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Adapted mobility

McGill's adapted mobility bus

Students and staff who need mobility assistance can use McGill's adapted transport service. This is a free service available to individuals with impairments and injuries that compromise mobility. The bus provides personalized transport between all downtown McGill buildings except the Solin Hall residence, and operates Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

McGill's Adapted Transport vehicle

To use this bus, you must provide medical documentation outlining your injury or disability.

Once you receive permission to use the service, contact the driver directly each time you need to use the service. He can be reached at 514-238-0764 from a regular phone, or at *287 from specially designated phones in the lobby of major McGill buildings.

Adapted public transportation

Montreal’s public transport network includes an adapted transport service called Paratransit. Wheelchair-friendly buses are available as well, and some Métro stations are accessible to wheelchair users. For specific information, visit the Société de transport de Montréal website or phone 514-280-8211. Students who are eligible for the STM Adapted Transport Service should register to receive service to and from the downtown campus.

In order to be eligible for a reduced student rate on public transport you must be registered as a full time student. However, if you are taking a reduced course load for reasons related to your disability, OSD will write you a letter to take to your transport company (including the ISIC card requested by Via Rail) confirming that you should be considered for eligibility as if you were a full time student.

For general public transportation information, click here.