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1. Introduction

1.0 McGill University offers parking privileges to its academic and administrative staff, students and the public in a number of garages, and in various surface locations on and around the Main Campus.

1.1 The University, through the Senate Committee on Physical Development, designates the areas reserved for parking according to city zoning regulations, and all changes, modifications or restrictions to parking areas, conditions and charges remain the prerogative of the University.

1.2 The areas available for parking purposes are restricted and as a result, demands for space exceed the supply. McGill's location, however, in the centre of a large metropolis, is well served by public transportation, and members who can use it conveniently are urged to do so in order that parking preference may be given to members for whom public transportation is not readily accessible.

1.3 The following regulations are formulated for the purpose of providing, with limited resources, the best, most equitable and most economical parking services possible. These regulations are not meant to be restrictive, but rather to indicate the manner in which members of the McGill community can cooperate to make optimum use of existing parking facilities.

2. Authority

2.0 These regulations are published under authority of the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance) and implementation has been delegated to:

  1. Associate Vice-Principal, University Services
  2. Director - Ancillary Services
  3. Manager - Parking Services
  4. Parking Services staff

2.1 Provincial and municipal laws will apply on all McGill properties with respect to:

2.1.1 Registration of motor vehicles

2.1.2 Driver's licences

2.1.3 Safety requirements of vehicles

2.1.4 Operation of motor vehicles

2.2 Parking Services staff are authorized to:

2.2.1 Issue instructions for the control of traffic and parking.

2.2.2 Request inspection of driver identification, vehicle registration and parking permit.

2.2.3 Refuse entry to McGill property of any vehicle which is considered to be dangerous or offensive.

2.2.4 Request the removal of a vehicle from one parking area to another.

2.2.5 Issue any directions deemed necessary in cases of emergency.

3. Liability

3.0 The University disclaims all responsibility with regard to any occurrence involving vehicles on McGill property, whatever the cause, unless a McGill-owned vehicle is involved.

4. Administration

4.0 The day-to-day implementation of University policies on parking will be carried out by the Manager - Parking Services, Ancillary Services, through her appointees.

4.1 Annual parking permits will be issued at the rates and under the conditions stipulated in Section 5.

4.2 The priority of issue of permits will be made on the basis of:

4.2.1 Actual necessity, based on place of residence and accessibility to public transportation.

4.2.2 Physical limitations or medical reasons.

4.2.3 Within the foregoing priorities, the order of precedence will be:

  1. full-time over part-time staff;
  2. staff over graduate students; and
  3. graduate over undergraduate students.

4.3 All applications for parking permits will be processed by Parking Services in accordance with the following provisions:

4.3.1 Applications will be made in person.

4.3.2 Permits are issued to an individual owner for a specific vehicle. The permit must not be duplicated or altered in any way, and it is NOT transferable.

4.3.3 All permit charges, pay deductions, cancellations and refunds must be effected by Parking Services.

4.3.4 The intention to discontinue parking privileges will only be accepted in writing, one month before the effective date.

4.3.5 On cessation of parking privileges, the parking permit or the decal must be returned to the Parking Office.

5. Parking permits

5.0 Parking permits may be obtained for the categories shown below (subject to availability). When the assigned parking area is full, the permit holder may park in their designated overflow area.

Permit: "A"

Validity: Main Campus
Permits for the Main Campus are issued to staff or students of the University who possess a provincially or state issued permit for parking in spaces designated for persons with disabilities.

A1 (transponder) - Burnside Garage
A1 (hangtag) - FDA Courtyard
A2 - Bronfman Garage

Permit: "B"

B1 - Royal Victoria College/behind Strathcona Music parking lot
B1 - Diocesan lot
B1 - 3661 University lot
B2 - Outdoor lots Pine and Peel (north of Penfield and west of Peel)
B3 - Outdoor lots McTavish and Peel (south of Penfield and west of McTavish)

Permit: "C"

Validity: Valid in all areas

Permit: "D"

Validity: Valid in all areas
"D" permits are only issued to University owned vehicles.

