2010 Internship Award Recipients

(Photos by Owen Egan)

Allan A. Hodgson Arts Internship Award

Adrian Del Balso Adrian Del Balso, U2, International Development Studies & International Relations: Adrian interned at the World Food Programme in Panama City, a branch of the United Nations that is focused on achieving global food security. Adrian runs a small NGO, Create No Borders, and is very involved in the non-profit sector with a particular focus on Latin America. At the UNWFP, he was exposed to the inner-workings of a multilateral humanitarian organization, which benefitted him tremendously in his pursuit of a career in International Development. Read more about his internship experience here.

Sean Stefanik Sean Stefanik, U2, Political Science & History: Sean interned at Liverpool VCT in Nairobi, an organization that deals with HIV/AIDS-related issues. As the president of the McGill Debating Union and a member of the Global AIDS Coalition, Sean has an active interest in public policy, and his work has been published in the McGill Journal of Political Studies. He hopes to put his experiences with Liverpool VCT to use in the pursuit of a graduate degree in the field. Read more about his internship experience here.

Anderson Family Internship Award

Majd Al Khaldi Majd Al Khaldi, U2, Honours Political Science and Economics: Majd interned at the micro-finance department of the Syria Trust for Development. His role involved various micro-loan projects and some socio-economic research both in urban and rural Syria. During the academic prior to his internship, he was the Political Science Students’ Association VP External. This year, he is filling the same position for the Arab Students’ Association as well as the portfolio of VP Finance of the Arts Undergraduate Society. Read more about his internship experience here.

Nicholas Intscher Nicholas Intscher, U3, International Development Studies: Nicholas interned at AID India, an organization that promotes sustainable, equitable development. He worked with the Eureka School Program which seeks to improve the quality of education across the state of Tamil Nadu. Nicholas plans to pursue a Masters degree in International Public Policy, and he pursued this internship in order to gain some exposure to the issues involved in social reform. Read more about his internship experience here.

Samantha Nadler Samantha Nadler, U3, Joint Honours International Development Studies & Latin American and Caribbean Studies: Samantha interned at the Secretariat of External Relations of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, DC. The mission of the Secretariat is to disseminate the role of the Organization as the leading institution for promoting democratic governance, sustainable development, multidimensional security and respect for human rights in the Hemisphere. Samantha has been involved on campus through her position as V.P. of Communications at Hillel Montreal. At McGill, she has been very interested in Latin American development issues. Read more about her internship experience here.

Anne and Larry Ullman Internship Award

David Searle David Searle, U2, Political Science and History: David interned at the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C., which is responsible for Canada’s foreign policy relations with the United States. David has been very involved in his community, working with youth at Head and Hands and campaigning in the 2009 municipal elections. His experience at the Embassy exposed him to the mechanisms of international relations, preparing him for a future career in Foreign Affairs. Read more about his internship experience here.

Andy Yu Andy Yu, U3, Philosophy, Mathematics, and Economics: Andy interned at the Center for Democratic Development, a think tank in Accra, Ghana that promotes democracy and a liberal economy. At McGill, he has been editor-in-chief of Pensées, the Canadian undergraduate journal of philosophy, and treasurer of the Philosophy Students’ Association. Andy built upon previous internships at the Institute for Health and Social Policy, an advertising agency, and two law firms in pursuing future studies in law and philosophy. Read more about his internship experience here.

Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund (AUIF) Internship Award

Jacqueline Aldrovandi Jacqueline Aldrovandi, U2, History, International Development and Educational Psychology: Jacqueline interned at Free the Children, the world's largest network of children helping children through education. Jacqueline has a passion for development work and interacting with youth having volunteered locally and abroad and participated in various McGill Model United Nations forums. Her work at Free the Children built on her enthusiasm for both these fields and contributed to her pursuit of a career in international law focusing on development initiatives. Read more about her internship experience here.

Sophia Kehler Sophia Kehler, U2, Environmental Studies and African Studies: Sophia interned at The National Fisheries Resource Research Institute (NaFIRRI) in Jinja, Uganda, an organization that provides the research necessary for the sustainable management and conservation of Ugandan waters. Sophia has been involved with Organic Campus and the Concordia greenhouse, and has been published in Intersections journal of women’s studies. She furthered her knowledge and understanding of environmental research and collaboration in Jinja during that summer. Read more about her internship experience here.

Mira Kelada Mira Kelada, U1, Biology and History: This summer, Mira interned at the Latour-Marliac Water Lily Nursery in the south of France. The water-lilies in Monet’s most celebrated paintings were all developed at Latour-Marliac. The nursery has since become an important French historical site and continues to grow new and colourful water-lily plants. Mira combined her love of biology and history in this one internship by both helping to archive the nursery museum and learning how to develop new water-lily varieties. Read more about her internship experience here.

