2011 Internship Award Recipients

(Photos by Owen Egan)

Allan A. Hodgson Arts Internship Award

David Gionet-Landry

David Gionet-Landry, U2, International Development Studies: David, an Honours student in IDS with minors in African Studies and Management, went on exchange to Columbia University in 2010. He is interested in public health and its effects on development. He interned at Doctors Without Borders in Montreal and at the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. He is also very active on campus, as a Floor Fellow, and as the President of the International Development Studies Students' Association and of Youth Action International McGill. Read more about his internship experience here.

Étienne Cayer, U2, Political Science and Economics: Étienne interned at the Jua Kali Association, an association of informal sector workers in Nairobi, Kenya. He worked on a Étienne Cayermicroinsurance project that the organization is currently designing for its members. Etienne has been very involved around campus in organizations such as the Economics Students Association and with the International Relations Students Association of McGill. Working on this project allowed him to gain a better understanding of the basic needs of the poorest among us. Read more about his internship experience here.

Anderson Family Internship Award

Antonia Burchard-Levine

Antonia Burchard Levine, U2, International Development Studies and East Asian Studies: Antonia interned at UNAIDS in Panama this summer. UNAIDS is the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, and acts as the main advocate for global action on the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Her internship exposed her to the mission of UNAIDS and allow her to gain invaluable experience in strengthening and supporting initiatives to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS, and to provide care and support to individuals already living with the virus. This internship allowed her to gain first-hand experience in her field of studies as well as contribute to her future career aspirations. Read more about her internship experience here.

Benjamin Kurzius

Benjamin Kurzius, U2, Geography (Urban Systems), Economics, and Hispanic Studies: Ben interned with Nexos Voluntarios, a non-profit organization based in Peru helping to create and manage a tourism initiative for the small Andean town of Media Luna. Ben has been involved with various philanthropic initiatives on and off campus, especially through the Caribbean, Latin-American Studies, and Hispanic Studies Association. He plans to continue such efforts in Media Luna, and there is no doubt that this experience provided a unique perspective relevant to all three of his concentrations. Read more about his internship experience here.

Claire LeBarbenchon, U3, Latin American and Caribbean Studies and International Development Studies: Claire interned at the Canadian consulate in Guadalajara, Mexico for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. She has been involved in her program’s student association as VP Publications for the IDSSA. Claire has interned at Fundación Origen, providing support to indigenous communities in Mexico and has volunteered teaching English in Chile. Her experience at the DFAIT exposed her to Canadian foreign relations as a precursor to her pursuit of a Masters in International Affairs. Read more about her internship experience here.

Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund (AUIF) Internship Award

Lilian Jordy

Lilian Jordy, U1, English Cultural Studies and Music: Lilian interned at CKUT-FM 90.3 radio station in Montreal, a non-profit campus-community radio station that provides alternative music, news and spoken word programming to the city of Montreal and surrounding areas. Lilian has been working as a columnist for the Arts and Entertainment section of the McGill tribute, one of the school’s two major newspapers, and a trained broadcasting member CKUT-FM. Her internship greatly enhanced her music production and journalism ambitions. 

Meaghan Krohn, U3, Psychology Meaghan interned this summer atMeaghan Krohn Greenpeace in Toronto, on their Oceans Campaign. She worked to ensure that supermarkets only sell fish that has been sustainably caught, and educating consumers about ethical choices regarding fish and seafood. She became interested in environmentalism after a class at McGill, and has spent the past semester studying international environment and development at American University in Washington, DC. She hopes to use this internship experience as a springboard to a career in environmental law and sustainable business. Read more about her internship experience here.

Ming Lin

Ming Lin, U3, Anthropology and Art History: Ming interned at Kiosk in New York City, a storefront and exhibition space that aims to create an ethnographic portrait of places through everyday objects in order to generate of a broader understanding of cultures across the globe. She was asked to compile and edit a publication to complement to the exhibitions featured. Ming has been involved with the McGill Daily as well as Fields, McGill's Undergraduate Journal in Anthropology. Her experience at Kiosk enabled her to pursue her interest in material culture as well as the ways in which ethnographic data can be conveyed effectively to a general audience. 

Kaitlyn O'Shaughnessy

Kaitlyn O’Shaughnessy, U3 Political Science and Geography: Kaitlyn interned for The Equality Effect, a Canadian- Kenyan partnership NGO. She researched legal responses to gender based violence in Kenya to aid the NGO in their ultimate goal of bringing perpetrators of sexual violence to justice. Kaitlyn has been actively involved on campus as director of Amnesty International in 2009/10 and participated in the 2011 Canadian Field Studies in Africa Program. Her experience at The Equality Effect helped provide a foundation for a future career in public policy and human rights law. 

Mirej Vasic

Mirej Vasic, U2, Honours Urban Systems and minor in Environment: Mirej interned at Jane’s Walk in Toronto, Ontario, an organization premised on the ideas of urbanist Jane Jacobs, that promotes urban literacy and walkability. Mirej has been involved with organizations such as Campus Crops and has volunteered with the urban landscape magazine Spacing. She is on the Dean’s List and completed an honours research project that focuses on the health status of immigrant women in Toronto. Her experience at Jane’s Walk exposed her to aspects of public participation and civic engagement in urban planning, which will prove useful in her prospective career as a city planner. Read more about her internship experience here.

