on pursuing a graduate degree in Peace and Conflict Studies.



Kostman Family Internship Award in Arts

Anna Hutchinson, U1, Honours Middle East Studies & History: Anna will be interning with the McGill Middle East Program, which runs rights-based community practice centres in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. She will be volunteering in two affiliated centres in the region to assist in providing social and legal service to members of the local communities such as access to fair housing, recourse for women experiencing domestic violence, early childhood education, and referral services.

Sandrine Lacroix-Sarradet, Master's level, Social Work: Sandrine will intern at the African Refugee Development Center in Tel-Aviv, an organization aiming to protect, empower and defend the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Israel. She will work in the area of psychosocial assistance in a shelter for women and children, which will help her to learn about intercultural intervention and multi-level issues related to the refugee population, one of her main interests in international social work.


Lev Bukhman Internship Award

Laurence Labelle, U3, Anthropology: Laurence will be interning at Equitas, an organization that trains human rights advocates in Canada and Internationally.  She will be working on Play it Fair!, a program offered to day camps in Montreal.  She became aware of the importance of inclusion and respect for diversity while working with adults and children with disabilities, and aspires to a career in mental health.  She is looking forward to learning more about working with youth.

Emily Liddell, U1, International Development Studies & Middle East Studies: Emily will be interning with the ICAN/MMEP institute in rights-based community practice centers in disadvantaged areas of Israel and the West Bank. The internship consists of field placements, field visits concerned with civil society initiatives, and a seminar series based on comparative social policy. She hopes this internship will provide her with the opportunity to work with members of disadvantaged Middle Eastern communities.

Dafe Oputu, U2, Political Science & History: Dafe will be interning at the Canadian Consulate in Detroit in their International Business Development Unit, which aims to promote Canadian economic interests in the Great Lakes Region of the United States. Dafe has a strong interest in international relations and is a writer for the McGill Bull and Bear. He hopes to gain valuable insights into the practice of diplomacy from his time at the Consulate.


Gaëlle Perrin, U2, International Development Studies: This summer, Gaëlle will be interning in Tamil Nadu, India with the Association for India’s Development, an organization promoting sustainable and equitable development, notably through the improvement of education quality in the South of India. Passionate about the protection of environment and development, Gaëlle will be working on the field on agricultural projects.

Katherine Ragan, U3, Political Science and Economics: Katie will intern with Policy Options, a magazine published by the Montreal-based Institute for Research on Public Policy. Katie will be writing for the magazine, and will also be involved in the design of issues and editing of submitted material. This internship will combine her interests of policy and writing and introduce her to the fast-paced world of journalism.

Carmina Ravanera, U2, International Development Studies: Carmina will be interning with the Association for India's Development in Chennai, an NGO which strives for sustainable development through livelihood projects. She hopes this internship will help her in her pursuit of a career in education and women's advocacy, as well as give her valuable experience working with a well-established non-profit. In Montreal, Carmina regularly volunteers with the community organization Santropol Roulant and writes for campus publications.

Karla Stasiak Kisielewski, U2, International Development Studies: Karla will intern at the UN World Food Program in Panama City, the regional office of the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. She will be working in the Information Management department where she will gain experience on the logistic of food aid programs. Karla has had diverse experiences, including teaching English abroad, humanitarian work in the Dominican Republic and involvement with several NGOs in Canada. She is thrilled to be a contributing member to this leading humanitarian organization and hopes that it will aid her in her future aspiration of working in the International Development field.

Liz Gomery and Stefan Fews Internship Award in Arts

Carolina Millán Ronchetti, U3, Honours International Development Studies & Economics: Carolina will intern at the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) in Panama. She has previously interned at the Washington Office on Latin America, an organization that promotes human rights and social justice in the region. On campus, Carolina is actively involved with the McGill Tribune, an independent student-run newspaper, acting as Managing Editor. Her internship with the UNWFP’s Vulnerability Analysis Mapping unit this summer will be a platform to learn the methods used to assess food security and promote sustainable policies in Latin America.

Laura Santini and Ken MacKinnon Initiative Award for Student Internships

Maryna Polataiko, U2, Honours Political Science: Maryna will be interning in Cape Town at IPACC, a transnational organization promoting indigenous human rights and grassroots capacity enhancement. Maryna is Head Journalist at the Political Bouillon, co-founder of the Al Purdy A-Frame Association, and has been involved with McMUN, SSUNS and on-campus publications. Interested in state decentralization and legal pluralism, Maryna will be provided with a sturdy foundation to further explore Indigenous Law.

