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Agent Booking

Security Agents provide coverage on McGill property during events, construction, licensed liquor events, short and long term University building projects, special department events that require VIP security, crowd and traffic control and more. Requests for Security Agents must be submitted by an online form (see below).

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Online Form

Did you know?

Did you know that certain assignments require agents to have additional training/skill and that these will incur extra costs?

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Keys Sign-out

Nobody other than Security Services personnel may sign out Security Services’ keys. Key requestors can choose from one of the following alternatives when needing access to a McGill building, department or room:

  • Book a Security Agent through our online requisition form. The Security Agent will be given all the necessary keys and will escort the requestor for the access required. There is a minimum 4 hour booking.
  • Obtain the keys directly from the respective building director, department head or room occupant, as applicable.
  • Macdonald Campus: Simply go to Security Services at Laird Hall Room 101 to sign keys out.

Online Form

Did you know?

This policy is in effect to protect against the duplication or loss of our keys. It does not affect the keys we hold on behalf of Facilities Operations and Development or Network and Communication Services.

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Working Late or Alone (Downtown Only)

It is not recommended to work alone at night. But if it is absolutely necessary, you can request that one of our Security Agents visit you. If possible, plan ahead and let us know a few days in advance when you'll be working late. To receive this service on the Downtown Campus, call us at 514-398-3000. 

Did you know?

Did you know that if you are working alone on the Downtown Campus over the holiday period, you can avail yourself of the Check-in/check-out Service by dropping by at our office or calling us at 514 398 3000.

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Walking Alone at Night - Walksafe (Downtown Campus Only)

McGill Walksafe is a student-run organization that provides a safe alternative to walking or taking public transportation alone at night. Students and community members are able to request an escort by calling 398-2498 or by stopping a Walksafe patrol team on the street. While not on escort, Walksafe patrol teams maintain a visible presence in the McGill community. All patrol teams are easily identified by their red jackets with McGill Walksafe on the back and the two-way radio they use for communication. For more details you may visit their website at: Walksafe

What to do when Walksafe is not available? Call Security Services at 514-398-3000 (downtown). When Walksafe is not available, Security Services agents will provide the service within certain limits (Downtown Campus only).

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A Patroller's duty goes beyond responding to alarms and emergencies. Patrollers are also trained to detect safety hazards, maintenance deficiencies and more. On campus 24/7, they can be of assistance in a matter of minutes. When there is no incident requiring their presence, you may see them around campus, building relationships with the McGill community.

Did you know?

Patrollers know the University well. Don't be shy to approach a Patroller if you require directions to a University building.

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