Callie Wilkinson

Callie Wilkinson, U2, Joint Honours History and Anthropology: This summer Callie interned at the Regent Park Cabbagetown Community Museum in Toronto, Ontario. The CRPM is a not-for- profit organization which works with past and current residents of the Cabbagetown and Regent Park communities to document artifacts, photos, and oral histories relating to their shared past, with a particular focus on their working-class, multi-cultural roots. Callie’s experience at CRPM gave her the opportunity to hone her research skills and further engage in work within her chosen field of social and cultural history. Read more about her internship experience here.

Pascal Zimmer

Pascal Zimmer, U3, Joint Honours Political Science and International Development Studies: Pascal interned at GIZ (the German Agency for International Cooperation) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He worked in the administration of the Technical Trainers College, a project of GIZ’s business branch “International Services”. Pascal has been involved with a number of groups on campus and has served as VP Internal of the Political Science Students’ Association. This internship allowed him to gain a broad insight into an ambitious development project and to pursue his passion for traveling with trips across the Middle East. Read more about his internship experience here

Simone Lucas

Simone Lucas, U3, Honours Women’s Studies and Communication Studies: Simone interned at Women in Cities International, a Montréal based organization that promotes women’s participation in the development of safe cities. Simone has been very involved in the Gender, Sexual Diversity and Feminist Studies Student Association, and has also participated in numerous off-campus community initiatives. Her experience at Women in Cities International allowed her to bridge her interests in media and feminist activism, and exposed her to strategies for developing gender equality in urban space. Read more about her internship experience here.

Maddalena Zucchi, U2, Art History (Honors): Maddalena interned at the Museo del Tesoro e Collezione Perkins della Basilica in Assisi, a collection of medieval artifacts and manuscripts belonging to the Sacred Convent of Saint Francis in Assisi. Maddalena has had the opportunity to visit and study works and places of the medieval period. The experience at the Museo del Tesoro exposed her to the procedures of collecting, organizing and cataloging works of this period within the museum context, which are essential skills for any profession within this field. 

Hubert Alain, U2, Art History: Hubert interned for the "Centre International d’Art Hubert AlainContemporain" where he was assistant at artistic directing for Montreal Biennale. In being involved in an international artistic event, he was directly in contact with the displaying of artworks, cultural mediation and writing of biographic notices. At McGill, Hubert is member of the Golden Key Honour Society. Outside of University, he has worked on independent exhibition projects, as well as in theatre writing and directing. His internship at MTL BNL has helped him to pursue his itinerary in the art sphere in Montreal city. Read more about his internship experience here.

Alexandra Borkowski, U2, Art History Alex Borkowski is an Art History majorAlexandra Borkowski with minors in English Literature and Communications studies. She is an active member of the arts community at McGill through her work with the Fridge Door Gallery as well as her involvement in several student theatre productions. She has also written numerous articles for the culture section of the McGill Daily. Alex interned this summer at OBORO, an artist run centre in Montreal, where she archived the centre’s new media collection. Read more about her internship experience here.

Vincent Carney, U1, History Honours and Economics: Vincent CarneyVincent interned at Theatre For One (T41) an avant-garde production company based in New York City, NY. Vincent runs a registered non-profit, Artmouvement, with three friends to promote fledgling Montreal artists and musicians through event planning and collaborations. His experience as assistant media director with T41 helped him pursue his interests in media and arts promotion. Read more about his internship experience here.

Clare Devereux, U2, Economics and Clare DevereuxPolitical Science: Clare interned at the Montreal Social Justice Committee’s Upstream Journal, a periodical committed to exposing local and international Human Rights violations. Clare has been active on campus and in the community in such organizations as Youth Action International and RECAA Montreal. She gained experience and understanding of Human Rights issues around the world. She hopes to pursue a degree in Human Rights and International Law. Read more about her internship experience here.

Elizabeth Gagné, U2, International Development Studies: Elizabeth interned with The Climate Project Canada during the Summer of 2011. In 2009, she helped organize a humanitarian mission to Senegal, with the M’Bour nursery. She spent two weeks in March 2009 interning in Switzerland thanks to Carrefour-Suisse, where she visited Non-Governmental Organizations and International Organizations such as the UN and the WTO, and studied the Swiss political system. In May 2010, she also interned for a month with KICOSHEP, a Kenyan NGO working with people living with HIV/AIDS. Read more about her internship experience here.

Allison Grover, U2, English Literature and Hispanic Studies: Allison interned at Common Threads in Chicago, a non-profit organization founded by Art Smith that uses food as a medium to teach low-income housing children about tolerance, different cultures, and cooking. Allison is an executive on the McGill Cycling Team. Her experience at Common Threads furthered her management, development, fundraising, and public service experience and prepared her for future non-profit work and a pursuit of a non-profit management degree. Read more about her internship experience here.
Michelle Hayman

Michelle Hayman, U2, History and International Development Studies: Michelle interned with Pueblito Canada, a Toronto based organization which works to provide support for various NGOs working on childhood development in Latin America. Michelle has been involved with STAND McGill for the past three years, and is also involved with the History Student’s Association. Interning with Pueblito allowed Michelle to gain insight into the issues surrounding education and child health in Latin America. Read more about her internship experience here.

