2009 Arts Internship Award Recipients

(Photos by Owen Egan)

Allan A. Hodgson Arts Internship Award

NicolasdeGuzman_Chorny Mateo Nicolas de Guzman Chorny, MA1, Political Science - Development Studies Option: Nicolas interned at the Institute for Cultural Affairs International (ICAI) in Montreal, an organization which engages in international development policy dialogues as well as coordinates and supports field programmes carried out by member organizations. Nicolas has worked in Latin America for the public and private sector during the past five years. His experience as an intern at ICAI acquainted him with the dynamics of the NGO sector in Canada, which will contributed to his career goals by providing him with relevant experience in his field of interest. Click here to read his internship report.

MarcTrussler Marc Trussler, U2, Political Science and History: Marc interned with the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) in Accra, Ghana. The Commission is dedicated to achieving a consolidated democracy in Ghana, with a strong conception of Human Rights among its citizens and government officials. Originally from Halifax, Marc is a dedicated student in the field of Political Science, with special interest in the field of developed areas. He hoped that the experience of working in Human Rights in Ghana would reflect on his own country's issues in continuously redefining that term. Marc looked to continue studying Political Science at the graduate level. Click here to read his internship report.

Anderson Family Arts Internship Award

Julia Couture-Glassco Julia Couture-Glassco, U2, International Development and African Studies: Julia interned at Africa SOMA, in Elangata Wuas, Kenya, an organization that supports small-scale educational initiatives in Maasai communities. Julia has always enjoyed working with children, whether in summer camps or through McGill organizations such as Junior Peacemakers. Her experience with Africa SOMA exposed her to a different cultural context surrounding children’s education, in addition to allowing her to take part in community-based projects and initiatives, which was very valuable for the pursuit of her studies in International Development, and possibly in Education. Click here to read her internship report.

Christine Poterfield Christine Porterfield, U2, Joint Honours Anthropology and Religious Studies: Christine interned with the Quebec-Labrador Foundation in La Tabatiere, QC, an organization focused on preserving the cultural and environmental heritage of the Lower North Shore. Christine has fostered an interest in Canadian culture and heritage through her involvement as an editor and contributor to KANATA: the McGill Undergraduate Journal on Indigenous People of North America. Her experience in La Tabatiere helped her to better understand the challenges and benefits of living in a remote region of Canada. Click here to read her internship report.

The Anne and Lawrence Ullman Internship Award

Stephanie Germain Stephanie Germain, U3, Honours History, Minor International Development Studies: Stephanie interned with the Quebec Labrador Foundation (QLF), an organization committed to the development of natural resources and cultural heritage in Eastern Canada and New England. She worked in a community museum in the town of Cow Head, situated in Gros Morne National Park on Newfoundland’s Western Peninsula. There she applied her skills as a history student to the maintenance of the museum and also discovered how heritage development contributes to life in a remote community.

Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund (AUIF) Internship Awards

Adam Levine Adam Harris Levine, U2, Art History and Hispanic Studies: Adam interned at the Dumbo Arts Center in Brooklyn, New York, a non-profit organization that produces an annual public art festival called 'Art Under the Bridge.’ Adam is a Residences Floor Fellow and has been very involved in organisations around campus, such as the University Residences Council and the Caribbean-Latin American Studies and Hispanic Studies Association (CLASHSA). He is also an editor of VOCES, the annual journal of CLASHSA. He interned last summer at the Cloisters Museum and Gardens of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. His experience at Dumbo introduced him to a new type of career in the art world. Click here to read his internship report.

Alexandra Meikleham, U2, English-Drama and Theatre, Economics: Alexandra interned at Empire Film Group in Los Angeles, CA., an independent film finance, production, and distribution company that specializes in development, production, distribution, finance and marketing of feature films and television programming. Alexandra has been very involved in student life at McGill through her work as a Floor Fellow at New Residence Hall and her participation in student performance. She has both acted in and directed a TNC production and is an active member of The McGill Highland Dance Club. Last year, she represented Quebec at the Canadian Championship of Highland Dance in Victoria, BC. Her experience at EFG gave her valuable tools that will give her a competitive edge when she enters the entertainment and production industry. Click here to read her internship report.

