2012 Internship Award Recipients

(Photos by Owen Egan)

Allan A. Hodgson Arts Internship Award

Thibaut Davy, U2, Political Science: Thibaut Davy will intern in Panama with UNAIDS, the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, which works with governments and organizations to address issues of prevention, access to treatment, and social integration. Thibaut is pursuing a major in Political Science and a minor in Social Studies of Medicine. This internship is a great experience in the field of public health and a good way to prepare for a career in this area.


Saif Ullah Khan, U3, Economics: Saif Ullah Khan will be interning at Green Power, Kenya as part of the Economic impact evaluation team. Saif is a third year student of Economics with Finance and International Development Studies as his minor concentrations. Having been born and raised in Pakistan, a developing country, he believes that this experience will greatly help him discover academic solutions to developmental concerns, many of which he can identify with.


Felix Li, U2, Cognitive Science: Felix will be interning with Nexos Voluntarios in Urubamba, Peru, as part of its Teaching English program, which promotes increased local involvement in business and tourism through improved English-language skills. He ultimately hopes to combine his current academic areas of study with the topic of his internship by pursuing graduate studies in education. He also hopes this internship marks the start of a long and fruitful love affair with the countries of Latin America.


Timothée Pasqualini, U2, Environment & Political Science: Timothée will intern at the United Nation World Food Program (UNWFP) in Panama City this summer. At the Latin American and Caribbean headquarters, Timothée will work with the Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping department, which uses GIS technology and data collection in order to write country profiles assessing food security. Timothée will thus learn more about the captivating nature of the interactions between human political societies and the environment.

Nicolas Alexander, U3, Economics & Political Science: Nicolas will intern at IPACC in Cape Town, an organization that advocates for the rights and voices of indigenous people in Africa. Nicolas was an executive of the Swiss club of McGill and tutored students in Political Science. Having interned at Earth Focus Foundation in Switzerland, Nicolas is keen to fuse his passion for rights advocacy and environmental protection before pursuing a Master’s degree in International Law.


Stephen Eldon Kerr, U3, English Literature & Political Science (Joint Honours): Steve will intern with The Zimbabwean newspaper, where he hopes to learn much more about the country of his birth. He is a budding journalist, with experience in print and broadcast on and off campus. An avid reader, Steve currently loves the work of Joan Didion. He is especially interested in the use of social media and the internet by journalists.


Jonathan Kourgialis, U2, International Development Studies & Economics: Jonathan will be interning with Maji na Ufanisi, a Kenyan NGO in Nairobi which focuses on providing innovative community based water and sanitation facilities for those without access.  He is an Economics and International Development Studies double major at McGill University. He has done a variety of volunteer work and was a member of the Canadian Field Studies in Africa 2012. His interests include economic empowerment of the poor, community based development, and improving global health.


Gavin Martyn, U2, Biology: Gavin Martyn will intern this summer with Kabarole Tours, working on the Kasenda Ecotourism Development project in rural Uganda which focuses on forest conservation, community development and sustainable tourism. Gavin is pursuing a major in Biology and minors in Political Science and History.

Jeffrey Scanlon, U2, International Development Studies & Organismal Biology: Jeffrey will be interning with Kabarole Tours and Safaris and Prof. Colin Chapman in Uganda to promote ecosystem health and sustainable development. This will involve working with local communities to grow the ecotourism business, which re-invest a portion of its profits into local development projects chosen by the community. Jeffrey has development experience working with Free the Children and Plans and spent 9 months travelling abroad as the 2009 recipient of the British Alumni Traveling Scholarship. He hopes to gain experience in both the conservation and development fields through this opportunity.


Anderson Family Internship Award

Nicole Leonard, U2, Political Science (Honours): Nicole will intern with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) this summer to work on different initiatives related to growing democracy and economic capacity. She is an Honours student in Political Science (International Politics concentration) with a minor in Economics and potentially Women's Studies. She is interested in travel, international organizations and trade, as well as languages- Spanish and French. On campus, Nicole is active in the Arts Undergraduate Society and a variety of McGill publications.

Alexander Solomon McKenzie, U2, Political Science (Honours): Alexander McKenzie will be interning at the Permanent Mission of the Commonwealth of Dominica to the United Nations. He is a Political Science student and will be entering his last year of McGill next year. He has always been interested in international relations in a non-great power context, and is excited to discover whether small powers can play a role in influencing system level politics.