Emily Jensen, U2, English Literature and Women’s Studies: Emily interned at V magazine in New York City, a fashion and cultural publication based in SoHo. Emily has been published in Leacock’s online magazine and is a part of McGill’s creative writing community. This was her first foray into the worlds of editing and publishing. Her experience at V was an invaluable and practical addition to her studies at McGill. Read more about her internship experience here.

Brenda and Morrison Hurley Arts Internship Award

Gabriel Devlin

Gabriel Devlin, U3, Biology, Social Studies of Medicine, and Political Science: Gabriel interned at Liverpool VCT in Nairobi, Kenya, an organization that researches issues related to the social effects of HIV/AIDS. Gabriel has previously worked in health services while in South Africa and Morocco, and volunteers for Change for Change in Montreal. He enriched his understanding of public health challenges in impoverished communities as part of his ambition to pursue a career in medicine. Read more about his internship experience here.

Bryan Cooke Arts Internship Award

Sally (Yue) Lin

Sally (Yue) Lin, U2, Anthropology and Psychology: Sally interned at Association for India's Development (AID) India in Chennai, India, an organization promoting sustainable, equitable and just development. Sally has been actively involved in multiple campus publications. She was the Illustrations Editor at the McGill Daily during her U1 year and is the currently an Editor-in-Chief and the Art Editor at Steps Magazine. Her valuable experiences at AID India will be useful in pursuing a Masters of Public Health. Read more about her internship experience here.

Burgess Family Arts Internship Award

Aida Alvarenga

Aida Alvarenga, U3, Economics and Political Science: Aida is pursuing a double major in Economics and Political Science as well as a minor in Management. She interned at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs in Washington D.C. a research-intensive organization that focuses on Latin American and US policy issues. Aida has been very active throughout her years at McGill; she has been the President of the Spanish and Latin American Student Association, Vice President Communications of AIESEC McGill, and Charity Week Coordinator for the Arts Undergraduate Society. As an innate philanthropist, Aida has also been involved with charitable organizations in Latin America such as Habitat for Humanity, Operation Smile and Casa Alianza. At the Council on Hemispheric Affairs, she was able to learn more about Latin American affairs and the impact of current US policies over the region, a unique experience to help build her future goals of focusing her studies in Latin American policy, economic development, and trade. Read more about her internship experience here.

Sarah McKenna

Sarah McKenna, U2, International Development studies, Interdisciplinary Life Sciences, and Organismal Biology: Sarah interned at Maji na Ufanisi ("Water and Development" in Swahili) in Nairobi, Kenya, an organization that is concerned with water and sanitation infrastructure provision in Kenya's most vulnerable communities. Sarah is an Edgar R. Parkins award recipient and works at the McGill University Bookstore. This internship provided her with invaluable international work experience and practical insight into the on-the-ground workings of a development organization - important skills for a future in development work. 

Patricia Latendresse

Patricia Latendresse, U3, History, Psychology and Communication Studies: Patricia interned at the Canadian Embassy, in Washington, DC. As the Canadian Forces Public Affairs Intern, she conducted research into Canada-US joint military and defense relations, attended public policy institute events and wrote reports, and managed much of the media content for the department’s website, CanadianAlly.com, as well as the website’s online social media outlets. Patricia is a member of the McGill University Rowing Club and was VP Communications for the team in 2010. She graduated in May 2012. Read more about her internship experience here.

Harut Sarian

Harut Sarian, U2, Political Science and International Development Studies: Harut interned at the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice in Ghana, Accra. This organization seeks to “enhance democracy, integrity, peace by protecting and enforcing fundamental human rights and freedoms and administrative justice for all persons in Ghana”. Harut used his time at CHRAJ to gain first-hand knowledge on the inner-workings of international institutions. This has been vital experience towards pursuing his career in the Foreign Civil Service. Read more about his internship experience here.

Courtney Dehn-Gurbacki

Courtney Dehn-Gurbacki, U2, Honors International Development Studies and African Studies: Courtney participated in the Canadian Field Studies in Africa Program in the Winter 2011 semester. Her experience at Maji na Ufanisi (Water & Development) in Nairobi, Kenya exposed her to the development of innovative water and environmental sanitation solutions in informal settlements and rural areas across Kenya. This internship has helped her as she plans to pursue a Master’s in International Development and Public Policy. Read more about her internship experience here.

Rachel Rosenbluth, U2, International Development Studies and Religious Studies: Rachel interned at Badilisha EcoVillage on a permaculture farm in Kenya. Rachel is interested in environmental sustainability, focused on local food systems, integration of indigenous knowledge, and holistic community-based approaches to development. She spent the semester prior to the internship on CFSIA. She has been active in SSMUEnvirocomm, Greenpeace, and has previously worked on two permaculture farms in Israel. Her experiences have made her very passionate in pursuing her fields of study. Read more about her internship experience here.

