Applied Information Systems

Much of this research is carried out by the Dairy Information Systems Group which involves on-farm management through the use of information systems and artificial intelligence techniques.  Apart from the novel approach to the analysis of mega-data files, this area also represents the capacity for our department to apply techniques and methodologies across disciplines.  The majority of the research uses data from Valacta - the Québec dairy milk recording agency - for the development of on-farm software.


Kevin M. Wade, Associate Professor; BAgrSc, MAgrSc (Dublin), PhD (Cornell). Information systems in dairy cattle breeding and farm management; On-farm decision-support systems; Artificial intelligence; Data mining techniques; Rule induction for expert-system development.

Elsa Vasseur , Assistant Professor, NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Sustainable Life of Dairy Cattle; BSc, MSc (ISA Lille), MSc (AgroParisTech), PhD (Laval). Cow comfort and Management; Cow longevity, Environment and Society.

Jeff Xia, Assistant Professor, Canada Research Chair in Bioinformatics and Big Data Analytics; BMed (Peking), PhD (Alberta). Understanding important biological, environmental and nutritional factors on health and disease; developing computational solutions for high-throughput experiments; Host-Environment Interactions; Toxicogenomics and Systems Metabolomics; and Bioinformatics for Big Data Analytics.