Faculty advisory board

We are proud to present the 28 alumni and friends of the Faculty from across Canada and around the world who have generously agreed to share their wisdom and energy with the Faculty.

Ian Bandeen (BCL’86, LLB’86) Toronto

Marc Barbeau (BCL’84, LLB’84) Montreal

Randal J. C. Barker (BCL’93, LLB’93) Perth

Gary Bell (BCL’89, LLB’89) Singapore

Maryse D. Bertrand (BCL’80) Montreal

Caroline Bérubé (BCL’99, LLB’99) Guangzhou

Gregory David (BCL '93, LLB '93) Toronto

Tanya De Mello (BCL/LLB’11) Toronto

Ariel Deckelbaum (BCL’98, LLB’98) New York

Andrés J. Drew (BCL/LLB’07) Ottawa

Tony Fata (BCL’90, LLB’90) Montreal

Mark Godsy (LLB'82) Vancouver

The Hon. Yoine Goldstein (BCL’58) Montreal

Stephen Halperin (BCL’75, LLB’78) Toronto

Julia Hanigsberg (BCL’91, LLB’91) Toronto

Frederick Headon Jr. (BCL’96, LLB’96) Montreal

Jill Hugessen-Brillon, (BCL'85, LLB’85) Montreal

Philippe Lette (BCL’68) Paris

Brian Pel (LLB’85) Toronto

Robert Raich (BCL’75) Montreal

Hillel Rosen (BCL’85, LLB’85) Montreal

Michael Sax (BCL’74, LLB’75) Toronto

Patrick Shea (BCL’99, LLB’99) Montreal

Norman Steinberg (BCL’75) Chair, Montreal

Elizabeth L. Thomson (BCL’75, LLB’74) Hong Kong

Susan Wells-Tunnell (BCL’96, LLB’96) San Francisco

Robert Yalden Montreal

Anna Yang (BCL’87, LLB’87) London