Sarah Kerr Sarah Kerr, U2 IDS Honours: Sarah interned at The Diocesan Commission for Justice and Peace (CODIJUP) in Oaxaca, Mexico. CODIJUP is an organization that provides pro-bono legal representation for clients involved in human rights cases. She is also the co-director of Cinema Politica (McGill) and a travel enthusiast. Her experience at CODIJUP exposed her to pertinent human rights issues and the populations that they effect in southern Mexico. Read more about her internship experience here.

Kallee Lins Kallee Lins, U2, Double Major Political Science and Drama and Theatre: Kallee interned at Kapital Radio in Kumasi, Ghana, through Journalists for Human Rights, a Canadian organization that teaches journalists around the globe to produce human rights oriented media. In the year prior to her internship, Kallee had been busy writing for The McGill Daily, dancing with the Inertia Modern Dance Collective, and stage managing theatre performances around McGill as well as sitting on the executive of jhr’s McGill Chapter and helping to produce Speak!, their human rights magazine. This year, she is Arts Representative to the Students’ Society of McGill University. As Kallee is considering a career in journalism, this experience with jhr provided her with valuable technical skills, particularly in the medium of radio. Read more about her internship experience here.

Raahil Madhok Raahil Madhok, U2, Economics and Environmental Studies: Raahil interned at the Green Power in Kianyaga, Kenya, an NGO that establishes renewable energy mini-grid systems. Raahil has had extensive leadership experience through the Pearson Seminar on Youth Leadership. He is also very involved in organizations around campus such as DECA McGill, and was McGill Improv President. His experience at Green Power exposed him to the economic and environmental aspects of asset creation and electricity provision, a unique application of both his fields of study. Read more about his internship experience here.

Cynthia Messina Cynthia Messina, U3, International Development and Philosophy: Cynthia interned as a staff member of the Canadian Resource Center at the Main Library of the UIN Syarif Hidayatullah, which is dedicated to providing the UIN Jakarta community with access to rich and relevant information resources to support research, teaching and learning activities. Cynthia has long been interested in education and social development, and has completed an internship at Equitas for the International Human Rights Education program. She undertook her internship to further her understanding of the interplay between Islam and education. Read more about her internship experience here.

Benjamin Pomeroy Benjamin Pomeroy, U3, International Development and Psychology: Ben interned at the Organización de Agricultores Biológicos A. C. In Oaxaca, Mexico. While there, helped the organization train small scale farmers in sustainable and organic farming practices. Ben is an avid outdoorsman, and is at home whenever he is outside of closed doors. At McGill, he is an active member of the McGill Outdoors club. His experience at ORAB helped him attain valuable skills and experience necessary to pursue his dream of developing a business that trades primary agricultural products directly with small scale farmers, while also giving him an excuse to work outside. Read more about his internship experience here.

Brenda and Morrison Hurley Arts Internship Award

Chardé Morgan Chardé Morgan, U2, Honours Environmental Studies and Minor Anthropology: Chardé interned at the National Fisheries Resources Research Institute, a research facility specializing in fisheries management, environmental conservation, and community outreach. Chardé is involved in initiatives that encourage creative learning, as shown through her participation in the development of the Sustainable Campus course at John Abbott College. She undertook her internship in order to use her experience to support ongoing outreach activities at NaFIRRI that target health and education, and plans to pursue graduate studies in the field of environmental health and epidemiology. Read more about her internship experience here.

Burgess Family Arts Internship Award

 Hope Bigda-Peyton, U3, International Development and Middle Eastern Languages: Hope interned at EDUCA, A.C., in Oaxaca, Mexico, an organization aimed at strengthening civic participation. Hope has been involved in a number of community development initiatives in the past through her work with NGO Amigos de las Americas, and an internship at McGill's Institute for Health and Social Policy. Her experience at EDUCA will allowed her to bridge the gap between legal rights and grounded realities, proving integral knowledge to her future aspirations of working in public policy. Read more about her internship experience here.

Jasmine Chipman-Koty Jasmine Chipman Koty, U2, Anthropology and Hispanic Studies: This summer Jasmine interned at Servicios Para una Educación Alternativa, A.C. (EDUCA) in Oaxaca, Mexico. EDUCA is an organization committed to strengthening local government in indigenous communities by promoting democracy, social justice and community development. The internship was an opportunity for Jasmine to engage in actual fieldwork and learn directly about the complex issues facing indigenous cultures, thus providing her with the necessary experience to pursue Anthropology at the graduate level. Read more about her internship experience here.

Adrienne Klasa Adrienne Klasa, U3, Major Honours Political Science, Minor Philosophy: Adrienne interned with the Indigenous Information Network (IIN) in Nairobi, Kenya, a development and advocacy NGO that works to promote sustainable development and gender empowerment for indigenous ethnic minority communities living in Kenya and across the Great Lakes region. Adrienne is a founding member and Editor-in-chief of the McGill Foreign Affairs Review, a student-run journal of international politics, as well as a regular contributor at the McGill Daily since arriving at university in 2006. She has also volunteered building schools in remote communities in Costa Rica. She is interested in pursuing journalism and international law in her future studies. She undertook her internship to gain on-the-ground experience working in the non-governmental development sector, which she hopes to be able to use to shape a career that will allow her to contribute to the fields of development and journalism.