Daniel Novick, U2, Political Science (Honours): Daniel will intern at the Consulate General of Canada in Detroit in the International Business Development Unit. Daniel has been involved as a News and Lifestyle Writer for The Bull & Bear and as a member of the McGill Nordic Ski team. Daniel’s studies in Political Science have highlighted for him the deep importance of improving the Canadian-American relationship while furthering Canadian economic and social interests. This internship will allow Daniel to gain valuable experience in a field that truly interests him.


Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund (AUIF) Internship Award

Julia Champagne, U3, International Development Studies: Julia will be interning at the Department of South East Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore where she will assist with the coordination of the Summer School Program. This program offers an enriched learning experience for international students with a desire to learn about South East Asian culture. This internship will give her the opportunity to discover new cultures, while gaining valuable experience in an international context.

Courtney Claessens, U2, Urban Systems (Honours): Courtney will intern with Jane's Walk, an organisation in Toronto focusing on civic engagement with the urban environment and planning processes. She is eager to continue research in local urban issues, as well as augmenting data analysis techniques. Her experience at Jane's Walk will prove invaluable to future prospects in local urban issues and municipal governance.

Stephanie Dimitroff, U3,  Psychology (Honours): Stephanie will intern at the RWTH Aachen University in Germany. While in Aachen, she will be researching the neural correlates and efficacy of different stress-coping strategies. Stephanie has been interested in stress psychology since her start at McGill, when she began volunteering at the Douglas Mental Health Institute. Stephanie believes that stress research is key to understanding physical and psychological wellbeing, and she hopes her research will have positive real-world applications.


Karina Fortier, U2, Political Science: Karina Fortier will intern at the Canadian Council for Refugees based in Montreal, and provide administrative support for the Youth Action Gathering. She is pursuing a major in Political Science and minors in International Development and African Studies. She has demonstrated involvement on campus: she is a residence life facilitator, volunteers with Midnight Kitchen, and is a member of the “B Refuge” club. This internship will add a professional dimension to her current volunteer work with refugees.


Sophia Horricks, U2, Canadian Studies: Sophia will intern for Ms. Joyce Murray, Liberal Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra. She hopes her experience of working in Vancouver Quadra’s constituency office will allow her to appreciate the practical application of what she has been studying for three years here at McGill. This internship will assist her in the future, as she plans to pursue a law degree or a Master’s of Public Policy.


Anna Nathanson, U3, International Development Studies: Anna Nathanson will intern this summer at World Wide Hearing, a Montreal-based NGO that aims to create sustainable systems to distribute affordable hearing aids to children in the developing world. She is an International Development Studies major with minors in World Religions, Economics, and Field Study-Africa. On campus, Anna is the coordinator of Jr. Peacemakers, a member of Best Buddies, and an intramural soccer player and referee. She is especially interested in issues of health care, urbanization, and agriculture in the developing world.


Elisa Johanna Penttilä, U2, Art History (Honours): Elisa will intern at the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. At McGill, Elisa is actively involved with the Fridge Door Gallery and the McGill Choral Society as a member of their executive committees. She also volunteers for the Montreal-based Contemporary Art Galleries Association (AGAC) and for AFS Intercultural Programs Canada. The internship will expose her to various aspects of museum work, and allow her to further develop her knowledge of Russian art, language and culture.


Gillian Massel, U2, English Literature: Gillian Massel will intern at Véhicule Press in Montreal - a small-press that publishes award-winning Canadian fiction and poetry. Gillian is the editor-in-chief of the VEG Literary magazine, a senior editor for The Channel Undergraduate Review, and the Vice-President Finance of the Department of English Students' Association. Interning at Véhicule Press will allow Gillian to gain insight into the publishing field, the Canadian small press industry, and greatly enrich her academic studies here at McGill.


Matthew Rettino, U2, English Literature: Matthew will intern at Shoreline Press, a publisher based in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. Involved with the McGill Creative Writing Society and practiced in the art of crafting novels, he has fostered a love of literature from a young age. Having written for local papers like The Senior Times and The Catholic Times, working at Shoreline is a natural step towards a career and will grant him valuable experiences.


Chloë Saint-Denis, U2, Geography: Chloe Saint-Denis will intern at Climate Reality Canada an NGO founded by Al Gore. She is pursuing a major in Geography and a minor in International Development Studies. This summer, Chloe will help to select the Canadian presenters for the training held by Al Gore in San Francisco in August 2012. She will be able to learn how to organize and prepare an event in the environmental field.