Kaitlin D'Avella

Kaitlin D’Avella, U3, Honours Religious Studies and Anthropology: Kaitlin interned for The Institute on Religion and Public Policy in Washington, DC. This Nobel Peace Prize nominated organization works globally to promote religious freedom with policy makers and religious leaders. During her internship, Kaitlin was able to focus on Asian religious traditions, and particularly Tibetan Buddhism. She has gained invaluable experience which will aid her in her ultimate quest to study human rights law. Read more about her internship experience here.

Carol and Lloyd Darlington Arts Internship Award

Kally Bowser

Kally Bowser, U2, Anthropology and Religion: Kally Bowser interned with AID India in Chennai, an organization that promotes sustainable, equitable development. Kally has gained community development skills through her work as a floor fellow for McGill residences and as a Canada World Youth Participant in Southern Brazil. Kally is very interested in strategies for improving education and has taught English in Santiago, Chile. Her work with Aid India helped expose her to issues in development work and working in education in an international context. Read more about her internship experience here.

Carissa Connelly, U3, International Development: Carissa interned at C.B. Carissa ConnellyAmericas Nicaragua S.A., a manufacturing company restructuring as a social enterprise. Carissa’s involvement with the International Student’s Association for Economics and Commerce (AIESEC) enabled her previous internship in relief work in the Philippines. Carissa’s Honours degree inspired her work on economic and social development programs with C.B. Americas Nicaragua. These learning experiences are vital for her prospective career and MBA in Social Enterprise. Read more about her internship experience here.

Sarah DeRose, U3, International Development Studies and Sarah DeRosePolitical Science: Sarah interned at Catalytic Communities in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, an organization that strives to teach locals from poorer communities how to use online and offline networking forums and communication tools. Sarah’s undergraduate career has allowed her to volunteer in Peru, as well as participate in a semester abroad in the UK. Her exposure at Catalytic Communities undeniably helped her to pursue her interests in Latin American politics and development.

Bailey Greenspon

Bailey Greenspon, U2, International Development and African Studies: Bailey was honoured to serve as an ambassador from McGill to Ghana at the Network for Integrated Youth Action in Tamale, Northern Region. She is very passionate about the organization's mission to develop the role of social entrepreneurship and youth leadership in Ghana. Bailey has been active with Engineers without Borders McGill since Fall 2010 and was excited to get the opportunity to connect the chapter to rural Africa as she worked alongside the organization's volunteers in Ghana. Read more about her internship experience here.

Juan Diego Astudillo

Juan Diego Astudillo, U2, Economics: Juan Diego interned at GreenPower NGO, an innovative social engineering NGO in rural Kenya. He continued his studies and practice in quantitative and qualitative research in economics for international development. He also interned with the Government of Chile. During the school year, he has volunteered at a local language school, and is involved with McGill's Pearson House Journal. 

Geneviève Hill

Geneviève Hill, U2, Political Science and International Development Studies: Genevieve interned at the Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment (WISE) in Accra, Ghana. WISE provides holistic support services to women and their children who are victims of domestic and sexual abuse. She is eagerly anticipating her experience at WISE as it gave her first-hand exposure to the inner workings and activities of a Non-Governmental Organization as well as the impact WISE’s activities have on women in Ghana. Read more about her internship experience here.

Rebecca Rottapel, U2, Philosophy: Rebecca Rottapel pursued undergraduate studies as philosophy major and African studies minor. After completing the Canadian Field Study in Africa study abroad program, she went on to intern at Badilisha Eco Village Trust, a small farm in rural Rusinga Island in Kenya. Badilisha uses permaculture practices and believes that the implementation and promotion of such practices are critical to increasing sustainable agricultural system and community development in the area.

Mya Sherman, U3, Environment and Latin American and Caribbean Studies: Mya interned in Peru with the Indigenous Health Adaptation to Climate Mya ShermanChange project (IHACC), a research initiative that aims to empower remote Indigenous populations to better adapt to the health effects of climate change. Mya worked in both Lima and the Amazon to develop a bioethical framework for the Peruvian component of the research project. Mya has been very involved on McGill campus with Midnight Kitchen and the Caribbean and Latin American Studies Hispanic Studies Association (CLASHSA). She has also worked extensively with public health programs in Latin America, including Children in Crisis, a nutrition program in rural Guatemala. Her internship with the IHACC provided her with valuable knowledge of indigenous health issues, which will be integral to her future career in public health. Read more about her internship experience here.

Élise Lépine

Élise Lépine, U2, Economics and International Development Studies:Elise interned at GPower, a Kenyan NGO working to generate and distribute micro hydro-electricity to rural households in the area as well as pursue other social initiatives. Elise collected and analyzed data as a part of the socio-economic evaluation on access to electricity. Interested in the efficacy of development policies, the internship provided valuable research experience for post-graduate studies in development economics. Read more about her internship experience here.

David Tarr and Gisele Chèvrefils Arts Internship Award

Anna Hermanson

Anna Hermanson, U1, Environment and Development: Anna interned with Africa SOMA, an NGO that facilitates small-scale educational initiatives as well as cultural dialogue programs in Kenya. At McGill, Anna is involved with the club B. Refuge as well as QPIRG. Her passion for sustainable, community-based development has grown from previous experiences working with youth and marginalized communities. The internship at Africa SOMA served as a meaningful learning experience with respect to future endeavors in both education and development. Read more about her internship experience here.