Claudia Torregrosa Tomás, U2, Marketing and Human Resources: Claudia will intern at Investours in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, an organization that aims at promoting microfinance through educational tourism. Claudia has been involved at DECA McGill and was recently recruited by the Junior Enterprise Desautels. Her experience at Investours will enable her to gain a unique perspective on approaches to issues faced by entrepreneurs and social enterprises, which will prove invaluable to her pursuit of a career in consulting.

Max Stern Internship Award in Art History

Mengge Cao, U3, Art History: Mengge will intern at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art (MMFA) Asian art collection department. The collection of Chinese art in the MMFA provides a comprehensive picture on some important Asian art issues but also reflects the collective `craze` for Asia experienced by Montréal in the early 20th century. He will acquire curatorial experience in the public museum settings and gain understanding in the issue of Chinese diaspora throughout the history.

Anna January, Masters Level, Art History: Anna will intern at the McCord Museum in Montréal, QC. The McCord Museum is dedicated to the preservation of Montréal, Québec, and Canadian history. Their collection consists of many works of art, photographs, and artifacts. Anna will be working closely with the Curator of the Notman Photographic archive. Anna has previous experience working in museums and hopes to work in a curatorial department after her Masters.

Kyung-Seo Min, U0, Art History and English Literature: Kyung-Seo will be interning for the Metropolitan Museum of Art this summer at the Cloisters, where she will acquire valuable experience researching the Cloisters collection, leading gallery talks, and educating diverse audiences about medieval art and architecture. At McGill, she is the Finance Director of Players' Theatre and the McGill Multilingual Children's Library. She is excited to provide a positive, informative, and engaging museum experience for the Met's visitors.

Madeline Stoddart, U3, Art History: Madeleie will complete an internship with Stephen Bulger gallery, the leading commercial gallery in Canadian contemporary and historic photography. Madeleine will gain experience in the management of a commercial gallery, the handling and study of photographs, and cataloging historic works. Currently, Madeleine is the President of the Art History and Communications Studies Students Association (AHCSSA) and the Co-President of Fridge Door Gallery.

The McDonald, Currie Fund for International Management and Development Internship Award

Rachel Bessette, U3, International Development Studies & Middle Eastern Studies: Rachel is presently finishing her final semester of a joint honours in International Development and Middle Eastern Studies and will be spending the summer interning at the American Task Force on Palestine, a lobby for a two state solution located in Washington D.C.. Her work this summer will complement her passionate dedication to finding a viable and pragmatic solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and will be an important step in preparing her to pursue a masters degree in Conflict Studies.

Ross A. McDonach, U3, International Business & Economics: This summer Ross will complete an internship at the United States Consulate General in the Department of Commerce. As an intern he will assist the brokerage of trade deals between U.S. commercial clients and trade outlets in Canada. Ross is grateful to be working in a field directly related to his studies at Desautels and is excited to learn  about trade in the Aerospace and Tourism sectors.


Media@McGill Award

Oluwatomilola (Tomi) Tade, U2, Economics: Tomi will intern at Possie Vibrations, a recently launched community radio station in Portsmouth, Dominica which aims to enable community building by addressing local issues like crime and environmental pollution in the town. Having been involved in various McGill clubs focused on social and economic issues in the developing world, this internship will expose her to the role of the media as a strategy in community-driven development.

Roland Arts Summer Internship Award

Thibaut Davy, U3, Political Science: Thibaut Davy will intern in Nairobi, Kenya with local NGO Liverpool Voluntary Counseling and Testing. This organization works on improving HIV prevention, on prevention research, on capacity building, and on community outreach. Thibaut is pursuing a major in political science and a minor in social studies of medicine, and he would like to enter the field of public health after graduation. This internship is a great opportunity to gain experience in this area.

Zachary Lewsen, U3, Honours Political Science: This summer, Zach Lewsen will be interning for the Social Justice Committee of Montreal, an organization that raises awareness of global human rights through research, education, and public advocacy. Through this internship, Zach will build on his research skills and understanding of NGOs, which will be helpful as he pursues a career relating to Law, Human Rights, and Public Policy.