Daniel St. Germaine Daniel St. Germaine, U2, Political Science and English Drama and Theatre Studies: Daniel interned at the Toronto Arts Council Foundation, an organization that promotes arts and community in Toronto. Daniel has contributed his time to several organizations on-campus such as the International Student Buddy Program, the Political Science Student's Association, the McGill Journal of Political Studies as well as being in the cast of the English Department's Spring production of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Interning at the Toronto Arts Council Foundation gave Daniel the opportunity to learn more about the intersection of his two great interests – art and politics. Click here to read his internship report.

Elizabeth Fisher Elizabeth Fisher, U2, International Development and Political Science: Elizabeth interned with Cambodian Vision in Development in Battambang Province, Cambodia. Cambodian Vision is a humanitarian non-governmental organization that works with disadvantaged communities to improve their living standards and to restore confidence, traditional family structures, economic stability and independence. Elizabeth’s experience with Cambodian Vision provided her with invaluable experience and allowed her to help Cambodian families in real and tangible ways. Click here to read her internship report.

Hannah Harris Sutro Hannah Harris-Sutro, U3, Women’s Studies: Hannah interned at Seva Mandir in Udaipur, Rajasthan, an NGO that works with rural and tribal populations. She coordinated an assessment of the Women’s Resource Centers, then designed a training program for those who work at the Centers. This opportunity allowed her to expand upon previous experience coordinating training programs, and to learn more about the ways NGOs can negotiate the tension between fulfilling specific, local needs and accessing state programs and funding.

Jane Hu Jane Shanjie Hu, U1, Major English Literature, Double Minor Cultural Studies and German Language: Jane interned this summer at Shoreline Press in Montreal, a small independent press dedicated to publishing memoirs, biographies, and poetry. She co-edited a memoir detailing one man’s spiritual voyage through Santiago, Chile. While learning the German language, Jane has grown increasingly fascinated with the shifting nuances in meaning between translated texts. While editing at Shoreline, she was excited to further pursue how sentence structure affects content. This contributed towards her thesis essay, where Jane investigated linguistic and narrative aspects of William Faulkner’s novels. Click here to read her internship report.

Jessica Warren Jessica Warren, U3, Honours Art History and Minor World Religions: Jessica interned at Nightlife magazine in Montreal, Quebec, a publication which focuses on French and English music culture and art based events in the city. Jessica has been on the P[h]assion for Fashion Aids Community Care Montreal organization for two years and has been a co-coordinator of the organization since Fall 2009. Jessica’s experience interning at Nightlife exposed her to the greater art and music based community in Montreal and helped her to gain valuable experience writing and working in both French and English.

Burgess Family Internship Award

Erin KirwinErin Kirwin, U2, Double Major Economics and International Development Studies: Erin interned with Hatua Kenya , a pre-banking organization in Kisumu, Kenya. She assisted in group meetings, helped with financial planning and worked as a liaison with the larger K-Rep bank. Erin volunteers as a soccer coach and elementary classroom assistant. She is involved on campus in intramural sports and the McGill Snowboard Club. Working with Hauta Kenya utilized both economics and IDS theory and provided an excellent opportunity for practical application of class work. Click here to read her internship report.

Jacob Fox Jacob Fox, U2, Economics and History: Jacob interned with the socio-economic evaluation unit for Green Power, an NGO that works to advance community-based rural electrification in the Mt. Kenya region. On campus, Jacob is an executive and founding member of Save a Child’s Heart McGill and volunteers with McGill Students for Literacy. He is also a member of the Dean’s Honour List and a Sustainable McGill Project Curriculum Challenge Award Recipient. He hopes to pursue graduate study in either economic history or environmental and energy policy. Click here to read his internship report.

Shannon_Lockhart Shannon Lockhart, U3, World Religions: Shannon interned at The William J. Clinton Foundation in New York City, a charitable foundation that addresses global issues of health security, economic empowerment, leadership and citizenship. Shannon worked with the Clinton Global Initiative which brings together a community of global leaders, university students, and private citizens to identify and implement innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges, including poverty alleviation, climate change, global health, and education. With the aim of pursuing a medical degree, this opportunity provided Shannon with invaluable experience in the distribution of health aid and more. Click here to read her internship report.

