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Vibrations, Acoustics and Fluid-Structure Interaction

Mechanical Engineering Research

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has a world-class group of researchers in vibrations, acoustics and fluid-structure interaction. The group is led by Three Chair Professors and Prof. Legrand: Marco Amabili (Canada Research Chair - Tier 1 in Vibrations and Fluid-Structure Interaction), Luc Mongeau (Canada Research Chair - Tier 1 in Flow Induced Sound and Vibration), Michael Paidoussis (Thomas Workman Emeritus Professor) and Mathias Legrand (Structural Dynamics and Vibration).

The group is conducting innovative research and workshops experimentally, computationally and theoretically on versatile topics in nonlinear vibrations, nonlinear dynamics of slender structures, fluid-structure interaction, nonlinear rotordynamics, bladed disks, flow-induced vibrations, thermoacoustics, biomechanical applications and many more.

The laboratories include two large water tunnels, wind tunnels, experimental modal analysis system, laser Doppler vibrometers, along with additional experimental facilities for vibrations and fluid-structure interaction testing and state-of-the-art computational facilities. Currently, the group is performing fundamental and applied research developing new methodologies for industrial engineering applications involved in aerospace, mechanical, biomedical, offshore and nuclear engineering.

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