Ada Sonnenfeld Ada Sonnenfeld, U2, Honors International Development Studies, Minor Theatre and Italian: Ada went back to Argentina, where she spent a year on exchange in high school, to work with Poder Ciudadano. Poder Ciudadano is a watch-dog NGO that works on enhancing democratic participation in Argentina by teaching citizens the many ways in which they can take advantage of their rights as citizens of a democracy to advocate for transparency and accountability in the government, judiciary, and private sector. Ada is very grateful to the Arts Internship Office and Arts Internship Awards for making it possible for her to witness first-hand the “development” process she’s been learning about throughout her academic career. Read more about her internship experience here.

Rebecca Ying Rebecca Ying, U2, Honours International Development Studies, Minor Langue Française: Rebecca interned at Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment (WISE) in Accra, Ghana. WISE provides holistic services such as counselling and legal advocacy to women and children who suffer from domestic violence. At McGill, Rebecca is involved with the Pre-Law Society and the Centre de la Petite Enfance. She undertook this internship to gain practical experience with a women’s NGO that will contribute to her academic and career goals of legal advocacy, women and development. Read more about her internship experience here.

Carol and Lloyd Darlington Arts Internship Award

 Nadila Ali, U2, Political Science and History: Nadila interned at the Commission for Human Rights and Social Justice (CHRAJ) in Accra, Ghana. The organization has a mandate towards promoting good governance and democratic transparency in in the country. While at McGill, Nadila has volunteered at the Social Justice Commitee, where she has learned a great deal about human rights in the developing world and the workings of non-governmental organizations. While at CHRAJ, Nadila expanded on her knowledge about human rights and democratization and hopefully one day, will help apply what she learns to her native Bangladesh. Read more about her internship experience here.

 Tobie Cusson, U2, Economics and International Development Studies: Tobie interned at Africa Now, an organization that works to decrease poverty in Kisumu, Kenya. Tobie has been actively participating in student organizations such as the Economic Students Association and the Help for Haiti relief campaign. He also managed a school construction project in Tanzania through a charity that he founded in 2004. He undertook his internship with Africa Now in the hopes of contributing to the design of future development projects in East Africa. Read more about his internship experience here.

 David Meredith, U2, Honours Economics: David interned at the Grameen Bank in Dhaka, Bangladesh. By participating in this internship, David gained a first-hand understanding of some of the economic challenges faced by the people of Bangladesh. However, more importantly, by being directly involved in the daily practices of the bank, David was exposed to the microfinance techniques that his host organization is using to combat poverty and empower women. This greater understanding of developmental issues and the way that microfinance can be used to help will undoubtedly prove to be invaluable as David pursues his studies in developmental economics. Read more about his internship experience here.

Chloe Potvin Chloé Potvin, U2, Honours International Development Studies, Minor Management: Chloé interned at the Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment in Accra, Ghana, an organization dedicated to ending the cycle of violence inflicted upon women and children by providing counseling and support services. Chloé is a dedicated volunteer for the Montreal Sexual Assault Centre where she answers the crisis line and helps victims deal with their day-to-day lives. Her experience at W.I.S.E. exposed her to both aspects of the development field she is most interested in pursuing: logistics as well as mental health. Read more about her internship experience here.

 Joanie Turcot, U3, International Development Studies and Environment: Prior to her internships, Joanie went on exchange to Leeds University where she was a member of the rowing team. She is a former Canada World Youth participant, and a lifeguard for the Rivière-des-Prairies Aquatic Center. She interned at GreenPower, a Kenyan NGO supporting micro hydro-electricity generation and distribution. Joanie joined the socio-economic evaluation unit and contributed to the micro-credit initiative associated to the organization. This GreenPower internship gave her experience in ground research, as well as matched her interest in community approaches to sustainable development. Read more about her internship experience here.

The Class of '98 Arts Internship Award

 Clément Bisserbe, U2, Economics and Political Science: Clément interned at the Kamukunji Jua Kali in Nairobi, Kenya, an association that works in collaboration with local government and private institutions to mitigate the risks faced by workers of the informal sector. Clément, also part of the McGill Rugby Team, hopes that this insight into the real workings of a development project will provide him with a valuable experience for his academic and professional career in the fields of economic development and economic policy. Read more about his internship experience here.