Lisa Chih-Ying Yang, U2, English: Lisa will intern at Sauvé Scholars this summer. Sauvé Scholars is a program that offers young scholars from around the world a chance to come together and take on unique projects to help them initiate change. Lisa's role will be to assist the Communications Director in creating effective ways to manage communications within the program. Lisa is interested in various media forms and has been involved in creative work both inside and outside of the classroom. Her time at Sauvé Scholars will be a valuable experience guiding her in her future education.


Brenda and Morrison Hurley Arts Internship Award

Yolanda Clatworthy, U3, Political Science (Honours) and Canadian Studies: Yolanda will be interning in Cape Town with IPACC, a trans-national advocacy network for indigenous peoples, and attending the UNPFII in NYC and the +20 Summit in Rio. Yolanda has been involved in McGill Women in House, JHR, Kanata, CSAUS, and Rights and Democracy while at McGill. Her exposure to the workings of social justice at both the grassroots and international level will serve as a precursor to her ambition to study Indigenous Law.


Bryan Cooke Arts Internship Award

Rebecca Jones, U2, International Development Studies & Psychology: Rebecca will be interning with AID India, an organization that promotes sustainable, equitable, and just development. In addition to her studies, she is actively involved on campus as a tour guide, science undergraduate advising peer assistant, and she performs in the arts undergraduate theatre society musicals. She is looking forward to working with AID on their health and education projects, as she is interested in studying and working in the field of global health in the future.

Bryce Internship Award

Jonathan Hershon St-Jean, U2, Psychology: Jonathan Hershon St-Jean will intern for EG Justice, a Washington-based NGO that was launched in 2008 to promote human rights, the rule of law, transparency, and civic participation in Equatorial Guinea. Jonathan is pursuing a major in Psychology and minors in Political Science and Italian Studies. Jonathan is one of two McGill students selected for the Oslo Scholars Program, and has co-founded an initiative called the Green Business Awards through SIFE McGill. During his second year at McGill, he interned as an Analyst for Canada Economic Development, a federal government agency. His collaboration with EG Justice will nurture his interest for Law, and will teach him how Social Science and various institutions can be used to advocate justice at the regional and international levels.

Alice Walker, U3, Anthropology (Honours): Alice will intern at Green Corps, an American NGO focused on training new graduates to organize grass root campaigns for environmental change. Alice is currently completing her honours thesis on the relationship between nature and technology as it relates to the workers in Canada’s tree planting industry. She is also participating in a McGill excavation in the sub-Arctic to study prehistoric episodes of climate change. Her experience relating to environmental issues, coupled with the guidance obtained through the internship will prepare her to pursue a career in non-profit environmental management.


Carol and Lloyd Darlington Arts Internship Award

Jaya Bordeleau-Cass, U1, Anthropology & Canadian Studies: Jaya will intern with Equitas, an organization that promotes equality and social justice both within Canada and worldwide through their human rights education programs. Jaya has been involved in various volunteer and social justice initiatives both in the Montreal community and through her Canada World Youth experience in Alberta and Peru. With Equitas, she hopes to further develop her cross-cultural skills and use her internship as a springboard for further involvement in social justice and community development initiatives. 

Talitha Calder, U2,  Political Science & International Development Studies (Joint Honours): Talitha will work as an intern at the office of Benny Wenda in Oxford, United Kingdom, where she will work alongside Mr. Wenda in his advocacy work for promoting independence of the people of West Papua from Indonesia.  She has been named one of McGill’s first Oslo Freedom Forum Scholars. Talitha has been actively involved on McGill campus, serving as the Director of Amnesty International McGill and the Coordinator of McGill’s Women in House program. Her experience with Mr. Wenda will provide a foundation for a future career in human rights law and policy.


Margot Charette, U1, Environment: Margot will intern at the Maya Mountain Research Farm, a small NGO in Belize working to repair damaged agricultural land using permaculture techniques. Having previously worked for conventional farms and also for a student-lead greenhouse initiative in British Columbia, Margot will develop skills in organic agriculture, a field that she explored while participating at the Concordia City Farm School last summer. Through this internship, she will gain understanding of solutions for the sustainable rehabilitation and management of agricultural land.