Rushil MistryRushil Mistry, U2, Economics: Rushil interned at the Millennium Institute, a non-profit, non-governmental organization that develops economic models to promote sustainable development. The projects Rushil was involved in include developing a city-wide model of water usage for the Maui Economic Development Board in Hawaii; analyzing the effects of climate policy on energy intensive industries in the United States for the National Commission on Energy Policy; and developing a country-wide model for energy independence for the government of Mauritius. This experience enriched Rushil’s study of Economics by adding real-world experience and helped him define his career path. Click here to read his internship report.

David Tarr & Gisele Chèvrefils Arts Internship Award

Miriam_Labrie.Loiselle Myriam Labrie-Loiselle, U2, Major International Development Studies, Minor International Relations and Management: Myriam interned at Africa Now in Kenya, an organization working for sustainable wealth creation and the improvement of community well-being through the provision of small loans. She is particularly fascinated by the micro-financing development tools used by this NGO and aspires to gain a realistic point of view of these development processes. The internship provided her with invaluable experience to pursue a career in international development. Click here to read her internship report.

Emily Barca Emily Barca, U2, Sociology: Emily interned at the Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment (WISE) in Accra, Ghana. WISE is dedicated to providing counseling and support services to women and children who have been victims of violence and assault. At McGill, Emily has been active with Journalists for Human Rights, the McGill Tribune, and the Student Assault Center of McGill Student’s Society. She hoped that this internship would further her understanding of the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault, and she would use the opportunity to conduct preliminary qualitative research for a research project she would undertake at McGill. Click here to read her internship report.

Dean of Arts Development Fund Internship Awards

Erin Kizell Erin Kizell, U2, Political Science: Erin interned at NGO Monitor, an organization in Jerusalem, Israel. NGO Monitor generates and distributes reports on the output of the international NGO community. Erin has been very involved with campus groups, including Ghetto Shul and STAND (Students Taking Action Now Darfur). She was excited to be involved in the research and writing process at NGO Monitor, for which she received academic credit upon her return. Click here to read her internship report.

Averie_Baird Averie Baird, U3, Anthropology and Economics: Averie interned at the Indigenous Information Network (IIN) in Nairobi, Kenya, an NGO responding to the challenges faced by indigenous peoples in Africa. At the IIN, Averie addressed the way in which larger institutions provide viable resources for improving the livelihoods of indigenous people. After participating in McGill’s field studies program in East Africa, this internship allowed Averie to apply her knowledge to the mitigation processes involved in Africa’s development struggle, a prospect that she hopes to return to in the future. Click here to read her internship report.

Byeong Chang Byeong Chang, U2, Political Science: Byeong interned at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, an organization aimed at facilitating business interests between companies in Canada, Hong Kong and China. Previously, Byeong has worked as a public servant at the Montreal Trudeau airport as a Customs Officer with the Canadian Border Services Agency. On campus he is active with leadership development at the First Year Office. The internship helped guide his future goals of working in foreign affairs and international trade or business development. Click here to read his internship report.

Laura Di Maio Laura Di Maio, U3, Double Major Art History and English Cultural Studies, Minor Communications Studies: Laura interned at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal, one of the first and leading art institutions in Canada. She assisted the designers and curators in the Department of Exhibitions Production with the preparations for the exhibition Expanding Horizons. Laura was an active member of the Fridge Door Gallery at McGill, and editor of the Art History Student Association’s academic journal, Canvas. Her experience at the museum offered the opportunity to familiarize herself with the coordination of an exhibition in an art institution. Click here to read her internship report.

Mary_MacLennan Mary MacLennan, U3, Economics and Biomedical Sciences: Mary interned with Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) at Kapital Radio in Kumasi, Ghana working on health programming. She is Director of the McGill chapter of JHR as well as Universities Allied for Essential Medicines. Mary is also a Fellow at the McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy. In addition to Ghana this summer, she conducted field research in Chicago and Buenos Aires. Her internship in Ghana was an invaluable experience to her pursuit of a career in global health policy. Click here to read her internship report.

NickolasBogdanovich Nickolas Bogdanovich, U2, Honours Latin American Studies and Economics: Nickolas interned at the Canadian Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica. At McGill, Nickolas has been involved with Radio CKUT, serving as a Board of Director. Working with the Embassy gave him valuable insight into foreign trade and diplomacy in Latin America as he was exposed to the effects of politics, economics and culture. Click here to read his internship report.

