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Your documents:

What are the consequences of not providing your documents by the posted deadlines?

For changes to take effect for the current term, all proofs of citizenship, requests for Quebec residency, and immigration status changes must be received by the end of the last day of classes for that current term. Complete files submitted after that date will only serve to lower your fees commencing the following term.

Newly-admitted students: Note that we cannot issue you an ID card without having received your immigration documents (ie. proof of Canadian citizenship, or international status such as your CAQ or Study Permit). Your ID card is essential to use many services on campus, and to sit for your final exams.

If your permanent code has not been issued by October 15 (fall term) or February 15 (winter term) we will put a hold on your record, which will prevent you from registering or dropping any courses, and which will prevent you from obtaining your official transcript, until your record has been put in order. For students in short programs, this action may be taken earlier in the term.

Should your tuition status be reduced as a result of the document review process, any late payment or interest charges accumulated on the difference will also be waived.

I am an international student and have applied for my Canadian citizenship card as I just learned that one of my parents has Canadian citizenship. Am I entitled to Canadian tuition at this time?

Unfortunately, you are not eligible until you officially receive the Canadian citizenship certificate. Until that time, you will be assessed international tuition. You are also required to apply for a CAQ and study permit during this time as the approval process can take up to a year. Any legal status change will only be effective in the present term of registration. No retro-active changes will be made, as per the Quebec Ministry of Education's regulations.

Can I use my Canadian Passport to prove my Canadian citizenship for tuition purposes?

Due to the regulations governing the creation of your Quebec Permanent Code (required for all enrolled students in the province of Quebec), McGill University cannot accept a copy of your Canadian passport in support of your Canadian tuition status, except in cases where you already have a valid Quebec Permanent Code.

Please refer to the main page and select "Other provinces and territories" in order to view which documents are acceptable to prove your Canadian tuition status.

Can I submit a copy of a baptismal certificate or a statement of birth registration instead of my birth certificate?

Per the Quebec Ministry of Education's regulations, we cannot accept a baptismal certificate or a statement of birth registration in support of your Canadian tuition status. You must provide a copy of your birth certificate issued by the civil status office of your province of birth. Examples of acceptable Canadian birth certificates are available here.

Legal Status change:

I hold a CSQ (Certificat de selection du Quebec/Certificate of Selection) for Quebec residency but I am not yet a permanent resident of Canada. Am I entitled to Quebec residency tuition?

In most cases, a student is not eligible. A student must become a permanent resident of Canada first before being able to prove Quebec residency. You will be assessed international tuition until your permanent residency of Canada is officially approved. The legal status change will only be made as of the present term of registration. No retro-active changes will be made. Note: there are some specific CSQs that are eligible for an international student fee exemption but they must have the appropriate category and processing center (see exemption page for all the requirements). If the CSQ does not have them, then you are not eligible for the exemption.

I'm in the process of becoming a permanent resident (PR) of Canada. Am I entitled to a reduction in tuition?

The answer is unfortunately, no. A legal status change will only be made once a student officially becomes a permanent resident of Canada and receives the IMM 1000/5292/5688 document with a confirmation of landing date.

I'm in the process of becoming a PR of Canada. Do I need to renew my immigration documents (study permit and/or CAQ) that are soon to expire?

Yes, you must apply for the renewed documents before they expire. As the PR approval process by the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) can take up to 2 years, a student cannot study at McGill during this time without valid study documentation, as per the Quebec Ministry of Education's regulations.

I have officially become a PR of Canada (now hold the completed IMM 1000/5292/5688 document). How can I change my legal status at McGill?

Provide Service Point with a copy of your completed IMM document or a copy of your Permanent Resident card (both sides).

I don't have my PR card yet. Can I still change my legal status at McGill?

McGill can change your legal status while you are awaiting your PR card by mail. We require the completed IMM 1000/5292/5688 document.

Quebec Residency:

What is Quebec Residency?

The Québec Ministry of Education (MESRS) requires Quebec Universities to collect an additional tuition premium per credit from Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents who do not qualify as Quebec residents under MESRS definitions.

Please note that McGill University follows the Quebec Residency directives established by the MESRS. As per these guidelines, you must provide complete documentation proving you are a Quebec resident. Failure to do so will result in your not being considered as a Quebec resident, resulting in your being billed the additional (out-of-province) fees.

Once you provide the required information to prove that you are eligible to be considered a Quebec Resident, your tuition status will be updated accordingly.

Full details and descriptions of the supporting documents you need to provide to McGill in support of your claim of Quebec residency are included on this site. Please consult the Quebec section for instructions on how to determine which documents are required of you.

I am not a Canadian citizen, nor am I a permanent resident. Am I eligible for Quebec Residency tuition status?

No. To claim Quebec Residency, you must be a proven Canadian citizen or permanent resident. For a list of international tuition exemptions, please refer to the main legal documents page and select "American and International Students".

If I have a Quebec Permanent Code, does this mean I am a Quebec Resident?

A Quebec Permanent Code is a unique identifying code assigned by the Quebec Ministry of Education to all students who attend an educational institution in Quebec regardless of where they come from and regardless of their residency status. There is no specific connection between a Permanent Code and Quebec residency. Even if you have a Permanent Code you will still have to prove that you are eligible for Quebec resident status.