Instructors: Please note that we are no longer be accepting exams submitted to us via email. All tests and exams must be submitted through Clockwork’s Instructor Portal, or in-person at our Exam Center located at 3459 McTavish. Instructors at Mac Campus can bring exams to Centennial Center.

Questions? Contact our efstathia.konstantinopoulos [at] (Associate Director for Exams).

Exam Sign-Up

Sign-up at least 14 days before your exam (applies to all timed assessments)

Academic Accommodations

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Individualized accommodation plans are established between you and your advisor, and are based on the diagnosis-related barriers you experience. Available accommodations and supports can include:


To determine if you're eligible for academic accommodations, you'll need to meet with a Student Accessibility and Achievement advisor.

When can I use my accommodations?

Academic accommodations can be used for in-person or online learning and exam environments, take-home exams, and pop quizzes. The same legal requirement to provide disability-related accommodations exists regardless of the learning environment.

Time-based accommodations do not apply for exams that are less than 15 minutes, or if 48 hours or more have been given to complete the assessment.


Confirmation of Registration

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Need a letter confirming your registration with Student Accessibility and Achievement?

Current McGill students: Submit your request in the ClockWork Forms module.

Previous students: Submit your request below. Student Accessibility and Achievement will keep a record of your file for up to 2 years; after this time we can't confirm registration.

Medical Documentation & Referrals

Don’t have documentation outlining your disability? Ask your health professional to fill out our referral form (version francais: Formulaire de recommandation).

You'll need medical documentation to register with Student Accessibility and Achievement and get access to academic accommodations.

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