Dean of Arts Internship Award

Carlene Bates

Carlene Bates, U2, International Development: Carlene interned with Nexos Voluntarios in Urubamba, Peru. This is a grassroots NGO based in Lima which works to promote social development in communities throughout Peru. More specifically, Carlene worked with the newly formed Tourism Commission in Urubamba. During her time at McGill, she has been very involved with different organizations, such as Oxfam McGill and SAMA. The experience she gained from interning with this organization will be essential in helping her decide which field of development she would like to study when pursuing her graduate degree. Read more about her internship experience here.

Kayleigh Youngman

Kayleigh Youngman, U2, International Development Studies: Kayleigh interned Nexos Voluntarios, a non profit organization that seeks to promote development through diverse social projects in Peru this summer. Kayleigh has been actively involved in organizations around campus such as Seeds of Change, and was incredibly excited for her internship experience. She taught English in order to increase the opportunity for local citizens to benefit from the region's growing tourism industry and progress out of poverty. Her experience with the eco-friendly tourist initiative exposed her to a more comprehensive understanding of grassroots socially responsible development, which will prove to be invaluable to her future aspirations in business sustainability. Read more about her internship experience here.

Alana Guy

Alana Guy, U2, History and Hispanic Studies: Alana interned at Nexos Voluntarios in Urubamba, Peru, an organization that helps educate Andean women and their families in the English language, and prepare them for the service industry. Alana has been involved in the First Year Office, and Discover McGill orientation sessions for new students. She is also a volunteer at her former high school tutoring students in mathematics and French. Her experience at Nexos allowed her to teach women basic skills in order to open their opportunities. Read more about her internship experience here.

Kirsten JoeKirsten Joe, U1, International Development Studies: Kirsten pursued her undergraduate degree in International Development Studies. She speaks English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin. Kirsten has a particular interest in health and health education as a central aspect of development, and so was very excited to be spending the summer interning in Peru with Nexos Voluntarios as part of their UNFPA Reproductive Health Program.

Max Deschner

Max Deschner, U2, Joint Honours Anthropology and Political Science: Max interned at the Institute for Collective Health in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. Max helped develop the research methodology and undertook qualitative fieldwork for a large-scale project on child labour and health inequities. During the previous academic year, Max was a Vice-President of the Political Science Students' Association and the Pearson House Journal of Public Policy. He also volunteered for Literacy McGill's Youth Orientation Program. 

Ariana Collas

Ariana Collas, U1, Political Science: Ariana interned in Pristina, Kosovo for the Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development (KIPRED), a research organization that aims to promote democratic values in the country and region. Ariana worked specifically on the launch of KIPRED's new Energy and Environment Program, whose mission is to ensure the accountability and transparency of the privatization process of the energy sector in Kosovo. Ariana has experience working with NGOs, including a small wild animal rescue centre in the Ecuadorian Andes, and Mother Theresa's Mission of Charity in Calcutta. Read more about her internship experience here.

Amanda FulginitiAmanda Fulginiti, MA2, Art History and Communication Studies: Amanda interned at the 54th International Biennale di Venezia, a major contemporary arts exhibition that takes place once every two years (in odd years) in Venice, Italy. Amanda has been very involved in organizations around campus, such as the Graduate Student Association, and has worked as a Teaching Assistant for several courses in her department. She is also an assistant editor at Panoram Italia, an Italian-Canadian community magazine based in Montreal and written in three languages. Her experience at the Biennale provided her with practical experience in her field of study and which will be invaluable in her pursuit of an Art History Masters degree. 

Elspeth McMurray

Elspeth McMurray, U3, Cognitive Science: Elspeth interned at Highland Green and the Cathance River Education Alliance in Topsham, Maine. She worked to protect the welfare of the Cathance River Forest Preserve and watershed and to promote greater community engagement in conservation efforts. Her time at CREA and Highland Green allowed her the unique opportunity to gain experience in sustainability at both grassroots and corporate organizations. Read more about her internship experience here.

Emily Zheng

Emily Zheng, U2, History (Honours) and English Literature: Emily interened at the Cabbagetown and Regent Park Community Museum in Toronto, a not-for-profit organization that collects, preserves and displays the diverse histories of the neighbourhood. Emily has been involved in community groups such as Midnight Kitchen and art camps, and she is especially interested in exploring the intersections between academic research and community applications. Planning to pursue library and information studies, she was very excited to work closely with archival materials. Read more about her internship experience here.

Maya Claus-Inglis, U1, Art History and German Language: Maya interned Maya Claus-Inglisat the Mike Weiss Gallery in New York City, a gallery which presents and promotes contemporary art internationally. Maya was previously an intern in Dresden, Germany at the Dresden State Art Collections where she spent a summer working within several facets of the gallery. Her experience at the Mike Weiss Gallery exposed her to another side of the art world, and was a very important experience to help her decide where to go from here as well as being invaluable for her further education. Read more about her internship experience here.

