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All pdf forms below can be submitted to Service Point

By email, submit the form to: servicepoint [at] mcgill [dot] ca

Opposition Form [.pdf]

Authorization for Change of Program - Graduating Students
** For a Summer Session only

Final Exam Conflict Form [.pdf]

Personal Data Change Form [.pdf]

Authorization for Release of Personal Information [.pdf]

Undergraduate Research Trainee Regstration Form [.pdf]
Submit the UGRT form and associated documentation to your departmental office.

Intercollegiate Sport Event Accommodation Form

For students in the Faculties of Arts or Science

Request to Exceed Credits
** Grades for your preceding term of study must be available in order for a decision to be made (For example, Fall grades and CGPA for a Winter term request, Winter grades and CGPA for a Summer term request or Summer grades and CGPA for a Fall term request) **
For info on exceeding a normal course load
Arts: www.mcgill.ca/oasis/general/load
Science: www.mcgill.ca/science/student/general/course/load

Explanation of Academic Record Request [.pdf]
Use this form to request a letter explaining your transcript, and information such as your ranking

Request for Late Course WITHDRAWAL OR Request for Late Course ADD [.pdf]
For info on withdrawing from courses -
Arts: www.mcgill.ca/oasis/general/withdrawals/course
Science: www.mcgill.ca/science/student/general/withdrawals/course

Late Course Change - Honours to Major
Use this request form if you wish to switch from the Honours section of a course to the Major (regular) section.
Arts: www.mcgill.ca/study/2014-2015/faculties/arts/undergraduate/ug_arts_honou...
Science: www.mcgill.ca/science/student/newstudents/u1/bscprogram

Graduation Term Change Request
If it's past the deadline to apply to graduate in Minerva or a change is required, please complete this form.
For more info on graduation -
Arts: www.mcgill.ca/oasis/general/graduation
Science: www.mcgill.ca/science/student/graduatingstudents

Removal of Freshman Program Request
If you've earned 24 or more credits in your first term, you may enter the U1 year and select your major.
For info on available programs -
Arts: www.mcgill.ca/oasis/ba
Science: www.mcgill.ca/science/student/newstudents/u1

University Withdrawal Form [.pdf]
Withdrawing from all courses in a term constitutes a University Withdrawal.
For info on withdrawing from the University -
Arts: www.mcgill.ca/oasis/general/withdrawals/university
Science: www.mcgill.ca/science/student/general/withdrawals/university

Final Exam Reread Request
Reread policy available here -

For students in Graduate Programs

Request for a Leave
Information on the Leave of Absence Policy can be found on the GPS students' website

Request for a Program Change
Use this form to request changes to your program option and/or a concentration change

Request for Reinstatement
If you have not been registered at McGill for a period of less than two years and you have not officially withdrawn from the University, you may be eligible for reinstatement. Information on reinstatement can be found on the GPS students' website

Request for Readmission
If your registration at McGill has been terminated for a period of two years or more or you officially withdrew from the university and you are ready to submit your thesis for examination, you may submit a request for readmission. You can find more information on graduate readmission procedures on the GPS students' website

Request for a University Withdrawal
Information on withdrawing from the University can be found on the GPS students' website

Request for Registration/Course Changes
Information on registration can be found on the GPS students' website

Request for a Special Letter
Use this form to request a customized letter for the purpose of obtaining immigration documents (e.g.: post-graduate work permit, visa, permanent residency, etc). 

For postdoctoral fellows