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Each year, more than a thousand undergraduate, graduate, and professional students work and learn in our Anatomy Laboratory. Through the study and dissection of bodies generously bequeathed to the University, our students gain hands-on experience and a more thorough understanding of how the body really works.  This real-time experience with real bodies allows our future healthcare practitioners to become the competent doctors, surgeons, and healthcare workers to whom we will entrust our own well-being today and the health of our children tomorrow.

In January 2016, the McGill Faculty of Medicine and the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology embarked upon an ambitious Anatomy Laboratory Renovation Initiative to respond to a growing number of students and the demands of advancing technology.  In order to sustain the excellence of our 180-year medical teaching tradition, and to ensure the most world-class facilities for Montreal’s medical students of the future, the renovation of the Anatomy Laboratory will create one of the most cutting-edge learning environments in the country.