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Main campus parking

Limited parking for occasional visitors to the lower campus is available north of the James Administration Building. Subject to availability, a McGill sponsor can have a space allocated for a guest participating in an academic or administrative activity or a McGill event.

Permit categories and alternate parking areas

Occasionally, you may arrive at your designated parking area and find that there is no space available or it is inacessible due to emergency work.

You can determine the permit category of your parking permit by identifying the large red letter or letter-number combination on the right-hand side of it. For the example below, the permit category is 'A1'.

Example of a McGill University parking permit sticker.

Forms, rate sheets, parking plans, and instructional media


Description Link to the form
Staff members with annual permits must submit this form to cancel their permit and associated payroll deduction fees.

Persons with disabilities

Map of accessible parking spaces and building accessibility guide for the downtown campus


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Staff parking

The number of parking spaces on the downtown campus is limited. Staff members may be eligible for a parking permit if they reside in an area not well served by public transit or if they have a child under the age of 5 years. Requests are subject to approval by the manager and the staff member will be asked to provide a proof of address if authorization is granted.

Student parking

The areas available for parking purposes are limited and, as a result, demands for space exceed the supply. Parking may be available in McIntyre garage for students who reside in areas where public transportation is not readily accessible or those with children under the age of 5 years.


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1. Introduction

1.0 McGill University offers parking privileges to its academic and administrative staff, students and the public in a number of garages, and in various surface locations on and around the Main Campus.

Downtown campus

Parking & Transportation Services

  Parking & Transportation Services is a member unit of Campus Public Safety.