Nicolas_Epstein Nicolas Epstein, U2, Art History: Nico interned at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, the most well known museum for American contemporary art in Italy. Nico has been very involved in organizations around campus such as the McGill Art History Student's Association. He also works with artists in Montreal and Toronto and is interested in Sound Art. His experience at the Guggenheim exposed him to the inner workings of a museum and helped him foster life long connections with some of the most powerful individuals in Europe's art world. Click here to read his internship report.

Olivia Perdana Olivia Perdana, U2, Economics and International Development: Olivia interned at the National University of Singapore in Singapore to assist with the coordination of a seminar on Southeast Asian studies, held for students from various universities around the world. Olivia has been involved on campus in the past, most recently coordinating and directing a show for charity, Synesthasia. She is also on the Dean’s Honour Roll. Her internship allowed her to experience working in an Asian context, as she aspires for a career in the field of development economics in Asia. Click here to read her internship report.

Owen Payne Owen Payne, U2, Major Economics, Double Minor Law, Politics and Society and International Development: Owen interned at the U.S. Commercial Service (a subsidiary of the U.S. Department of Commerce). Located in Montreal, Canada, it is an organization dedicated to helping U.S. businesses meet and exceed their exporting needs in Canadian Markets. Through their unique global network, and their vast knowledge of markets and industries, the U.S. commercial service has been helping encourage trade between Canada and the U.S since 1980. This internship allowed Owen to gain experience working at the international level as it complimented his goals and made lasting contributions to both his personal and professional development. Click here to read his internship report.

Kristin_Filliatrault Kristin Filiatrault, U3, Economics and International Development Studies: Kristin interned in Chennai, India with the Association for India's Development, a volunteer movement committed to promoting sustainable, equitable and just development. Kristin has been very involved in organizations focusing on development issues and capacity-building, such as her local YMCA's International Committee. Her experience with AID allowed her to gain insight into the various components of economic and social development, which proved invaluable to her pursuit of a Master's Degree in International and Development Economics. Click here to read her internship report.

Merouan_Mekouar Merouan Mekouar, PhD 2, Political Science: has completed his Masters of Arts in Political Science from McGill University and is currently in his third year of the PhD program in Political Science. He also holds a Bachelor of Political Science from the University of Montreal and a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and International Management from the University of Ottawa. As a Research Assistant in the Department of Communication at the University of Ottawa he has contributed towards a study on IT and global ethics in Africa. Merouan has worked in Casablanca, Morocco, as a Junior Trader for Geneva World Trade Unit, Cargill, managing a portfolio of international client contracts. While in Morocco, Merouan spearheaded an emergency humanitarian campaign for the victims of the Al‐Hoceima earthquake of 2004, less than 36 hours after the disaster. In 2008, Merouan was granted a fellowship in International Microfinance with the Aga Khan Foundation Canada and worked as a Communications Director with the Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance in Cairo - Egypt. Merouan has also taken on the role of Director of an international radio music program, Arabustein. Click here to read his internship report.

Laura_Benshoff Laura Benshoff, U2, Cultural Studies and History: This summer, Laura interned in Montreal at Lobster Press, Ltd., an award-winning publisher of quality books for children, tweens, and teens. As a marketing and editorial intern, she did everything from editing storyboards to coordinating promotion events with authors and illustrators. Laura's experiences at Lobster Press familiarized her with every aspect of the business and provided her with a greater breadth of options for the future. Click here to read her internship report.

Cynthia Messina Cynthia Messina, U2, IDS and Philosophy: Cynthia interned for the International Human Rights Training Program organized by Equitas in Montreal. This program deals with education in the field of human rights and includes up to 130 participants from all over the world, invited to Montreal in order to study and learn for period of almost one month. From this internship, Cynthia planned to acquire the necessary skills and organizational capacities to work in the field of human rights propagation with the hopes of one day applying such education programs to developmental efforts internationally. Click here to read her internship report.