David Tarr and Gisele Chèvrefils Arts Internship Award

 Cassandra Poirier, U1, Political Science and Psychology: Cassandra interned at the Association for India’s Development (AID) in Chennai, a volunteer movement committed to promoting sustainable, equitable and just development. Her interest in the issue of quality of education in developing countries led her to pursue a volunteer teaching position in a school in Thailand. Her travels, as well as her involvement within a number of organizations, such as Model United Nations, UNICEF, Amnesty International and Rotoract have further sharpened her desire to contribute to the efforts that aim to promote sustainable and equitable development. AID provided her with the perfect opportunity to contextualize her learning experience at McGill in a more practical setting. Read more about her internship experience here.

Dean of Arts Internship Award

 Manisha Aggarwal-Schifellite, U2, History, Communication and Women's Studies: Manisha interned at the Washington, D.C. office of The Real News Network, an independent online news source. Manisha is a committed member of Journalists for Human Rights McGill, and has published work in the McGill Daily and McGill Tribune. She undertook her internship hoping to gain valuable experience in journalism while working at The Real News Network, and to apply these skills both at university and in her future endeavours in the field. Read more about his internship experience here.

Mara Chadnik Mara Chadnick, U3, Political Science and Communications: Mara was a corporate intern at 5W Public Relations in New York City in the summer of 2010. 5W Public Relations is full-service public relations firm with clients ranging from politics to technology and entertainment. Mara has been involved in organizations around campus such as AUS Peer Tutoring and the Stephen Lewis AIDS Foundation. She also volunteers for the CURE Foundation and has been published in the Pearson House Policy Journal. Her experience at 5W Public Relations allowed her to have hands-on experience working with media and politics, which will be valuable for her pursuit of a career in politics and law. Read more about her internship experience here.

Tyler Chau Tyler Chau, U2, International Development Studies and Art History: Tyler interned at the Indigenous Information Network (IIN) in Nairobi, Kenya, an NGO that devotes its efforts to promoting dialogue between indigenous peoples of East Africa and their respective state governments. Tyler has been active on campus through the McGill International Development Studies Students' Association (MIDSSA), Folio Magazine, and Journalists for Human Rights McGill.

Mélodie Chouinard Mélodie Chouinard, U2, Anthropology and International Development Studies: Mélodie interned at CEPICAFE, Peru, for Cooperative Coffees. She was assigned as a field work research assistant to study cooperative organization impact on social and democratic behaviours. Cooperative Coffees is a coffee importer devoted to Fair Trade and organic agriculture. Mélodie also gained practical experience in academic research that will complement her anthropology skills as well as contributing to her knowledge of development. Read more about her internship experience here.

Mélanie Devirieux, U2, Honours Political Science and Minor History and Hispanic Studies: Mélanie interned at the Canadian Consulate in Guadalajara, Mexico. The Consulate offers consular services and supports Canadian business clients that have selected Mexico’s Western states as a target market. Mélanie is an active member of McGill’s community, and has been the President of the Pearson House Journal. She is also the youth representative of the Montreal branch of the Canadian International Council and she has been published in different university journals. Her experience with the Canadian Consulate was an opportunity to familiarize herself with the Canadian Foreign services, which will prove invaluable to her pursuit of a Master's in International Relations. Read more about her internship experience here.

Kathryn Dingle Kathryn Dingle, U3, Geography and Economics: After completing her Africa Field Study Semester, Kathryn interned at Makerere University in Uganda as a field research assistant. At McGill, Kathryn was a Residences Floor Fellow and active in the Outdoors Club. She built upon previous internship experience in conservation and development work with this unique research opportunity that allowed her to explore new areas of academic and professional interest. Read more about her internship experience here.

Bastien Eyme Bastien Eyme, U2, Economics, Management and Geography: Bastien is a student from France who has been an expatriate in Singapore, San Francisco and New York in recent years. Bastien interned at the Puig group in Singapore, an organization specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of fragrances in Asia. His experience at the Puig group exposed him to the characteristics and rules of business at the international level, valuable to the construction of his career path. Read more about his internship experience here.

 Anastasia Frank, U2, Geography and Sociology: Anastasia interned at the Kibale Health and Conservation Center at Kibale National Park in Uganda, a clinic that provides care as well as health outreach and education for local communities. She has been involved with public health organizations since her early teens through various non-profits, clubs and internships. On campus, Anastasia has been active as an International Buddy, VP External of the Trivia Club, an editor for the Undergraduate Sociology Journal Verstehen, and a student employee at the ICS Service Desk. Her time at the KHCC gave Anastasia the opportunity to experience community-oriented health work outside of a North American context, which served as a valuable precursor to a Masters of Public Health degree. Read more about her internship experience here.

 Natalia Goldchteine, U2, Major History, Minor Art History and Marketing: Natalia interned at the Peterhof State Museum Reserve – a 17th century imperial residence near St. Petersburg. She worked at the archival and public relations offices there. Natalia has been involved in organizations around campus, such as Hanvoice Montreal. She has a deep passion for history and the visual arts and undertook this internship in order to gain invaluable insight into museum management.