Kelly Sharp

Kelly Sharp, U2, History, International Development Studies, and Field Studies in Africa: Kelly interned at Maji na Ufanisi in Nairobi, Kenya, an NGO that works to provide water and sanitation facilities in rural and urban Kenya. Kelly completed a semester of Canadian Field Studies in Africa. At McGill, she is a member of B. Refuge and acted in the Douglas Theatre Company.Her experience at Maji contributed to a future direction in graduate studies research in Africa. 

Aditya Bhattacharjee

Aditya Bhattacharjee, U3, Religious Studies: Aditya Bhattacharjee is a student in the Faculty of Arts working towards an honours degree in Asian Religions. Born into an Indian family in Mumbai and subsequently raised in Bangkok he has been exposed to the various diversities of Asian culture and speaks many Asian languages. This summer, he interned at the Department of South East Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore where he helped coordinate the annual Summer School program which brings together students from various prestigious universities to study about South East Asia in the Asian context. Read more about his internship experience here.

Devon LaBuik

Devon LaBuik, U1, Political Science and Economics: Devon interned at the Canadian Consulate in Detroit this summer, focusing on border relations. As president of the First Years Events and Representative council, VP Internal of the Arts Environmental Council, and an avid Varsity Track Athlete, Devon prides himself in his commitment to a variety of activities outside of the educational realm. This internship was a great first step towards a career in politics and law. Read more about his internship experience here.

Elena Ilioi

Elena Ilioi, U2, Psychology Honours and Social Studies of Medicine: Elena Ilioi interned at the University of Cambridge, where she researched the mechanism of learning and memory through animal models of behaviour. Given that the understanding of learning and memory is critical for improving the treatment of many behavioral conditions, Elena has dedicated the year to research internships in the States, Spain and England. Through her internship, Elena was able to combine her Psychology degree with her Social Studies of Medicine minor by considering the applications of her work towards post-traumatic-stress-disorder, and addictions, and anxiety.

Lucy Peijing Xu

Lucy Peijing Xu, U2, Joint Honours History & International Development Studies: Lucy interned at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, a non-profit organization facilitating trade between businesses in Canada, Hong Kong and China. On campus, Lucy is active in Model UN, and has been an involved member of AIESEC. Lucy is regularly engaged in assisting human development in Mainland China through volunteering and teaching with various NGOs in the country. As a graduate of the United World Colleges, Lucy is committed towards a vision of peace and understanding between nations. Her experience at the Chamber enabled her to play a part in fostering closer links between countries, and proved invaluable to her aspirations of a future career in public administration and international development. Read more about her internship experience here.

Rachel Philips Hall

Rachel Philips Hall, U2, Political Science and Anthropology: Rachel interned with Nexos Voluntarios in Urubamba, Peru, where she promoted human rights and social justice. She participated in the Campaign Against Racial Discrimination with the support APRODEH, the most influential human rights organization in Peru. She worked directly with local indigenous communities in order to raise awareness about racial discrimination. Rachelhas also been involved in VDAY McGill, which is non-profit organization that fights against gender-based violence. Through her work with Nexos Voluntarios, she bettered her understanding and perceptions of racism and discrimination in Peru. 

Ariane Duplessis

Ariane Duplessis, U2, Social Work: Ariane interned at Equitas, the International Centre for Human Rights Education, here in Montreal. She worked with the Play It Fair! Program, a set of educational games and activities used in summer camps, and built on previous experiences as a volunteer teacher in Kenya and Sri Lanka. Ariane has been involved in the Social Work Student Association and is a member of the Golden Key Honour Society. She was thrilled to be contributing to a sensitization effort designed for Canadian youth and to be learning more about the successes and challenges of an international non-profit organization. Read more about her internship experience here.

Mélanie-Ann Smithman

Mélanie-Ann Smithman, U2, Honours International Development Studies: Mélanie-Ann interned at Equitas in Montreal, an organization that works for the advancement of equality, social justice and respect for human dignity in Canada and around the world through human rights education programs. Mélanie-Ann is passionate about development issues and has been involved in various development projects in her community and abroad. Her internship provided valuable experience within a human rights organization and enabled her to meet international development advocates from around the world. Read more about her internship experience here.

Marie-Lise Drapeau-Bisson

Marie-Lise Drapeau-Bisson, U2, Sociology: Marie‐Lise interned at Equitas, the International Centre for Human Rights Education, for the International Human Rights Training Program. Marie‐Lise has also been involved in the Jr. Peacemakers student club, also promoting human rights education, as well as in the francophone McGill newspaper, Le Délit. Her organizational and evaluator role at Equitas certainly exposed her to different challenges of in‐the‐field activities that will prove very useful to her pursuit of sociological researches. Read more about her internship experience here.

Eva and Myron Echenberg Arts Internship Award

Danielle DaCosta

Danielle DaCosta, U2, Anthropology and World Religions: Danielle interned with Children of Peace, an organization focused on providing a social safety net for orphans and other vulnerable children in rural Uganda. On campus, Danielle has been actively involved on the executive board of the student group B. Refuge. Working with an NGO in a developing country will prove invaluable for her aspirations to pursue a career in the field of international development. Read more about her internship experience here.

