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Main campus parking

Limited parking spaces for occasional guests or visitors to the Lower Campus buildings is available north of the James Administration Bldg. A McGill sponsor can reserve a spot, subject to availability, for an academic or administrative activity or McGill approved event. Weekend parking and weekday evening parking (after 5pm only) is open to the public on a first come first serve basis, as well as sponsored guests. Please note that parking and circulation on Main Campus may be restricted during special events, such as Open House and Convocation.

The McGill sponsor may indicate a FOAPAL on the web form, in which case the FOAPAL will be charged for the period of time that the guest has parked. If a FOAPAL is not specified, the guest will be required to pay for his or her parking using cash or a credit card. Please visit the following page for rate information: www.mcgill.ca/transport/parking/downtown/visitors#RATES

Please click on the following link to view a map indicating the parking locations available for guests on Main Campus as well as the entrance located at the intersection of Milton and University Streets: Google map of the Main Campus parking area .

Visitor Parking Reservation System

The on-line Visitor Parking Reservation System was established for the purpose of managing on campus weekday guest-parking spaces via the web. This system is for the sole use of arranging parking for guests to the university.

Please make all special requests for visitor/conference/meeting parking using the requisition form. Doing so will expedite the request and will simplify the confirmation process. It is no longer necessary to call, e-mail, or fax a request to anyone in Parking & Transportation Services.

If you do not receive a reply from the Visitor Parking System, please be advised that the parking reservation was not executed properly and should be repeated. If there are any questions as to the use of this screen, call Parking & Transportation Services at (514) 398-4559. After 4pm, please use the method for same day reservations.  Reservations requested after 4pm on Friday will only be handled on Monday mornings.

Upon processing the request, an e-mail confirming the reservation will be sent to the specified e-mail address. There may also be special instructions attached to this confirmation.

The Visitor Parking spaces are limited to 30. Once this limit has been reached all other requests may be refused.

Guest Parking Criteria

Reservations are issued on a first-come first-served basis.

Updates and/or Cancellations of Visitor Parking Requests

We are presently unable to edit visitor parking requests once they have been processed in the system. Please send requests for updates or cancellations to the Parking & Transportation Services Department via phone at (514) 398-4559, fax at (514) 398-2144, or parking [dot] services [at] mcgill [dot] ca (e-mail) by 4pm the business day before the scheduled date of arrival of the guest.

Please note our office must be advised of a cancellation before 4pm the business day before the guest's arranged parking arrival date. Failure to advise our office of a cancellation will result in the maximum daily fee for parking charged for that guest, even though they didn't park. If a cancellation occurs due to an exceptional circumstance and you can only notify our office on the same day the guest was supposed to park, please send an parking [dot] services [at] mcgill [dot] ca (e-mail) to our office as soon as possible explaining what has happened. The decision to charge the maximum daily fee will be considered on a case by case basis by the manager.

Same Day Visitor Parking Requests

The visitor parking system will not accept same-day requests. Please send your requests to the Parking & Transportation Services Department via phone at (514) 398-4559, fax at (514) 398-2144 or parking [dot] services [at] mcgill [dot] ca (e-mail). Note that it may not be possible to fulfill same day requests but every effort will be made