Claire Grandy Claire Grandy, U3, English Literature: Claire interned at Véhicule Press in Montreal Quebec, a publishing house that since 1973 has published award-winning fiction, essays, translations, and social history. Claire has worked as a fiction editor at Scrivener Creative Review and has become involved in McGill’s creative writing community. Her internship at Véhicule taught her the practical and financial aspects of literary production, to compliment her theoretical knowledge. Read more about her internship experience here.

 Deborah Griffith, U2, International Development, Minors Philosophy and World Religions: Deborah interned at World Associates, an international non-government development organization in Aqaba, Jordan which works to see communities transformed through affordable education and programs that empower locals. Deborah has been very involved on McGill's campus, working as a Floor Fellow in Residences, a Tour Guide for the Welcome Center, and Student Staff for the Residence Cafeterias. Deborah's experience volunteering in a NGO, teaching English, and researching sustainable development in Aqaba helped prepare her for a future in Development work in an international context. Read more about her internship experience here.

Lynsey Grosfield Lynsey Grosfield, U2, Joint Honours Anthropology and Women's Studies: Lynsey is currently studying at McGill as a Loran and Millennium scholar. She interned with Coopérative de Solidarité du Café Equitable (CoopSol) in Montreal, creating an accessible guide for coffee farmer-producers in the Global South about various international certifications, including Fairtrade, and Certified Organic. Lynsey has been published in Sprinkle: A Journal of Sexual Diversity Studies, and has also been very involved with the Women's Studies program at McGill. Additionally, Lynsey has been an intern with the Montreal Life Stories project where she helped record the oral histories of survivors of war, genocide, and other human rights violations. Her work with CoopSol gave her a greater understanding of the local implications of global trade and certification. She hopes to remain in academia. Read more about her internship experience here.

Alexandra Holness Alexandra Holness, U2, Economics, Drama and Theatre, and Religion: Alexandra interned at the Segal Centre for Performing Arts, one of the top professional theatre companies in Montreal. She worked primarily as an assistant to the Theatre’s Production Manager, and in different production departments, trying her hand backstage as well. Alexandra has been involved in various recreational organizations around campus, and is most proud of her work as a contributing member of the costume design team for the Department of English theatre productions. Her experience at Segal Centre exposed her to the areas where theatre and economics overlap, which will aid her in her pursuit of a joint MBA/MFA degree.

Dana Holtby Dana Holtby, U2, Environment and International Development Studies: Dana has been active member of several on-campus and community organizations including TAPthirst, a QPIRG working group and as co-organizer of Uncharted Waters, a student-led conference on Canadian water issues. She interned at the Native Friendship Center, a non-profit organization that seeks to develop and enhance the quality of life in the urban Aboriginal community of Montreal. At the NFC, Dana gained important community development skills which will be highly applicable to her future in environmental and social justice organizing. Read more about her internship experience here.

Nora Hope Nora Hope, U3, Honours Psychology: Nora interned at the Climate Project Canada, the Canadian component of a non-profit organization started by Al Gore to educate the public about the impacts of climate change, as well as offer solutions. At TCPC, Nora worked as a research assistant, designing a presentation directed at promoting sustainable practices amongst Canadian youth. Nora has been very involved in environmental initiatives on and off campus, and has been an executive of Greenpeace McGill. Her experience at TCPC was an invaluable opportunity to contribute to the preservation of our planet by spreading awareness and propelling change amongst Canadian youth. Read more about her internship experience here.

Bianca Ker Bianca Ker, U2, Double Major, History and Cultural Studies and Communications: Bianca interned with GRACE Productions, a small, Emmy award-winning television production company in Los Angeles, California. Bianca was an Arts Producer for TVMcGill for two years and is currently Series Producer. The skills she has learned and the experiences she has gained through TvMcGill has helped her find her career path and she undertook this internship hoping to consolidate all those skills and aspirations. Read more about her internship experience here.

Amrita Kuma Ratta Amrita Kumar-Ratta, U2, International Development Studies (Honours) and World Religions: Amrita interned at Africa SOMA in Elangata Wuas, Kenya, an organization that advocates for cross-cultural dialogue through education and community building. Amrita has been very involved in organisations and activities around campus, including IDSSA, Faiths Act McGill, and McMUN. She has also pursued leadership training in a number of different international settings; for instance, the PSYL in Victoria, British Columbia, and the IYLC in Prague, Czech Republic. Elangata Wuas adds to this list of remarkable experiences. Amrita has consistently been awarded with the Dean's Honours Award; she is also a proud member of the Golden Key Honour Society. Her dynamic experience with Africa SOMA during the summer of 2010 had a profound impact on Amrita's future career goal to become an immigration lawyer and community educator. Read more about her internship experience here.