Ariana Areti Collas, U2, Political Science (Honours): Ariana Collas will intern in Hyderabad, India for WaterHealth International, a leading global organization with a mission to provide safe drinking water to 100 Million people in 10 years. Ariana will be conducting research on the ground in India, to provide feedback on the company's innovative, scalable, and sustainable business model. Ariana spent last summer in Pristina, Kosovo, interning for the Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development (KIPRED).


Emily Duncan, U2, Environmental Science: Emily will be interning at Africa Soma. She is pursuing her passion to help others by undertaking a degree in the Faculty of Arts and Science in Environmental Science and a minor in International Development Studies.  This past winter semester, she studied on the African Field Study Semester expanding her interest in African environmental and development issues and is looking forward to continuing to pursue this interest through her internship in Africa.

Rodrigo Espinosa Vega, U2, Economics & Finance (Joint Honours): Rodrigo will intern at the Canadian Consulate in Guadalajara, Mexico. He will be advertising investment opportunities in Mexico for Canadian companies and will develop market research. During the previous academic year, Rodrigo was employed by the McGill Food Services and collaborated in the development of a budget proposal for the 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition. He also volunteered for McGill's Youth Orientation Program.


Valerie Haboucha, U2, Psychology: Valerie will intern with Children of Bududa, an organization that provides orphans and other vulnerable children in rural Uganda with a social and academic support structure and pairs them with overseas sponsors. Valerie is passionate about the struggle for social equality, and has been involved in fundraisers both at home and abroad. This internship will introduce her to the complexity of problems faced by children in the developing world.

Tazin Islam, U1, International Development Studies & World Religions: Trisha will be interning at Grameen Bank, a micro finance organization focused on community development in Bangladesh. Her work in community development with various non-profit groups, film, and conflict resolution theatre has allowed her to gain a strong interest in poverty alleviation. Through this internship, she hopes to gain an understanding of development in practice, particular to social and economic contexts.


Nadia Lampkin, U1, International Development Studies: Nadia will intern for Afrikids in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Afrikids is an organization which maintains orphanages and schools in Dar es Salaam by providing financial need as well as hands on support. Nadia is eagerly awaiting her internship with Afrikids which will provide her with insight into issues affecting the education sector in Tanzania and offer her further experience in fundraising, education and development preparing her for future non-profit work.


Constance Naud-Arcand, Master's Level, Political Science: This summer, Constance will intern at the International Bureau for Children’s Rights. Throughout her studies, Constance has pursued her various passions: international co-operation, public policies, human rights, orchestral music. This has led her to intern with the investigative journalism team of la Société Radio-Canada in 2010 and to win a Killam Fellowship the same year.


Natalie Richards, U3, International Development Studies (Honours): Natalie will intern at CEASPA in Achiote, Panamá this summer. La Asociación Centro de Estudios y Acción Social Panameño is an NGO that advocates for human rights and equality, via sustainable development, in excluded and marginalized communities of Central America. Natalie has been involved in various development projects on and off campus, and pioneering her own initiatives in Achiote will be a precursor to her continued pursuit of sustainable development in the tropics.


Valentine Rinner, U3, International Development Studies: Valentine will intern at Green Power NGO in Kianyaga, Kenya this summer. She is a U3 International Development student with minors in Computer Science and Interdisciplinary Life Sciences and is interested in gaining some quantitative and qualitative field research experience. For this reason, she will work on Green Power’s various projects of understanding and improving microinsurance take-up in the rural Kenyan district, as well as other social projects.


Emma Stanton, U3, International Development Studies (Honours): Emma will serve as the Grant Writer intern at Pueblito Canada in Toronto, an organization that funds and develops education initiatives in Latin America. Emma is involved with Right to Play. She is also the Chief of Staff on the McMUN 2013 Secretariat. Emma has always been interested in development, particularly the ways in which development projects benefit from partnerships between NGOs and local actors. She hopes to experience NGO work first-hand this summer.


Minu Walia, U1, Political Science & Canadian Studies: Minu will intern at the Earth Saviours Foundation, a local NGO in New Delhi, India that is devoted to assisting disadvantaged groups in urban slums, particularly street children. She will work on an initiative known as Project Footprints, which reaches out to urban slums dwellers and raises awareness regarding the rights of children. Minu has been an active member in variety clubs and programs throughout campus, such as the International Relations Student Association of McGill, AIESEC McGill and the Women in House Program. Minu is a passionate individual that is committed to promoting change the world, and this internship is one stepping stone in helping her achieve that goal.