Permit: "E"

Validity: Education Garage (transponder)

Permit: "F"

Validity: 3637 Peel Street (Powell east and west)

Permit: "G"

Validity: Currie Gym lot

Permit: "L"

Validity: Lyman Duff (Pathology)

Permit: "M"

Validity: Montreal Neurological Institute

Permit: "R"

Validity: Upper Residences

Permit: "T"

Validity: McIntyre Garage

Permit: "S"

Validity: University Center outdoor lot

Temporary permits

Permit holder is authorized to park in assigned parking area(s) only.


Applicable to the parking garages and the main campus. A $40.00 deposit must be made for transponders and is refundable upon their return in good working condition.

5.1 Parking rates

ANNUAL (prepaid or deducted from payroll): Please call Parking Services

MONTHLY*: Please call Parking Services

WEEKLY*: Please call Parking Services


  • $20.00 at the Montreal Neurological Institute & Hospital Lot, Molson Stadium Lot, and Upper Residences Lot
  • $19.00 for all other downtown campus visitor lots

HOURLY (6:00 am to 5:00 pm. Per half hour up to daily maximum): $3.50 / half hour

EVENING MAXIMUM (Entry after 5:00 pm and exit before 11:59 pm): $10.00

WEEKEND MAXIMUM (Entry after 6:00 am and exit before 11:59 pm): $10.00

5.2 Parking permits will be issued in accordance with the following conditions:

5.2.1 In the A, B, C, D, E, F, L, M, R, T, S categories, permits are issued for a full twelve (12) month period and cancellations will not normally be allowed except:

  1. In case of termination of employment at McGill.
  2. In case of transfer to long term disability.

5.2.2 Any such cancellations will only take effect from the date that the parking permit is returned to the Parking Office.

5.2.3 One permit only will be issued, and it should be positioned as per written instructions that exist at the time of purchase.

5.2.4 In the event that a vehicle for which a permit has been issued is disposed of, the owner must advise, in writing, the Parking Office in order that their records can be amended.

5.2.5 Annual Permits are normally issued for one vehicle only, i.e., the vehicle described on the permit; in exceptional circumstances a second vehicle may be included on the same permit upon payment of a $20 processing fee providing:

  1. Both vehicles are registered in the applicant's name.
  2. Only one parking space will ever be used at any time.

5.2.6 Temporary Permits are NOT transferable, and they must not be loaned, but they may be used in more than one car owned by the permit holder providing the cars involved have been recorded at the Parking Office. Renewals must be arranged before expiry date in order to remain valid.

5.2.7 Temporary Permits must be clearly visible when entering University grounds.

5.2.8 Student Residence permits must be paid in advance.

5.2.9 Permits which are lost or stolen may be replaced at the Parking Office, upon presentation of written notification form (completed Lost or stolen parking permit form ) and on payment of a $75.00 fee.

6. Traffic regulations

6.0 The operation of motor vehicles on McGill property is subject to the same regulations as apply on city streets with the added provisions outlined hereunder.

6.0.1 All traffic signs and all instructions given by Parking staff must be observed.

6.0.2 Maximum speed is fifteen (15) kilometres per hour, or less according to driving conditions.

6.0.3 Pedestrian traffic has the right of way at all times.

6.0.4 Vehicles producing excessive noise may be refused entry.

6.0.5 Motorcycles and motor scooters are not allowed on University roadways. (see Section 7.8). Motorcycles and motorscooters, belonging to members of the University, are able to park in the following locations:

  • Between the stairs to the Pulp & Paper Research Centre and the wall, accessed from University street between the Maass Chemistry Building and the Pulp & Paper Research Centre
  • Behind the Samuel Bronfman Building
  • Near the receiving doors at the McIntyre Medical Building

6.0.6 The highest degree of caution and courtesy should be practiced at all times.

6.1 In the event of an accident of any kind, a report must be made immediately to Security Services as follows:

6.1.1 Weekdays: 07:00 to 17:00 hours at local 4556.

6.1.2 At all other times, to the Security Dispatcher at local 3000.

7. Parking regulations

7.0 These regulations apply to all members of the McGill community and to all McGill properties other than Macdonald College and the Gault Estate.

