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Important dates for SIS students

The dates below are partial and are included here for quick reference by SIS students.

McGill’s official source of dates is the McGill Important Dates site and McGill Program Calendars.

Fall 2015

July 7-August 14

Regular registration period for newly admitted graduate students. See below for late registration period.

August 14

Deadline for new and returning students to register without a late registration fee.

August 15-September 22      

Late registration period. See information for cost of late registration and other administrative fees.

September 22 Course change (Add/Drop) deadline for graduate studies.
August 31 Tuition payment due to McGill.
September 2 MISt Introduction Program (required) for all incoming MISt students. Information will be sent to students via email.
September 8 Start of classes at SIS.

September 9

McGill Graduate Orientation Open House. Visit site for times and registration info.
> Open house site.

September 11 Important MISt Research Information Session for all incoming MISt students interested in pursuing research. Information will be sent to students via email

September 11

PhD orientation session for all incoming PhD students. Information will be sent to students via email.

September 29

Deadline to withdraw ("W") from courses with full refund.

October 12

Thanksgiving. (Classes cancelled). Administrative offices closed. 

October 12-16

Study break (SIS only).

November 3 Deadline to withdraw from the program (no refund).

Winter 2016

January 11                              Start of classes at SIS.
January 19 Course change (Add/Drop) deadline for graduate studies.                               
February 29 Deadline to apply for graduation.
February 29-March 4 Study break.
March 25 Good Friday. Administrative offices closed.
March 28 Easter. Administrative offices closed.
April 12-20 Exam period.
TBA Convocation.

Looking for School and student group events? >SIS school & student group internal calendar


Questions about these dates? Please contact the SIS Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator, Ms. Kathryn Hubbard, by kathryn [dot] hubbard [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email )or by phone: 514.398.4204, ext. 0742.