David Tarr and Gisele Chèvrefils Arts Internship Award

Shiva Mazrouei-Seidani, U2, Political Science & Middle Eastern Studies (Joint Honours): Shiva will be interning with the Bududa Learning Center in Uganda this summer. Shiva will be working in particular with the Children of Bududa program,  aiding Bududa’s vulnerable youth and orphans and providing them with the tools for successful.  Her experience will be invaluable in her pursuit of a career focusing on human and children’s rights.

Dean of Arts Internship Award

Laurence Bourcheix-Laporte, U3, International Development Studies & Political Science: Laurence will be interning at Equitas this summer as a communication intern for the International Human Rights Training Program. Laurence has always been very interested in human rights issues. In the last two years, she participated in the radio team of Journalists for Human Rights at McGill, producing radio segments on diverse issues. This summer, her experience at Equitas will enable her to better understand how human rights can be promoted across the planet. She will also gain experience in the promotion of events and organizations through contact with the media. 

Jennifer Kern, U2, English Cultural Studies & Communications: Jennifer will intern at NBC News in New York City, a world renowned media company that broadcasts news to a global audience. Jennifer has worked as a producer and vice president at TVM: Student Television at McGill for three years, has been producing films for years, and has interned at prominent organizations such as 4th Row Films. Her internship will greatly enhance her ambitions to work as a producer in New York City. 

Eva and Myron Echenberg Arts Internship Award

Sarah Balakrishnan, U2,  History (Honours): This summer Sarah will be interning at Center for Democratic Development in Ghana, a political think-tank located in Accra. She is interested in post-colonial Sub-Saharan African history, colonial American history, and modern international relations. Sarah is also an active member of the McGill Debating Union, acting as one of the executive members as well as a World team member.

Carli Melo, U2, International Development Studies (Honours): Carli will be interning with Maji na Ufanisi, a Kenyan NGO that works to bring water and sanitation solutions to vulnerable groups in Nairobi’s informal settlements.  She will also work with Vision Sisters, a women’s group operating in Kibera slum, to build the capacity of women through a Women in Crisis Centre. Carli has participated in the Canadian Field Studies in Africa semester and believes this internship will inspire the direction in which her future is headed within the field of development.

Sheina Lew-Levy, U2, Anthropology (Honours): Sheina will be interning at Cybertracker this summer. Sheina is an Honours student in anthropology who is currently participating in the Canadian Field Studies in Africa program, studying in Kenya and Tanzania for the semester. She is interested in ethno-ecology, more specifically, how traditional knowledge of the environment is passed down through generations. Sheina works as a mentor in the outdoors, where she takes teens and young adults on their first camping experiences.


Gail Elizabeth Todgham Arts Internship Award

Alexandria Proctor, U1, Art History & East Asian Studies (Joint Honours): Alexandria will intern at the Shanghai Gallery of Art (SGA) and the Shanghai Museum. SGA offers experience in the running of Shanghai's most prominent art venue including organizing the summer exhibition, artist interface and insight into building client collections. Alexandria will acquire curatorial and research experience with the Shanghai Museum's outstanding collection of Master literati paintings. Both internships advance career pursuits as well as her work on identity and the direction of China's art community.

Hinda Ordower King Award of Merit

Ella Nalepka, U1, Middle East Studies (Honours): Ella will intern at "Al-Waqa: For community development," an independent, non-profit organization in Amman which aims to reduce inequality by assisting all sections of the community in finding solutions to collective problems.  Services provided by the center include literacy training, human rights education and legal counseling.  Ella is active in the McGill Middle East Program for Civil Society and Peacebuilding on campus and hopes to increase her understanding of written and spoken Arabic and gain the skills needed to engage in community organization through this internship.

Léa Bou-Malham, U2, Social Work: Léa will intern with the MMEP summer institute at their Right Based Community Practice Centres in Israel. These centres seek to reduce inequalities with a right-based approach and relationship building. Léa has been involved in organisations that offer low profit housing with community support such as ChambreClerc and FOHM. Her seminar with the MMEP will now teach her how social justice and collaboration is promoted at the international level.