Guy Northcote Guy Northcote, U3, Honours Political Science and Minor History: Guy interned at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, an organization addressing and fostering trade between business interests in Canada, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Guy has been very involved at McGill, as a First Responder with the McGill First Aid Service and an active member of the Model United Nations club. Having spent the semester prior to his internship on exchange at the National University of Singapore, he undertook this internship hoping that this internship would contribute to his goal of pursuing a degree in international law. Read more about his internship experience here.

Inta Plotsins Inta Plostins, U3, Honours History, Minor Political Science: Inta interned through the Department of Political and Economic Affairs at the American embassy in Riga, Latvia. She has been the Chairperson and a founding member of the Baltic Students' Society on campus and has served on the editorial board of the undergraduate history students' journal Historical Discourses. She is also a member of the Golden Key Honour Society. Inta undertook this internship hoping to gain invaluable hands-on experience in international diplomacy by interning with the US State Department. Read more about her internship experience here.

Todd Plummer Todd Plummer, U2, English Literature: Todd interned at Vogue magazine in New York City. On campus, Todd has been involved with the Department of English Students Association, the Varsity Ski Team, Leacock’s online magazine and has been elected to the Arts Undergraduate Society executive. Off campus, Todd has maintained his own blog, done freelance fashion work in Montreal, and spent time building his writing portfolio. Todd’s internship at Vogue will exposed him to the high-pressure world of magazine publishing, an experience which will prove useful when he pursues a career in that field. Read more about his internship experience here.

Beatrice Paez Beatrice Paez, U2, Political Science and Sociology: Beatrice interned with Inter Press Service’s UN Bureau in New York City, an independent global news agency which acts as a resource for civil society. She has participated in different organisations around campus, namely Journalists for Human Rights and Open Minds. Her experience at Inter Press Service was an opportunity to gain hands-on journalism experience and it exposed her to the inner workings of the United Nations, which will be an asset whether she decides to pursue a career in documentary media or international development. Read more about her internship experience here.

Elena Ponte Elena Ponte, U2, Political Science, Chemistry and Mathematics: Elena interned at the European Economic and Social Committee - Sustainable Development Observatory (ECOSOC) in Brussels, with focus on the EU sustainable development strategy as it works in conjunction with the European Commission, the Council and the European Parliament. This experience allowed Elena to further her interest in European environmental policy, climate and energy issues in post-Copenhagen Europe, which will prove invaluable as she pursues her interest in foreign policy. Read more about her internship experience here.

Kaitlyn Shannon Kaitlyn Shannon, U1, Political Science and International Development Studies: Kaitlyn interned with the Social Justice Committee in Montreal, where she was a journalist and researcher for the “Upstream Journal,” a magazine which reports on human rights, poverty and debt in the developing world. Kaitlyn has been a member of McGill’s Journalists for Human Rights club for two years, and pursued her internship with the hope that it would enhance her contributions to the SJC in her position as VP Advocacy this year. Read more about her internship experience here.

Simca Simpson Simca Simpson, U2, Honours International Development Studies, Minor Economics and Hispanic Languages: Simca interned with the “Jóvenes con Futuro” partnership at the Ministry of Labour in Buenos Aires. Simca is a co-editor of the Radix Magazine and a member of the Newman Student Society. She is also on the Dean’s Honour List. Building on employment experience in the field of community legal aid, her experience at the Ministry exposed her to the federal-level mechanisms involved in public service provision, which will prove invaluable in her future studies. Read more about her internship experience here.

 Kali Stull, U2, Anthropology, Social Studies of Medicine, and Environment: Kali Stull interned this summer at The Food Trust in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a nonprofit working to ensure that nutritious and affordable food is accessible to everyone. Kali has been involved in several service-oriented clubs at McGill, including Best Buddies and Midnight Kitchen. Her involvement with The Food Trust increased her knowledge about food politics and exposed her to community-level and comprehensive solutions to problems related to nutrition. Read more about her internship experience here.

 Samantha Young, U2, International Development Studies and English Literature: Samantha interned at the National University of Singapore in Singapore to assist with the coordination of an academic summer program, held for students from around the world to learn about Southeast Asian culture and history. Samantha has been an active volunteer in various organizations in Montreal. She is also a member of the Golden Key Honours Society, and has been published in a number of literary journals. Her internship allowed her to travel to several countries in South East Asia, exposing her to a diverse array of societies and cultural experiences, which will prove invaluable to her aspirations of one day working abroad in the field of development and international human rights. Read more about her internship experience here.