Lena Weber

Lena Weber, U1, International Development: Lena interned at Africa SOMA, an NGO that works on educational initiatives and cultural dialogue in Kenya. At McGill, Lena works with B. Refuge and is a board member of the Quebec Public Interest Research Group. She has spent three summers working on grassroots development projects in Central America. Her internship with Africa SOMA gave her the opportunity to research livelihood diversification and learn to facilitate on-going NGO projects. Read more about her internship experience here.

Hinda Ordower King Awards of Merit

Josianne LaMothe

Josianne LaMothe, U1, Social Work: Josianne interned at SISHA in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, an organization dedicated to the eradication of human trafficking and exploitation. Her passion for human rights has led her to volunteer for a sexual assault center, a shelter for victims of conjugal violence, and for Face à Face, a listening center. Her valuable experience at SISHA was the first building block for a career against human trafficking and exploitation. Read more about her internship experience here.

Laura McKeeman

Laura McKeeman, MSW, Social Work: Laura interned with Nexos Voluntarios (NeVo) in Urubamba, Peru. NeVo undertakes community development projects in the Sacred Valley. Laura’s passion for social justice was an asset to her involvement in the Campaign Against Racial Discrimination. She also completed a field placement in community organizing at Project Genesis. Laura gained valuable first hand experience in international community development, which advanced her knowledge and skills in her chosen field. Read more about her internship experience here.

Nicole Waldston

Nicole Waldston, U2, Social Work: Nicole Waldston is pursuing a BSW. Once finished this program, she intends to complete an MSW and an LLB/BCL in the faculty of law, which will aid in the pursuit of a career in international human rights and policy work. To help do this, Nicole interned with Nexos Voluntarios in Peru, working on a public health project, aimed to educated teenagers on reproductive health. Read more about her internship experience here.

Angela Wilson

Angela Wilson, Masters U1, Social Work: Angela interned at the Endorois Welfare Council in Nakuru, Kenya, an organization that advocates for the Endorois people of Kenya’s Rift Valley. Angela also has experience in community development and community organizing through her work in economic development for francophone people in Nova Scotia and entrepreneurial development for women in Belize. Her internship with the Endorois Welfare Council exposed her to government land negotiations and community planning with an indigenous East African community. Read more about her internship experience here.

Hon. Paul and Yvonne Casey Internship Award

Janina Grabs

Janina Grabs, U2, Honours Political Science, Economics and Russian: Janina interned at the German Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Geneva, which represents Germany’s interests at all UN bodies based in Geneva, particularly those pertaining to human rights. Janina’s passion for social justice and international relations has led her to volunteer both at the Montreal Social Justice Committee and with IRSAM. As Janina was considering a career focusing on the protection of economic and social rights, this internship provided her with invaluable experience on intergovernmental decision-making in this field. Read more about her internship experience here.

Lev Bukhman Internship Award

Mariel Aramburu

Mariel Aramburu, U3, Political Science and International Development Studies: Mariel interned at the United Nations World Food Programme in Panama City. Among others, Mariel has been very involved with UNICEF McGill and the Political Science Students' Association. She also coordinated the 2011 Women in House program, a program aimed at promoting women's representation in Canadian government. Originally from Mexico, Mariel is also very passionate about the Latin America region and has volunteered with the Latin community web portal Hola Calgary. By working with the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide, she gained invaluable real world experience to complement her academic understanding. Read more about her internship experience here.

Julie Gao

Julie Gao, U2, International Development Studies and African Studies: Julie interned at the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice in Accra, Ghana, an organization that promotes good governance, democracy, integrity, peace and social development. Her experience at CHRAJ allowed her passion for enhancing global human rights to foster practical results in the field, and will prove highly beneficial for her future graduate studies in the field of public policy. Read more about her internship experience here.

Liz Gomery and Stefan Fews Internship Award in Arts

Sonia Duda

Sonia Duda, U2, Sociology and Management: Sonia interned at AID India this summer in Chennai, India. AID is an organization that promotes sustainable and just development through programs in areas such as agriculture, education, health, and woman's empowerment. Sonia likes to help out around campus as a tutor and in organizations that promote equity on campus. Her experience with AID applied her studies and interests in the field. Read more about her internship experience here.

MacKinnon Initiative Award for Student Internships

Claire Michela

Claire Michela, U1, Women’s Studies and Anthropology: Claire interned at the Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment (WISE) in Accra, Ghana, an organization that aims to end the cycle of violence against women. Claire has been involved in the Gender, Sexual Diversity, and Feminist Studies Student Association at McGill. Her experience at the WISE enabled her to gain a unique perspective on approaches to women’s empowerment in the developing world. Read more about her internship experience here.

Kavya Paul

Kavya Paul, U3, International Management: Kavya interned at the World Cooperation Project in Oaxaca, Mexico, an organization that advocates strategies for fair trade coffee production. Additionally, she has interned at the American India Foundation in New Delhi, India, working to improve the organization's budget and standardization policies. In 2011, she was appointed VP Speakers and Sponsors for the Desautels Business Conference on Sustainability. Kavya’s experience abroad and at McGill will prove invaluable to further her career aspirations of working for a leading NGO or international organization. Read more about her internship experience here.