Sanah Seram, U2, Environment: Sanah Seram will be interning with The Center for Ocean Solutions in Monterey, California. She will be working with interdisciplinary teams to integrate research methods and data, and formulate real solutions to issues threatening social-ecological interactions and small-scale fisheries. She is in her third year, pursuing a Major in Environment and Development with a minor in English Literature. This internship is a great step towards future graduate studies in the field of human-environment interactions.


Thao Véronique Tran, U2, Economics and International Relations: Thao will intern for the Head of Mission Department at the Consulate General of Canada in Ho Chi Minh City. This internship will allow Thao to learn about the work of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and Canada – Vietnam relationship and gain experience in a field that really interest her. This internship will also represent an opportunity for her to travel to Vietnam and meet her culture of origin.

Hannah Quinn, U3, International Development Studies & Anthropology: Hannah will be interning with Equitas, an organization that promotes equality and social justice both within Canada and worldwide through their human rights education programs. While Hannah has had the opportunity to travel and work on development projects in countries such as Belize and Kenya, she hopes that her position as coordination assistant with Equitas will help her to foster a greater understanding of the administrative and organizational elements of NGO operations. Hannah believes that her experiences at Equitas will inspire her and help to guide her as she seeks to create a career in the field of development. 

Scott and Kristi Daniels Arts Internship Award

Justin McAdam, U3, Economics: Justin will be interning this summer at The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, an organization dedicated to the promotion of trade and investment between Canada, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. Justin has been involved on campus as the Campus Account Manager for the Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec Marketing Case Competition. This experience will enhance his understanding of East Asian business culture and prepare him for a career in a global workplace.

Tania Zouikin Arts Internship Award in International Development

Cassandra Morin, U3, International Development Studies: Cassandra will intern at the Women's Initiative for Self-Empowerment (W.I.S.E.) in Accra, Ghana. WISE is an NGO that provides counseling and support to women and children who have been victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, while empowering women to break the cycle of violence. With her passion for human rights and gender equality, Cassandra hopes to learn more about the tools needed to empower women and to use that knowledge in her future career.

Beverly Sarfo, U2, Honours Political Science & History: Beverly will be interning at Ghana’s Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice, an institution devoted to protecting human dignity and preserving governmental accountability and transparency. At McGill Beverly was an executive member of the African Student Society and a mentor at Tyndale Saint-Georges community center for at-risk youth. In Ghana, Beverly will strive to apply her classroom education to the workforce. She hopes to expand her knowledge on human rights violations in the developing world, which she believes will help her in her future goals of becoming a human rights lawyer.

Nirosha Sarugaser, U2, Political Science & International Development Studies: Nirosha Sarugaser, an International Development and Political Science double major will be interning with Africa's Children-African's Future, a grassroots organization based in Toronto, Canada. The organization works primarily with children in Tanzania and focuses on project creation, micro-financing and education. This internship focuses on the development and implementation of projects, a crucial skill set to have for a future based in the world of Development.

Toten Family Arts Internship Award

Emily Harris, U3, International Development Studies: Emily will intern at the Center for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL) in Freetown, Sierra Leone this summer, working in court monitoring and social justice, as well as media advocacy. Her roles will include helping staff monitor and record court proceedings and writing for their newsletter, The Monitor. She hopes to learn more about vigilante justice groups and corruption through the experience.

William Henry Kelly Social Work Summer Internship Award

Valerie Dagenais, Master's level, Social Work: Valerie will intern with Children of Bududa, an organization that provides orphans and other vulnerable children in ruralUganda with a social and academic support structure. Valerie is passionate about children rights, and strongly believe that all children should have the chance to develop to their full potential. She bas previous experiences in clinical and community work with vulnerable children in Ecuador, Honduras, Peru and Montreal. She is very pleased to take part of an internship that will introduce her to the complexity of problems faced by children in the a ruralarea of Eastern Africa.

Vanessa Ko, U3, Political Science: Vanessa Ko will be interning at the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey, based in Ankara. The HRFT is a non-governmental organization that works primarily with torture victims and provides treatment and rehabilitation. She is a U3 Honors Political Science major with minors in International Development and Economics.

Alejandra Salgado Carvajal, U2, Social Work: Alejandra will intern at the MMEP’s Summer Institute in the Middle East. This program uses a Rights-Based Community Practice approach, as it seeks to promote housing, legal rights, empowerment, advocacy and education. Alejandra has been involved in different organisations, where she has been exposed to multidisciplinary issues associated with systemic oppression. With the MMEP internship she will have the opportunity to work with local communities, while gaining valuable experience related to international social work practices.

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