Lea B

Josiane LaBadie, U3, Social Work :  Josiane a été admise au programme MMEP pour l’été 2012. Il s’agit d’un organisme situé en Israël, Jordanie et Palestine dont le modèle d’intervention est basé sur les droits de la personne. Pour poursuivre, depuis plusieurs années Josiane a été impliquée dans divers organismes, soi à titre d’employer, de stagiaire ou de bénévole, qui lui a permis d’aller chercher des expériences non négligeables, en intervention et en animation. D’autre part, c’est avec cœur et passion que Josiane saura bénéficier de cette expérience étant donné son désir d’apprentissage pour le travail social international, les droits humains et les différentes cultures.

Josiane LaBadie

Joanna Kolb, MSW: Joanna will intern at MMEP’s Summer Institute in Israel, which combines on-the- ground experience at rights-based advocacy centers, with classroom scholarship on comparative social policy. Joanna has been active in the field of local and international community development for many years, having worked with marginalized communities in India, Uganda, Rwanda, Montreal. Issues of peace and justice in Israel and Palestine are a primary interest for Joanna. She is delighted to be part of this initiative promoting values of participatory development, accessibility, empowerment, and social justice.

Joanna Kolb

Marysabel Moreno, U2, Social Work: Marysabel will intern at MMEP Social Work Summer Institute at Sapir College. The McGill Middle East Program (MMEP) has worked to establish rights-based community centers in disadvantaged areas of Israel, Palestine and Jordan. Marysabel has been involved in organizations that work for immigrants and needy families such as the Welcome Hall Mission, where she also became acquainted with community organizing. Her Internship with MMEP will be a platform to learn about rights-base practice at an international scale.


Marysabel Moreno

 Zelda Moran, U1, Environment (Arts):  Zelda will be interning at a community advocacy center run by the McGill Middle East Program for Civil Society and Peacebuilding (MMEaP) in Sderot, Israel.  The MMEP runs Rights Based Community Practice centers in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan, which work to improve living conditions for marginalized communities in these areas. Zelda has been a volunteer with the MMEP for 2 years, and hopes to use this internship experience to gain a better understanding of how effective community advocacy can work, and how it is being used to address the challenges facing the area. She hopes to develop skills which will prove useful in working to promote social, political, and environmental justice in the Middle East and beyond.


Zelda Moran

Hon. Paul and Yvonne Casey Internship Award

Roark Lewis, U2, International Development Studies (Honours): Roark will intern at the Justice Center for Legal Aid in Amman, Jordan. Supported by the World Bank, the organisation provides legal services and education to low-income families, refugees, and migrant workers. Roark will help research ways to overcome the barriers to accessible legal services in East Amman and will assist in the organisation’s program to educate citizens of their legal rights under Jordanian law.

Judy Patton Hamilton Arts Internship Award

Odessa DeMarco, U2, International Development Studies: Odessa will be interning at Nexos Voluntarios. She is an Honours student in IDS focussing on the environment and indigenous communities. Odessa is a hard-working and engaged member of the McGill community, on the executive of both McGill Students for Greenpeace and the International Development Studies Student Association. This summer, she will travel to Peru through to work on a school nutrition program that addresses malnutrition and promotes childhood development.

Doron Lurie, U2, Economic &, Political Science: Doron will intern in the International Business Development unit of the Consulate General of Canada in Detroit, Michigan. This is a branch of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade that manages economic and political relations between Canada and the Great Lakes region of the United States. While there, Doron will be supporting Consulate staff in attracting investment into Canada. This internship will inform a research paper on the economic integration of Canada and the United States.


Lev Bukhman Internship Award

 Emilie Lanteigne, U2, Political Science: Emilie will intern at Equitas in Montreal, an organization that promotes human rights through educational programs around the world. She will be working on Play it Fair!, a program that seeks to counter discrimination through activities in summer camps. She became interested in discrimination among children when she worked as a monitor for children with special needs in her city's day camps. Her experience at Equitas will provide her with practical knowledge in the field of rights education.

Luba Markovskaia, Master's Level, Littérature française: Luba will intern at Érudit, a multi-institutional non-profit digital publishing consortium. Her tasks will involve communications and promotion of the organization, seeking for funding and participating to the outreach of the organization. She became interested in the publishing field while working as an editor for several publishing houses. She hopes this internship in digital publishing will provide her with the skills and knowledge required in this emerging field.