TatianaNesviginsky Tatiana Nesviginsky, U2, International Development Studies and International Relations: Tatiana interned at the British Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The purpose of the Embassy is to promote British interests in Argentina, and to deliver high quality public services to Argentine and British citizens. Tatiana has been involved in the First Year Buddy Program at McGill and has participated in the United Nations Symposium in the Environmental Sustainability Committee. Her experience exposed her to the diplomatic aspects of embassies, which proved invaluable to her pursuit of a career in international relations. Click here to read her internship report.

hannah Hannah Oatley, U2, International Development Studies and Cognitive Science: Hannah interned at Nomadic Community Trust/ Community Health Africa Trust in Mpala, Kenya. The organization operates mobile clinics to provide health services to remote, or nomadic, un-served communities. Hannah has been part of Simply Sweetly and a VP of Feel Good Day club in her time at McGill. Her time at NCT/CHAT proved to be a valuable experience in observing alternative ways to provide healthcare to those in need as well as learning the dynamics in managing a health organization. Click here to read her internship report.

The Eva and Myron Echenberg Arts Internship Award

Vladi Ivanov Vladi Ivanov, U2, Honours International Development Studies, Double Minor International Relations and Middle East Languages: Vladi interned at the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee (IPACC), headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, an organization that comprises a network of indigenous peoples’ groups working to advocate for their rights and representation. She also assisted the IPACC Secretariat at the United Nations in New York. Vladi has been an active member of the McGill student community, serving as president of the International Development Studies Students’ Association. Her experience at IPACC exposed her to the work of NGOs and other international organizations and how they act to promote meaningful development for marginalized groups. She plans to pursue postgraduate studies in law and international development. Click here to read her internship report.

Robert_Pastore Robert Pastore, U2, Political Science, Langue et Littératures Françaises and East Asian Studies: Robert interned at the Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) in Accra, Ghana, a non-partisan research-based policy think-tank which promotes democracy and good governance in Africa. At McGill, Robert has been involved in the Political Science Students’ Association and is a member of the Golden Key Honours Society. Interning at CDD-Ghana gave him valuable experience in policy research in the developing world, and provided him guidance in future education and career decisions. Click here to read his internship report.

Hon. Paul Charles Casey Internship Award

Forrest Barnum Forrest Barnum U2, History and Political Science: Forrest interned at FairVote in Washington DC., an organization dedicated to the research, promotion, and implementation of electoral reform at the local, state, and national level in the United States. Forrest participates in the McGill community in many ways, from volunteering with McGill Walksafe and the First Year Office, to working in the Arts Student Assistant Programme under the aegis of the Faculty of Arts. His experience at FairVote entailed intensive academic research and interest-group outreach, which will help him achieve a future career in public service or advocacy. Click here to read his internship report.

Jordan Altman Jordan Altman, U2, Joint Honours Political Science and History: Jordan interned at the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice of Ghana (CHRAJ) from June through August. Having returned from an exchange at the University of Melbourne, Jordan spent Winter 2009 competing with the McGill Ski Team, and volunteering with the Eastern Townships Disabled Skiers Foundation. Pursuing an interest in the democratization of the developing world, the experience at CHRAJ provided Jordan with invaluable first hand exposure to the politics of democratization in Africa. Click here to read his internship report.
Ilya_Shodjaee_Zrudlo Ilya Shodjaee-Zrudlo, U2, International Development Studies, Philosophy and World Religions: Ilya interned at the Social Justice Committee (SJC) in Montreal, an organization that takes a rights-based approach to international solidarity and focuses on public education and engagement work. Ilya is very involved in the work of the Bahá’í community in Montreal, especially with neighborhood children’s classes for moral education, which he currently coordinates. His experience at SJC provided a pivot between his undergraduate degree in development and his graduate work in education.

Lev Bukhman Internship Award

Stephanie Picard Stephanie Picard, Major Political Science: Stéphanie interned as a Coordination Assistant for the International Human Rights Training Program organized by EQUITAS. In the past year, she has volunteered for a community based project for disadvantaged youth in Peru and for Save Darfur Canada. Working in Montreal for an organization that is committed to the promotion and protection of human rights through education, Stéphanie hoped to gain a better understanding of the tools necessary to advance human rights related causes in community awareness and advocacy. Stephanie was also enthusiastic about meeting human rights activists from around the world that have unique and enriching perspectives and share a commitment to this universal cause. Click here to read her internship report.

MerylFrancesDraper Meryl France Draper, U1, International Development Studies and Women's Studies: Meryl interned at Indigenous Information Network, an organization in Nairobi, Kenya, that advocates for Indigenous Peoples' involvement in development work. Meryl has led an international lifestyle, having lived in both Europe and North America, however this was her first trip to the African continent. Her work with IIN was a key stepping-stone for her future dreams of a career in human rights. Click here to read her internship report.

