Open portions of McGill Senate meetings are now transmitted live over the web to all members of the University community here. The feed will be active during the Senate meeting and it will be archived until the meeting minutes are approved at the subsequent Senate meeting. You can only sign in with a valid McGill ID and PIN or McGill Username and Password. The Senate chambers remain open to spectators who wish to attend meetings in person. Any member of the University Community may reserve a pass by maria.kontzidis [at] (emailing) the Secretariat in advance of the meeting or at the door on a first-come, first-served basis.

The McGill Senate is a governing body tasked with general control and supervision over the academic matters of the University. It is composed of 111 voting members broadly representative of the University's constituencies (faculty, staff, students, administrators, Board members and alumni). The composition and responsibilities of Senate are governed by the Statutes of McGill University. The proceedings of Senate are governed in part by the Standing Rules of Procedure.

Senate meetings normally take place once a month from September to May on Wednesday afternoons in Room 232 of the Stephen Leacock Building, starting at 2:30 pm and ending no later than 6:10 pm. 

This website contains up-to-date information about Senate and its committees. It also contains all Senate documentation for the current year and archived documents from previous years. Senate documents are ordered according to their session and their number (i.e. the first document of the 2016-2017 session would be numbered D16-01, the second D16-02, etc.).

Senators wishing to submit a question or propose a motion may do so here.

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