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McGill Student Services

What are "Student Services"?

Get to know the 12 units that make up Student Services!

CaPS "C-Lounge"

The Career Planning Service offers career support to students on campus

Scholarships and Student Aid

Need financial aid? The Scholarships and Student Aid office is here to help.

Campus Life and Engagement's Street Fest

An annual fair on McTavish featuring campus groups and services where students can get involved!

Macdonald Student Services

Macdonald campus' Student Services are located in the Centennial Centre

First Peoples' House

First Peoples' House dedicated to providing support for First Nations (status and non‐status), Inuit and Métis students at McGill, by establishing a sense of community and a voice to Aboriginal students.

McGill University offers a full range of Student Services** for those who wish to enrich their McGill experience or require assistance in a variety of areas related to their educational and personal pursuits. 

For a quick reference to all the Student Services, refer to our Guide to Student Services and Campus Map.

**The Student Services fee is automatically charged to your student fee account in the fall and winter terms if you are an undergraduate or graduate student.  Certain categories of students can optionally pay a fee to use the services.