MacKinnon Initiative Awards for Student Internships

Sarah Marchionda, U2, BCom, Desaultels Faculty of Management, International Business, Global Strategy and Environment: Sarah interned at Grameen Bank, a microfinance institution in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The organization alleviates poverty by issuing microcredit loans to assist small business initiatives in Bangladesh. Sarah is a founding member of the McGill Wind Turbine Project which promotes alternative energy on campus. She is also a volunteer at Pop Montreal and is employed at TD Canada Trust. Her experience at Grameen Bank held tremendous value for her pursuit of a career in international business. Click here to read her internship report.

Karine Fonda Karine Fonda, U2, International Development Studies (Honours): Karine interned in Panama City with UNAIDS, whose mandate it is to increase social awareness and halt the spread of HIV/AIDS. Among other things, Karine has always shown a keen interest in languages, which she has perfected through academic study and travel in both Europe and South America. She is a recipient of the Governor General’s Award, a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and has a history of community involvement. Her internship with UNAIDS was of great value as she embarks on her graduate studies. Click here to read her internship report.

Max Stern Internship in Art History Award

Victoria_Addona Victoria Addona, U2, Honours Art History, Minor English Literature: Victoria interned at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy, a museum of modern European and American art of the first half of the 20th century devoted to presenting the life and personal collection of Peggy Guggenheim herself. At McGill, Victoria is a member of the Art History Student Association (AHSA), an editor of Canvas, the Art History Undergraduate Journal, and has been involved with McGill’s Fridge Door Gallery. Her internship enabled her to gain practical insight into the functioning of museums and collections management, invaluable opportunities that will undoubtedly inform her future education plans in the field. Click here to read her internship report.

Amanda_Fulginiti Amanda Fulginiti, U2, Art History and Communications: Amanda interned at the Peggy Guggenheim in Venice, a museum whose mission is to promote both an understanding and interest in modern and contemporary art. Amanda has been very involved with organizations around campus, such as the Fridge Door Gallery and The Art History Student Association. She also participated in Art Souterrain, a multilocational art exhibit in Montreal. Her experience at the Peggy Guggenheim gained her practical experience in her field of study and proved invaluable in her pursuit of an Art History degree. Click here to read her internship report.

Julie Bellmare-Gilbert Julie Bellemare, U3, Art History, Chinese Language and Literature and World Religions: Julie pursued her internship at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ exhibition production department, which coordinates the conception and montage of the museum’s upcoming exhibits. Julie has been working a part-time job at the museum’s ticket counter for the past two years and has been involved in the coordination of events at the East Asian Studies department. This opportunity complemented her studies by giving her concrete practical experience in how to conceive and create a quality museum exhibition. Click here to read her internship report.

Roland Arts Summer Internship Award

Ines Lam Ines Lam, M1, Economics: Ines interned at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Vientiane, Laos, an international organization that works to advance understanding of migration issues and encourage social and economic development through migration. She has been active in working with NGOs that engage in sustainable development in Southeast Asia. Ines plans to pursue a career in economic development policy making. Click here to read her internship report.

Kurtis_LockhartKurtis Lockhart, U2, International Development Studies Honours and Economics Major: Kurtis interned at the William J. Clinton Foundation, whose mission is to 'strengthen the capacity of people throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence.' Kurtis has been involved in the YMCA’s Covered Garden where he took care of children whose parents were seeking refugee status in Canada. He has also continued his involvement in his hometown of Abbotsford, BC where he solicited donations of used hockey equipment to give to children who otherwise could not afford to play Canada’s greatest game. His internship at the Clinton Foundation allowed him to put the theory he has learned as an International Development/Economics student into practice. Click here to read his internship report.

Nella Darbouze-BonyemeNella Darbouze-Bonyeme, U2, Major Psychology, Double Minor Behavioural science and History: Nella interned in Panama City with the Instituto Conmemorativo Gorgas de Estudios de la Salud (ICGES), an institute dedicated to tropical health research. She conducted a study on the hazardous lifestyle and work conditions of the indigenous Kuna community. Nella is particularly interested in ethnic groups and cultural differences. She has worked with socially disadvantaged immigrant children and traveled to Latin America for a Hispanic immersion course. This internship provided the research experience which will further guide her in a career path towards global and cross-cultural psychology. Click here to read her internship report.