Lydia Zemke Lydia M. Zemke, U2, Joint Honors Political Science and International Development Studies, Minor Arabic: Lydia interned at Music in ME (MIME) in Amman, Jordan, an NGO working under UNRWA and UNESCO, providing musical facilities for Palestinian refugees. Lydia has been involved in numerous organizations around campus, such as Model United Nations and the African Studies Students Association. Previously, Lydia interned as a journalist at the United Nations in New York, and has worked as a political science research assistant for Professor Stolle, as well as being the communications agent of the Faculty of Medicine’s Orchestra, I Medici di McGill. Following the successful completion of her internship, Lydia was nominated as the Secretary-General on the executive board of MIME Canada, responsible for the NGO’s operations in Canada and its collaboration with Project Hope. Her experience at MIME exposed her to the international humanitarian aid aspect of protracted conflicts, which will prove invaluable in her pursuit of an international law degree.

Eva and Myron Echenberg Arts Internship Award

Philippe Baird Philippe Baird, U2, Honours History: Philippe interned at the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee (IPACC) in Cape Town, South Africa. IPACC is a network of 155 organizations devoted to the promotion and recognition of African indigenous peoples’ rights. Philippe is a dedicated volunteer and leader at McGill and is serving as Vice-President Academic for the History Students’ Association. His experience at IPACC gave him first-hand understanding of NGO work and the difficulties in promoting culture and development for marginalized groups. Philippe plans to pursue postgraduate studies in history and international development. Read more about his internship experience here.

Justin Miletti Justin Miletti, U2, Political Science: Justin interned at the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice in Accra, Ghana. CHRAJ is an organization that advocates for human rights and government transparency. Justin grew up in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Malaysia, which sparked his interest in human rights. His experience at CHRAJ exposed him to a successful government institution in a modern, working democracy and will prove invaluable to his pursuit of an international law degree. Read more about his internship experience here.

Faculty of Arts Internship Award

Caroline Donohue Caroline Donohue, U3, International Development and Geography: Caroline interned at EQUITAS in Montreal QC, a Canadian international organization devoted to human rights education. Passionate about traveling and human rights issues, Caroline gained valuable experience working on the International Human Rights Training Program held in June. This internship exposed her to the inner workings of an organization, as well as allowing her to meet people working in the field of International Development across the world. Read more about her internship experience here.

Marielise Drapeau-Bisson Marie-Lise Drapeau-Bisson, U1, Sociology: Marie-Lise interned at Equitas, the International Centre for Human Rights Education, for the Play it Fair program in summer camps around Montréal. Marie-Lise has also been involved in the Jr. Peacemakers student club, also promoting human rights education, as well as in the francophone McGill newspaper, Le Délit. Her organizational and evaluator role at Equitas exposed her to different challenges of in-the-field activities that will prove very useful to her pursuit of sociological research. Read more about her internship experience here.

 Caroline Iliescu, U2, Political Science and Industrial Relations: Caroline interned at Equitas in Montreal, an organization mandated to advance democracy, human development and social justice through educational programs. With a strong interest for human rights, she has previously volunteered at organizations such as PorteParole. The internship with Equitas exposed Caroline to issues of equality and human dignity, and proved to be invaluable life and work experience, as she looks forward to pursuing a degree in law. Read more about her internship experience here.

 Joel Kaushansky, U3, History, Political Science & International Development Studies: Joel interned at Forum-Asia in Bangkok, Thailand, a membership-based regional human rights organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of human rights throughout Asia. On campus, Joel has been involved with the biannual McGill Model United Nations Conferences and the McGill Junior Peacemakers Program. He has also served as a student representative on the Arts Legacy University Advisory Committee. In the future, Joel hopes to pursue further studies in Human Rights and International Development. Read more about his internship experience here.

Anna Laurence Anna Laurence, M1, Political Science: Anna interned at The David Suzuki Foundation in Montreal, an organization devoted to educating the public about solutions to climate change. Anna has volunteered for the anti-genocide advocacy group STAND Canada as a parliamentary engagement coordinator and enjoys playing and coaching recreational fencing and soccer. Her experience at The David Suzuki Foundation necessitated extensive research into the effects of climate change policy which will no doubt be an asset as she continues to pursue her academic career.

Hon. Paul and Yvonne Casey Internship Award

 Curtis Smith, U2, Political Science and Economics: Curtis spent the summer interning for the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development, a think-tank doing research and advocacy for good governance in West Africa. Curtis has been an avid participant in two choirs on campus, and has volunteered for Students Taking Action Now for Darfur. He undertook his internship hoping to learn more about the practical challenges of development and to understand what the most constructive role will be for the West. Read more about his internship experience here.

Lev Bukhman Internship Award

 Rob Graham, M1, Economics (Development Studies Option): Rob interned with UNAIDS in Panama City, the joint United Nations program on the fight against HIV/AIDS. Rob has studied Economic Development at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels and has previous experience working with an NGO in Mexico. Rob is writing his Master's Research Report on the subject of at risk groups in HIV/AIDS. His experience at UNAIDS provided background knowledge, experience and context which will be invaluable in both research and in experience for future pursuits in his life. Read more about his internship experience here.