Danielle Morland, U2, Political Science: Danielle will be interning at Common Purpose this summer in London, England. Common Purpose is an NGO that gathers people from a wide range of backgrounds to help them become more effective leaders in society. One of their most important projects this summer is assisting Libya’s new government with leadership programs. Danielle will be co-writing a report for Common Purpose on the Libya Project that will be sent to the European Commission.


Karina Perez Jvostova, U3, International Development Studies: Karina will intern at the UN World Food Program in Panama City, the regional office of the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. She will be working with the Information Management department where she will gain experience on the logistics of food aid programs. Karina has taken part in diverse groups and projects, including anthropological fieldwork in Mexico and McGill’s Russian Language and Culture Club.  She hopes this internship will help her in her aspiration of working for a leading humanitarian organization.


Leah Silverman, U2, History & African Studies: Leah will be spending the summer interning in the development department of American Jewish World Service. She is currently on the Canadian Field Study in Africa and is returning to McGill in the fall to complete her degree in African Studies and History. Her experience on the field study has exposed her to the importance of community-based development and its abilities to empower and provide agency within the developing world.

Tanya Dominique Taggart-Hodge, U2, Environment & Anthropology: Tanya will intern at Conservation Finance International (CFI) in London, UK where she will be developing web content on market-based solutions, such as Cap and Trade, to environmental problems. Tanya has been involved with environmental initiatives on and off campus, through her participation on Arctic (2009) and Antarctic (2011) expeditions, her work with the Yukon Government Climate Change Secretariat and her position as Environment Commissioner for SSMU. She has also worked in Latin America, most notably in Bolivia and Panama.  Her experience with CFI will enable her to gain a completely new perspective on conservation efforts from a business point of view.

Antoine Tardif, U1, Political Science & Economics: Antoine Tardif will intern at the Consulate General of Canada in Detroit this summer.  At the Consulate, he will be working in the International Business Development unit.  Antoine played for the McGill Redmen hockey team as a goalie and is now a full time student. He sees this internship as a great way to gain experience in his area of study. The internship will also provide Antoine with the opportunity to conduct a research paper on Political Economy between Canada and the United States. 


Jessica Wang, U1, International Development Studies & Psychology (Joint Honours): Jessica will intern at the Canadian Consulate in Detroit, working in the Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Service department. In the past, her diversity of interests have seen her become an environmental activist, the first author of a published scientific paper, an ARCT-certified pianist, and a staff member for the Shad Valley program. Her experience with the Consulate will enable her to gain a unique perspective on the role of diplomacy in international trade.


Megan Webb, U2, Psychology: Megan will intern in Brazil with the NGO Associação Amigos do Autista, an organization committed to providing information and support to families of children with autism. In Montreal, Megan coordinated the Dare 2 Dream mentorship program and volunteers with the McGill Middle East Program. This internship will expose her to the influence of community on developmentally disabled children, and help her achieve her goal of becoming a childhood clinical psychologist.


Liz Gomery and Stefan Fews Internship Award in Arts

Farah Momen, U1, Geography & English Literature: Farah will intern in Kumasi, Ghana through Journalists for Human Rights, a non-profit that mobilizes local media to spread human rights awareness. She will learn from journalists at Luv FM radio station and add value wherever she can, write articles and take photographs to tell a story about human rights issues in Ghana. Upon her return, she will share her experiences with McGill's JHR chapter, for which she serves as VP of Advocacy.

MacKinnon Initiative Award for Student Internships

Laura Jones, U2, Political Science & International Development Studies: Laura will intern at the Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment (WISE) in Accra, Ghana. WISE is an organization, which provides protection, counseling and psychosocial support to victims of domestic and sexual abuse, namely women and children while advocating for the end of sexual and domestic violence.  Laura has been involved with various McGill clubs, which raises awareness about sexual abuse and raising funds to end poverty. Her experience with WISE will provide her with the tools to more effectively raise awareness about domestic abuse and help empower women.

Max Stern Internship Award in Art History

Joseph Henry, U3, Art History & German Studies (Joint Honours): Joseph will act as Curatorial Intern at the Whitney Museum of American Art under curator Chrissie Iles, specializing in film and video art. He will gain practical experience in exhibition planning, proposal-writing, and research at a major museum. He is currently Co-President of the Art History and Communication Studies Student Association, Coordinating Editor of Vielfalt, and sits on the Daily Publications Society Board of Directors.

