Administration Guidelines

Administration Guidelines

The TIPS requires Universities to wait for the official National Announcement before publicizing new chairholder appointments. Similarly, chairholders must wait until the announcement before using their CRC title. Please review the Communication Guidelines for Chairholders for full details.

Once the Notice of Award is finalized and the CRC main fund is established (for new CRCs), the Minerva Appointment Form is issued to record the CRC position in Banner. The professorial labour distribution on the professorial position code is also modified accordingly. See Award, Stipend and Other Payment Codes for more information.

Chairholders are responsible for using award funds in accordance with the Chairs Administration Guide, and for providing true, complete and accurate information on documentation for expenditures from award accounts.

Questions related to payment schedules and expense eligibility can be sent to Marisa Sgro, Senior Accounts Administrator, Financial Services (marisa.sgro [at]


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