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About Global Health Programs

Globalization has created unparalleled changes in the movement of people, animals, plants and diseases, affecting the health and quality of life of individuals everywhere. Because of these changes, the major health issues of our time transcend national boundaries, and finding successful solutions to these challenges depends on effective international partnerships.

Mission Statement

The Global Health Programs of the Faculty of Medicine is committed to improving global health through educational, clinical, developmental and research programs that link McGill faculty and students with colleagues throughout Canada and the world in collaborative projects. The Global Health Programs and its partners draw on the talents and resources of one of the world’s leading educational and research institutions to:

  • Establish and facilitate international research collaborations to address leading health challenges
  • Support the training of health care workers and researchers to combat global health disparities
  • Support students and faculty to work with underserved populations and in underserved regions
  • Promote long-term capacity building in health and health related sciences in low-resource areas
  • Attract outstanding individuals into global health related fields