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Final Exam Conflict Form

(For students in the faculties of ARTS, SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, MANAGEMENT, EDUCATION, MUSIC, and the SCHOOL OF NURSING only) 

Religious Conflict

A Religious Conflict is deemed to exist when a student is unable to attend a regularly scheduled exam due to religious obligations or if if one or more of their exams are scheduled on religious holy days.

Note: You must obtain the contact information of an appropriate religious authority (i.e. imam, rabbi, minister, priest) confirming your request.

For more information, consult McGill's Policy for the Accommodation of Religious Holy Days.

Academic Conflict

The Exam Office has an automated process that catches the following Academic Conflicts:

  • Two exams on the same day, at the same time
  • Three exams in one day (morning at 9 a.m., afternoon at 2 p.m., and evening at 6 p.m.)
  • Three exams in a row in 24 hours as follows:
    • One in the afternoon at 2 p.m., one in the evening at 6 p.m. of the same day, and one the following morning at 9 a.m.
    • One in the evening at 6 p.m., one the following morning at 9 a.m., and one the following afternoon at 2 p.m.​
  • ​Four exams in two days
  • Five exams in three days

These conflicts require no action on the student's part, as the Exam Office will make arrangements to rectify the conflict. 

Only complete this webform if you have an Academic Conflict not listed above, and use the comments section to describe the conflict.

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