Max Stern Internship Award in Art History

Lou Mo

Lou Mo, Art History: Lou interned at the Palace Museum in Beijing, China. The Beijing Palace Museum hosts one of the world’s most extensive collection of late imperial Chinese artworks. Lou worked in the department of painting and calligraphy, focusing her practise on conservation and connoisseurship. In addition to this internship, Lou also dug, at the classical ancient Greek city of Argilos this summer. She has also worked at the Redpath Museum and volunteers with the McGill First Year Office and Montreal YWCA. Read more about her internship experience here.

Molly Teitelbaum, U3, Art History and Political Science: Molly interned atMolly Teitelbaum Benrimon Contemporary, an intimate contemporary art gallery located in the district of Chelsea in New York City this coming summer. She gained firsthand experience in art handing and selling, while learning about the behind the scenes aspects of mounting art shows. Molly has been producing and selling her own artwork for several years, and is an ardent lover and admirer of both art and art history. Molly made it her goal to visit as many art exhibitions during her time at McGill, taking advantage of all of Montreal's top art venues. Read more about her internship experience here.

McDonald/Pekeles Arts Internship Award

Anna Bunce

Anna Bunce, U3, International Development Studies: Anna interned with Africa SOMA in Elangata Wuas, Kenya. Africa SOMA is dedicated to increasing educational opportunities and promoting literacy in rural Kenya. After spending the Winter 2011 Semester studying in East Africa with McGill's Canadian Field Study in Africa program, Anna was looking forward to putting what she had learned to practical use. Anna has also been the campaign coordinator of Greenpeace McGill and an active member of student life. During her internship, she gained a deeper understanding of challenges faced by rural Maasai communities.

Amadea Camozzi

Amadea Camozzi, U3, International Development Studies and French Language Studies: Amadea interned at Mer et Monde in collaboration with Red Mujeres in Valle de Angeles, Honduras. Along with her team, she collaborated with female artisans in order to expand their economic capacities. Amadea’s previous experience in Peru working with a community school had prepared her for this internship. She has also participated in the House of Commons Page Program and volunteered for several years at Ten Thousand Villages. Through this internship, she gained a firsthand experience of how women in the developing world surmont some of the challenges they face on a daily basis, which prepared her for continued masters studies in the field of International Development. Read more about her internship experience here.

Roland Arts Summer Internship Award

Alexia Jablonski

Alexia Jablonski, U2 Political Science and Economics: Alexia interned at the Ghana Center for Democratic Development in Accra, a think tank dedicated to the promotion of democracy and good governance in West Africa. She has also been involved in many activities on campus, including work as a political science research assistant, and is also a member of the Golden Key Honour Society and the Pi Sigma Alpha Honour Society. Her experience at CDD provided her with invaluable experience in the fields of research and policy development. Read more about her internship experience here.

Jennifer James

Jennifer James, U3, Latin American and Caribbean Studies and Anthropology: Jenny interned at the UN High Commission for Refugees in Panama, an organization mandated to protect and support refugees around the world. Jenny has spent a significant amount of time travelling and working in Latin America, both as a freelance journalist and as a human rights activist. Her experience with ACNUR exposed her to many of the UN programs concerning the voluntary repatriation, local integration and resettlement of refugees in Panama, which will prove invaluable to her pursuit of a career in the Social Justice field. Read more about her internship experience here.

Scott and Kristi Daniels Arts Internship Award

Harrison Pollock

Harrison Pollock, U2, Economics and Political Science: Harrison interned at the Kamukunji Jua Kali Association in Nairobi, Kenya, researching the effects of micro-insurance on the urban poor. Harrison has been the VP Member Learning of the McGill chapter of Engineers without Borders, an organization that works to alleviate poverty in Africa. He has also represented both Quebec and McGill at national curling championships. This internshipgave Harrison a first-hand understanding of the research process as well as an increased awareness of the challenges pervasive in the developing world. Read more about his internship experience here.

Tania Zouikin Arts Internship Award in International Development

Natalie Chan

Natalie Chan, U3, Economics and Urban Systems (Geography): Natalie interned at Green Power—a Kenyan NGO that advances community-owned hydro-electrification projects in the Kianyaga region. Through her involvement with Engineers Without Borders Canada as the president of the McGill Chapter, Natalie has gained a lot of leadership experience and has developed a strong passion for global issues. This internship gave her an on-the-ground perspective that will be invaluable to her in her pursuit of a career in international development. Read more about her internship experience here.
Elizabeth Hudler, U2, Political Science: Elizabeth is intrigued by democratic development and political cooperation across the globe, focusing her research on the particular paths of North African countries. She interned at McGill's Institute for Health and Social Policy, researching and comparing global educational and labor policies. Read more about her internship experience here.

Quebec Studies Internship Award

Florent Sbai-Conti, U3, Political Science, Quebec Studies and International Development:  Thanks to the Quebec Studies Program, Florent interned at at Voir, a well-known francophone weekly newspaper publishing a mix of local and international news, listings and critiques centered on films, arts and literature. Florent is part of Le Délit, McGill student newspaper, and TVMcGill, with whom he directed a documentary about being francophone at McGill.

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