Developing a healthier, more profitable food industry in Quebec

As the cost of living continues to rise, our need for affordable, local, and nutritious foods has never been greater. Quebec’s food producers want to meet that demand — but how can they innovate and stay competitive in a challenging economy?

Finding answers is the mission of the Consortium for Research, Innovation and the Transformation of Agri-food (Consortium RITA) at McGill University.

Published: 16 May 2024

Animal Science postdoc wins Concours de vulgarisation de la recherche de l’Acfas

Since 1993, l'Association francophone pour le savoir (Acfas) has been inviting up-and-coming scientists to popularize their research through an annual competition.

Open to master's, doctoral and post-doctoral students from all Canadian universities, the competition encourages the production of texts, audio and video files, and comic strips that shed light on subjects from all disciplines.

Published: 15 May 2024

Video: AI in milk production

Dairy producers know that the slightest change in the behavior of cows can give an indication of their state of health. But since they can't be everywhere at once, artificial intelligence could help improve and extend the lives of their livestock. In McGill University's Macdonald Campus farm, researchers are developing tools to detect problems before they occur.

Published: 14 May 2024

What's with all the wild turkeys in Montreal?

Wild turkey sightings are on the rise in Montreal.

David Bird, emeritus professor of wildlife biology in McGill's Department of Natural Resource Sciences, told the Montreal Gazette that warmer temperatures have influenced the habits of more than just wild turkey populations.

Published: 9 May 2024

New ECP3 greenhouse unveiled

From left to right: Roseann O’Reilly Runte (Director of CFI, Government of Canada), Hugo Dionne (Québec government representative), Marie-Claude Bibeau (Minister of National Revenue and MP for Compton—Stanstead), Peter Moffett (Director of CORSÈVE), Sébastien Roy (Professor of Biology, Université de Sherbrooke), Anja Geitmann (Dean of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, McGill), Carole Beaulieu (Dean of Science, Université de Sherbrooke), Pierre Cossette (Rector, Université de

Published: 6 May 2024

Eating the way we do hurts us and the planet, study finds

In an age of abundance and variety in food options, are Canadians eating better than they were half a century ago?

Published: 6 May 2024

Breaking boundaries: Bioresource Engineering shines at McGill Design Day debut

Generations of Bioresource Engineering students have participated in the BREE 495 capstone design course. What innovative ideas did this year’s students come up with?

Published: 2 May 2024

Microgreens: Grow fast, eat young

Pictured above: Greenhouse production of sunflower microgreens in biodegradable containers.

By David Wees, agr., Faculty Lecturer, Farm Management & Technology Program and Dept. of Plant Science, FAES

Published: 2 May 2024

Mac students inspire next-gen scientists at John Abbott Sustainability Through Science Symposium 

Pictured (from left to right): McGill/Mac representatives Ingrid Chiraz and Andrew Churchill; grad students: Jasmine Muszik, Mehtab Singh, Aylish Marshall; JAC representatives Sean Hughes and Karim Jaffer

By Kathy MacLean

Published: 2 May 2024

Two McCall MacBain Scholars coming to Mac in 2024

The McCall MacBain Scholarships at McGill today announced its fourth cohort of recipients: 30 students who will pursue a funded master’s or professional degree combined with mentorship and leadership programming, as well as 117 who earned entrance awards ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 each.

Published: 1 May 2024

Chris Buddle: Artist, poet, conservationist

Most members of the McGill community know Chris Buddle as a professor, an entomologist, a researcher, or a McGill administrator. But Buddle is a man of many more talents, which you can read all about in a new McGill Reporter article.

Published: 29 Apr 2024

Quebec farmers have been protesting since December. Is anyone listening?

Upset about high interest rates, growing paperwork and heavy regulatory burdens, protesting farmers have become a familiar sight across Quebec since December.

Published: 23 Apr 2024

Maison Riviera: Glass jars give way to plastic

Maison Riviera has abandoned the glass containers that have made its name since their arrival on the market in 2015 in favor of plastic. Fans of Riviera yogurt who have lids sold separately by the company to give a second life to the little glass pots will still be able to use them, however, since the new plastic containers, arriving in the dairy aisle at the end of August, are made in the same format.

Published: 23 Apr 2024

The price of food inevitably "volatile"

From bad weather to global conflicts, and even the breakdown of supply chains, food prices are subject to unpredictable variations.

Here's a look at what's been shaking up the food market in recent years.

Published: 17 Apr 2024

Canada and Quebec are preparing for another heavy forest fire season

No one can say for sure whether Canada’s 2024 wildfire season will be as devastating as last year, when 15 million hectares of forest burned and over 230,000 people had to be evacuated from their communities, but the relative lack of snow this winter, drought conditions in several regions and an early start to fire season have officials on high alert.

Published: 11 Apr 2024


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