Evgeniya Makarova, U3, Art History: Evgeniya will intern at the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the foremost depository of Russian fine and decorative art in the world. She has been asked to assist the Department of Late 19th-Early 20th Century Art in cataloging works of this period, translating archival information into English and French, as well as helping with the Gallery website maintenance. Her internship at the State Tretyakov Gallery will enable her to gain professional skills and cross-cultural experience working alongside museum staff and researchers.


Megan Toye, Master's Level, Art History: Megan will intern at The Power Plant in Toronto, Ontario. This internship will allow her to develop and expand her curatorial knowledge within a world-recognized arts institution. Under a mandate that seeks to facilitate the development and promotion of contemporary art within Canada, the curatorial internship at The Power Plant will be of great benefit to Megan’s research into innovative curatorial projects, as well as help her reach her future career goal of working in the curatorial field.


McDonald/Pekeles Arts Internship Award

Malavika Subramanian, U2, International Development Studies: Malavika will intern at the Association for India's Development in Tamil Nadu, India this summer. She is a Research Assistant in the Faculty of Management and interned at the Life Stories Project at Concordia University in 2011. She is very interested in the problems of education in India and hopes of one day starting up her own NGO.

Roland Arts Summer Internship Award

Rebecca Kasmin, U2, Classics: Rebecca will be interning at the Asia Society. She is interested in Museum Studies, and aspires to become a curator. Rebecca is involved in several student organizations at McGill, such as the Redpath Museum Club, and is an editor of the Classics journal, "Hirundo". Rebecca hopes to gain invaluable experience, knowledge and skill from her internship this summer at the Asia Society, where it will be her second summer of employment.

Valerie Weber, U2, Political Science: Valerie will intern at the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice, an organization seeking to promote transparency and public accountability by fostering good governance, democracy, peace, and social development in Ghana. The internship with the Commission will deepen her interest and passion for human rights, and will allow her to translate these into practical skills crucial for conducting research and establishing public policy in the developing world.


Scott and Kristi Daniels Arts Internship Award

Kevin Coles, U2, Economics: Kevin will be interning this summer at The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, an organization dedicated to promoting trade and investment between Canada, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. Kevin has been involved on campus as Senior Editor for the McGill International Review and as VP Finance for the campus club of a federal political party. This experience will enhance his understanding of political economy and prepare him for a career in the Foreign Service.

Tania Zouikin Arts Internship Award in International Development

Stephanie Austin, U2, Geography & International Development Studies (Joint Honours): Stephanie will intern at the Association for India’s Development (AID) in Chennai, India, an NGO that strives to promote sustainable, equitable and just development through education, health and livelihood projects.  Stephanie’s previous volunteer work in Nepal sparked her passion for international development and South Asian culture.  She has been actively involved on campus through her role in the McGill Undergraduate Geography Society and in staffing McGill Model United Nations conferences.

Tukeni Obasi, U3, Political Science (Honours): Tukeni will be interning with the Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment in Ghana which empowers victims of domestic abuse through counseling, advocacy and entrepreneurship. The vice president external for the McGill African Studies Students Association, Tukeni is also involved in various development initiatives on the African continent. Working with WISE will allow her to gain insight into the issues surrounding sexual and gender-based violence in Ghana.


William Henry Kelly Social Work Summer Internship Award

Shaday Lavallée, U2, Social Work: Shaday is currently interning at Barnardos Find-A-Family in Sydney, Australia, in the context of a student exchange program at the University of New South Wales. Find-A-Family offers permanent care and adoption services to children up to eighteen years of age and is a branch of Barnardos, a non-governmental agency. Shaday’s experience at Barnardos has already exposed her to the daily challenges of social work in the field of child welfare. This internship, a valuable stepping-stone toward her final year field placement at McGill, has enabled her to develop the skills and the professional framework that will shape her future social work practice.

Ariane Duplessis, U3, Social Work: Ariane will intern in Montreal at Equitas, the International Centre for Human Rights Education, an organization that works for the advancement of equality, social justice and respect for human dignity in Canada and around the world through human rights education programs. This will be her second year working with Equitas as last year she interned with their Play It Fair! Program. Ariane is involved in the Social Work Student Association and is a member of the Golden Key Honour Society. She is thrilled to be contributing to Equitas' International Human Rights Training Program designed for educators and human rights advocates and looks forward to learning more about the successes and challenges of an international non-profit organization.

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