 Annette Slonim, U3, Environment and Latin American and Caribbean Studies: Annette interned at the Instituto Conmemorativo Gorgas de Estudios de la Salud (ICGES), a tropical public health research institute. Annette has been involved with organizations on and off campus, including Santropol Roulant and B. Refuge. Her internship at ICGES exposed her to current issues in tropical health, and the research methods and analytical tools to address them. This will prove invaluable to realizing her goal of a career in global public health. Read more about her internship experience here.

MacKinnon Initiative Award for Student Internships

 Jeffrey St. Aubin, U2, Joint Honours Psychology and International Development Studies: Jeff interned at the RTCCD's TuNa Clinic in Hanoi, Vietnam. As a mental health clinic for women and children, the organization provided Jeff with experience in the practical application of mental health care in a developing country, which will is also the topic of his development thesis. He has been an active member of Dr. R.O. Pihl's psychology lab where he helped design an experiment testing the effects of alcohol on anxious and reward sensitive individuals. A photographer for the McGill Tribune, Jeff also utilized this opportunity to develop his skills of representing important developmental issues through images. Read more about his internship experience here.

Zheng Wei Zheng Wei, U1, B.Com. Major in Economics, Minor in Japanese: Zheng worked on a micro-finance project that is jointly organized by the Kibo Foundation and FINCA Uganda, two NGOs specializing in economic development in Kampala, Uganda. Zheng spentd his time working at the local Microfinance Support Center, and participating in grass roots work, such as marketing for the Centre's clients. Zheng is very involved in organizations on campus, including being the founding VP finance for World Vision McGill and a veteran of Model UN. His experience in Uganda exposed him to Third World economic and social development, which will prove invaluable to his pursuit of a career in international relations. Read more about his internship experience here.

Max Stern Internship Award in Art History

Amanda Barile Amanda Barile, U2, Art History and History: Amanda interned, for the second time, at Martha’s Vineyard Museum in Edgartown, MA. The MVM is dedicated to preserving the local history, culture, and art of the island. Her experience at the MVM exposed her to various aspects of museum operation, specifically marketing and public relations. Over the past few years, Amanda has been very involved in McGill organizations, including AHCSSA and I*create. Read more about her internship experience here.

Shelly Burian Shelley Burian, U3, Honours Art History: Shelley interned at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in the Pre-Columbian Collection with the curator Victor Pimentel. She had done previous research on the collection and undertook the internship hoping to expand her work upon returning to McGill. She had worked previously on digitizing the Art History Department's image collection and had curated an exhibit in the Blackader-Lauterman Library. Read more about her internship experience here.

Caroline Marciniak Caroline Marciniak, U2, Art History: Caroline interned at the Centre for Dalinian Studies in Figueres, Spain, an organization that is committed to preserving Salvador Dalí’s art works, as well as collecting and distributing the academic literature that exists on surrealism and the avant-garde. As Caroline's main area of interest is modern art, she undertook the internship hoping that the Centre for Dalinian Studies would provide her with invaluable theoretical tools that she can use and develop in her graduate studies. Read more about her internship experience here.

McDonald/Pekeles Arts Internship Award

 Alysha Kassam, U3, International Development Studies, Psychology and Education: Alysha interned in Elangata Wuas, Kenya, at Africa SOMA, an organisation dedicated to the promotion of education. This relates to her interest in poverty alleviation, social and community development and education. Alysha has been involved with End Poverty Now, a Canadian organisation, as well as with CaPS as a writer. Her experience at Africa SOMA and working with children was invaluable as she hopes to pursue studies in education and development. Read more about her internship experience here.

Roland Arts Summer Internship Award

Denise Doucet Denise Doucet, MSW1, Social Work: Denise has completed a Bachelor in International Development Studies and Anthropology from McGill University as well as a Bachelor of Social Work from Université du Québec à Montréal. She interned in Freetown, Sierra Leone, with Defence for Children International, an organization which promotes and protects the rights of children and youth. Denise has been very involved in various organizations working on immigration and refugee issues, homelessness and women’s rights. Recipient of a Provost Graduate Fellowship, her research interests revolve around war-affected populations and sexual violence in armed conflict. She has also been employed as a crisis intervention worker at Concertation-Femme, a community center for immigrant women. Her experience with Defence for Children International will allow her to gain insight into the dynamics of post-conflict reconstruction and different social work interventions with war-affected youth. Read more about her internship experience here.

Tania Zouikin Arts Internship Award in International Development

Ariane Duplessis Ariane Duplessis, U1, Social Work: Ariane interned with Africa SOMA Inc, an organization providing educational opportunities for disadvantaged Kenyan youth. She worked on a cultural dialogue program designed for youth from different regions and various ethnic backgrounds. Ariane developed a strong interest for cross-cultural dialogue from her participation in Iciela, a Montreal grassroots organization, as well as through her experience as a volunteer in Sri Lanka and Guatemala. Read more about her internship experience here.

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