Raoul NanavantiRaoul Nanavati, U2, Political Science and Economics: Raoul interned at Accés Asie in Montreal QC, an Asian cultural festival that promotes cultural integration and celebration all around Canada. Raoul is passionate about the fine arts and hopes to combine this passion with the practicality of marketing and sales. His experience at Accés Asie exposed him to the multi-cultural aspects of Montreal and Canada while providing valuable experience in the workplace. Click here to read his internship report.

Nadia_Hasham Nadia Hasham, U2, Honours International Development: Nadia interned at the Diamond Trust Bank, an organization that has over 60 years of experience in financing development projects in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Nadia has been a participant and volunteer at many notable conferences on International Development and has been very active at McGill with End Poverty Now and McGill’s Model United Nations. She hoped that this internship would add depth to her studies of development and would give her experience in a field about which she is very passionate. Click here to read her internship report.

Tania Zouikin Arts Internship Awards in International Development

Danai Reynolds Danai Reynolds, U2, Major Political Science, Double Minor Environmental Studies and East Asian Cultural Studies: Danai went to Kianyaga, Kenya this summer as an intern for the environmental NGO GreenPower. Having previous experience with environmental initiatives through her dedication to the Green Party of Canada, and a passion for development and travel, she looked forward to working in Kenya during the summer. Danai initiated her own research while she was there, and wrote a report on the correlation between electricity and development in rural Kenya. Click here to read her internship report.

Farzana_Mussa Farzana Mussa, U2, Economics and Management: Farzana interned this summer at Diamond Trust Bank in Nairobi Kenya. Farzana is currently involved in many extra-curricular activities around campus such as President of the Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board, President of the McGill Ismaili Students Association, Floor Fellow at New Residence Hall and Executive member of the upcoming Business Sustainability Conference. Farzana was very excited about her internship as she felt it would give her a strong setting in which to apply her educational background. Click here to read her internship report.

Hannha_Whelan Hannah Whelan, U2, Psychology, Double Minor Anthropology and Sexual Diversity Studies: Hannah interned at Chikumbuso, an organization based in Lusaka, Zambia. Chikumbuso is dedicated to providing support and assistance to women and children whose lives have been devastated by HIV/AIDS. Through a wide range of projects and initiatives, including a community school for orphans and a microenterprise development project, Chikumbuso provides an invaluable service to the marginalized women and children of the N’gombe township of Lusaka. Hannah has been involved in the McGill community through organizations such as the Sexual Assault Center of McGill Students’ Society and ThinkPink. Her experience at Chikumbuso exposed her to the issues and challenges faced by the members of the Chikumbuso community, particularly the issue of early childhood education, a topic of great interest to her. Click here to read her internship report.

Kelly Garton Kelly Garton, U2, Geography: Kelly interned at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute’s Punta Galeta branch in Panama. This organization is dedicated to the research and conservation of essential coastal habitats. Kelly has interned at the United Nations and is interested in pursuing a career in environmental policy. Her internship with STRI’s environmental education program gave her hands-on experience in increasing environmental awareness, and will be an asset in future graduate study.

Denise van Der Kamp Denise van der Kamp, MA1, Political Science: Denise interned at FutureGenerations/CHINA a Beijing-based international NGO that promotes public health and environmental protection through community training. Prior to beginning her MA at McGill, Denise worked with NGOs in China for two years, and has assisted in the implementation of projects in the Northwestern and Northeastern regions of China. Her internship allowed her to gain further experience in the field, and undertake a research project on public health NGOs in China. Click here to read her internship report.

Cristina Sanchez Cristina Sanchez, U3, Honours Sociology, Minor Science for Arts Students: Cristina interned this summer with the Kibale Health and Conservation Center, located within Kibale National Park, Uganda. The center provides basic health care services and health-related education to the local communities and works to advance conservation efforts in Kibale National Park by strengthening relationships between the Ugandan Wildlife Authorities, the park, and residents of the surrounding communities. Cristina is heavily involved with several outreach initiatives on campus that are organized by McGill Student Services to encourage student health, well being, and success. Her internship presented a unique experience in community health, health-education, and conservation and was an invaluable resource to her future studies in public health. Click here to read her internship report.

