Peter Siegel

Peter Siegel
Contact Information

Goodman Cancer Research Centre
1160 Pine Avenue West, Room 513
McGill University
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1A3

Email address: 
peter.siegel [at]
Associate Professor
Areas of interest: 

Breast cancer metastasis to distinct organ sites (bone and liver)

Current research: 

Cancer metastasis is the process through which tumor cells leave the primary site in which they arise and disseminate to distant organs and tissues throughout the body. Once this occurs, the disease is largely incurable. Numerous factors influence the metastatic ability of cancer cells, which include tumor intrinsic signaling and the ability of cancer cells to interact with the tumor microenvironment in both the primary and metastatic sites. Indeed, communication between the tumor and its microenvironment is likely to be the single most important determinant for metastasis. Research in the Siegel lab employs cell-based approaches, pre-clinical animal models and clinically derived material to identify molecular mediators and cellular process that promote cancer metastasis to distinct organ sites.

Keywords: Cancer, metastasis, signalling, migration, invasion, tumor/stromal interactions

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