Note: McGill University does not teach Veterinary Medicine, and cannot provide any additional information on eligibility or application requirements for any given Veterinary School. Candidates must contact these schools directly with any questions they may have. McGill University does not guarantee admission into any Veterinary Medicine program.  

International Veterinary Programs

About continuing your studies in Veterinary Medicine

International Veterinary Programs

McGill University has entered formal agreements with the following Schools of Veterinary Medicine, and has established pathways for students in the Life Sciences (Biological and Agricultural) Major, and the Animal Health and Disease Specialization.

Eligibility: The below pathways assume candidates have taken all of their Freshman-level (U0 or Cegep) science program pre-requisite courses, and follow the recommended course progression for the Life Science (Biological and Agricultural) Major and Animal Health & Disease Specialization in U1 and U2.

Any questions on the McGill portion of these pathways, should be directed to bsc-advisor.agenvsc [at] Questions related to eligibility and applying to Vet School, must be directed to the Vet School in question. 


The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh University of Edinburgh Veterinary School logo

(Edinburgh, UK)


Students obtain a B.Sc. (Ag.Env.Sc.) degree from McGill, and a BVM&S degree from the University of Edinburgh (UE) in a total of 6 years after the Freshman year (2 years at McGill, and 4 years at UE). See UE's webpage pertaining to this agreement for contact information as well as information on tuition, scholarships, program content, and applying to UE. 

Benefit to students

Normally, students who arrive at UE from another university take 5 years to complete the BVM&S degree.  


 Questions related to professional credentialing and the practice of veterinary medicine should be addressed to vetug [at]

  1. You may complete part of UE's Animal Husbandry Extra-Mural Studies (EMS) Requirement (i.e., internship), before starting your program with them. To be used as a program requirement in your BVM&S degree, practical experience must have been gained after January 1st of the year preceding your admission to UE. See information about EMS on UE's webpage.

  2. By November 15 in your U2 fall term, you will apply directly to UE's School of Veterinary Studies, free of charge.
  3. If you are accepted, you will move to Edinburgh after completing your U2 year at McGill. You will complete 4 years of study at UE.
    • During these 4 years you will pay tuition to UE.
  4. Upon completing your BVM&S degree, you will have an official transcript sent to McGill.
  5. You can then apply for graduation from McGill, to obtain your B.Sc.(Ag.Env.Sc.) degree. Note that this application must be completed within 5 years of your last attendance at McGill.

More partnerships to come!

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