7.1 Parking will be permitted only in the areas and during the hours associated with the individual permit.

7.2 No individual parking space will be reserved.

7.3 Overnight parking on roadways is not permitted.

7.4 Overnight parking in garages can be arranged with the Parking Services Office at an additional cost of $10.00 per night. Requests are subject to approval by the Manager - Parking Services.

7.5 Owners will ensure that parked cars are properly immobilized and locked.

7.6 Parking will NOT be permitted at any time in the following places:

7.6.1 In front of fire hydrants.

7.6.2 In loading entrances and zones.

7.6.3 In front of building entrances and fire exits.

7.6.4 Within 15 feet of roadway gates.

7.6.5 On sidewalks, grass areas, building plazas or aprons.

7.6.6 Where yellow lines have been painted on the road or along the curbs.

7.6.7 In between "No Parking" signs, or barricades.

7.6.8 Parking zones designated for persons with disabilities other than vehicles displaying the proper accredited permit for parking in zones designated for persons with disabilities.

7.7 From time to time, parking may be prohibited in certain areas for special events; in such instances, alternative areas will be provided for permit holders.

7.8 Motorcycles and motor scooters are not allowed on any McGill roads or in any of its parking areas.

7.9 There is no smoking in any of the interior garages. Interior garages are considered an integral part of the McGill building to which they are connected; thus any and all smoking regulations which apply to the building also apply to the garages. The prohibition includes the area that connects the McGill building to the McGill garage (stairwell, vestibule, etc.).

8. Special parking (this section is under revision)

8.0 A number of circumstances will arise from time to time in which the University will extend parking privileges to non-permit holders. In addition to these special occasions, there is a continual requirement to accommodate vehicles of trades and services. The following provisions will apply to cover the various types of casual parking that will be afforded.

8.1 Parking fees will be waived in the following circumstances for limited periods:

8.1.1 Marked commercial vehicles making pick-ups or deliveries, on presentation of a work order, packing slip or delivery waybill, providing the parking period does not exceed 15 minutes. Otherwise parking will be charged from the original time of entry.

8.1.2 Taxis, small buses or private cars picking up or delivering passengers, providing the parking period does not exceed 15 minutes. Otherwise parking will be charged from the original time of entry.

8.1.3 Emergency or public authority vehicles.

8.1.4 Large delivery vehicles, including the cab, exceeding 40 feet (12.2 meters) in length requiring access into any McGill University parking area must enter and leave between 06:00 and 08:00 or make their delivery after 18:00. The department receiving the delivery must contact the Parking Office at least 48 hours in advance of the delivery to request right of passage for the vehicle. This is necessary so the Parking Office staff can prepare the lot to facilitate the delivery and make the area safer for other drivers and pedestrians.

8.2 Casual parking on campus is subject to availability. Space permitting, it is afforded at hourly or daily rates as posted at entrance gates.

9. Enforcement

9.0 Occasions may arise, from time to time, when it will be necessary to correct abuses or indeed to deal with manifest violations of these regulations. The procedures outlined hereunder will be adopted, as required, by the nature and frequency of the incidents encountered.

9.0.1 Permits obtained through false information will be cancelled.

9.0.2 Misuse of permits will bring about their suspension.

9.0.3 Excessive speed on campus roadways, dangerous driving or gross negligence will be cause for the cancellation of parking privileges.

9.0.4 Minor traffic and parking infractions will be the subject of:

  1. Warning: Followed by a parking violation issued by City of Montreal authorities for any subsequent offences within a year of the first warning.
  2. Suspension: In the case of repeated violations or of patent disregard for parking and traffic regulations, the permit will be surrendered and a new one will be issued only at the end of the period of suspension.
  3. Cancellation: Of parking privileges in the event that the foregoing measures fail.

9.1 All drivers are requested to follow instructions issued by Parking Services staff. If there is a serious objection to any such instruction, it should be addressed to the Parking Office, NOT to the Parking agent.

9.2 Any person may question the issue of a violation notice, or appeal a suspension of parking privileges, by submitting his reasons in writing to the Parking Office within 5 working days from the date of the notice or suspension.

9.3 All such appeals will be dealt with by the Parking Office within 5 working days from the date of receipt. If final settlement has not been achieved, the matter will be referred to the Director of Ancillary Services.