Sephra Smith Sephra Marie Smith, U2, Major Anthropology, Minor International Development Studies: This summer, Sephra interned at Chikumbuso Women and Orphans Project in the Ng’ombe township of Lusaka, Zambia. Chikumbuso is an organization that endeavors to create hope and social as well as economic opportunities for widows, orphans and grandmothers in Lusaka, whose lives have been impacted by HIV/AIDS. Chikumbuso’s projects include training programs for single mothers, a community school for orphans, various outreach programs for women in the community, and microenterprise development projects. With her extensive volunteer experience in Vancouver and Montreal, her academic distinction, and varied personal skill-set, Sephra hopes to make a contribution to the Chikumbuso community that works to support women and children in Lusaka. Sephra will use the invaluable knowledge and experience she acquired during this internship towards her pursuit of a law degree with an interest in Human Rights and international law. Click here to read her internship report.

Lulu Tian Lulu Tian, U2, Biomedical Science and Political science: Lulu interned at the Kibale Health and Conservation Clinic in Kibale, Uganda. The clinic provides basic medical care to the nearby communities, and as an intern, she worked with local NGOs and other professionals to implement education and outreach programs to the communities. Lulu has been involved with a number of on-campus student organizations such as Borderless World Volunteers and Scrivener. In her spare time, she also enjoys painting and sketching. Through this internship, Lulu gained exposure to further her understanding of the field of public health, which was a valuable experience to her in her pursuit of a career in international health. Click here to read her internship report.

Maria_Perez Maria Fernanda Perez, U2, Major in Economics and Minor in Political Economy: Maria interned at the United Nations World Food Programme in Panama City, which works for the eradication of hunger worldwide and carries out capacity building projects in the subject of nutrition. Maria comes from Colombia were she got her first degree in Political Science. She is concerned about developmental issues in Latin America. Her experience at the UN World Food Programme will help her to begin a career in international institutions. Click here to read her internship report.

Rachael Graber Rachael Graber, U2, Geography and Women’s Studies: Rachael internedng at Centro Diocisana de la Justicia y la Paz (CODIJUP) in Oaxaca City, Mexico. CODIJUP provides legal service for those who can’t afford it, acting as a public defense in Oaxaca. Rachael is an active member of the Montreal and McGill communities, serving on the Women’s Studies Student Association collective and volunteering for community organizations such as Santropol Roulant. Her work at CODIJUP helped her to understand issues facing Oaxaquenos and how local organizations are working to overcome them. Click here to read her internship report.

Antonia_Maeck Antonia Maeck, U2, International Development Studies and Women`s Studies: Antonia interned at the Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment (W.I.S.E.) in Accra, Ghana. WISE provides holistic support services to women and children survivors of sexual assault, and conducts public advocacy and education programs on issues of sexual and other forms of domestic violence. At McGill Antonia volunteers with various international development and sexual assault support organizations. In Boston, she has contributed to a major research project studying gender inequality during wartime. While interning with WISE, Antonia learned new strategies for working towards social justice in diverse communities and also gained an understanding of gender issues and counseling work from a Ghanaian perspective. Click here to read her internship report.

Megan_Mitton Megan Mitton U3, International Development Studies, Political Science and Women’s Studies: Megan completed an internship with Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, an organization that advocates for freedom of the press and freedom of expression rights throughout the world. Megan has been very involved in the McGill community through her participation with various groups, such as Women Without Borders and Borderless World Volunteers. She is also the current VP Finance for the McGill chapter of Journalists for Human Rights, in addition to contributing to their radio production team. Megan’s internship offered her experience working with a non-governmental organization and exposed her to the power of the media to create change in politics and development. Click here to read her internship report.

Alana Boileau Alana Boileau, U2, Major Anthropology, Minor Art History: Alana interned with Africa SOMA, a not for profit organization based out of a rural Maasai community in Kenya which supports small scale education initiatives. During her internship, Alana worked on servicing youth through the community library and inner-city exchange programs as well as by volunteer teaching. Her personal research project evaluated Africa SOMA’s impact upon the community with which it collaborates. This experience provided Alana with invaluable knowledge on adapting to individuals and their culture, and served as a useful introduction to fieldwork, data collection and interpretation, all necessary skills for a future in anthropology. Click here to read her internship report.

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