Radiation Safety

Phase 1 of the myLab project focused on Radiation Safety and was successfully completed in 2010 with the participation of more than 200 labs from across McGill and the MUHC.

The Radiation Safety module of myLab replaces three legacy systems for managing radioactive materials (RAIR, RILS and RTS) and features:

  • A system for managing radioactive materials, including permits, inventory and waste disposal controls at Environment Health and Safety (EHS) and McGill laboratories
  • Integration with McGill MarketPlace
  • A sub-system for managing radioactive waste from research institutes at affiliated teaching hospitals (MUHC)

All McGill laboratories now use McGill MarketPlace for ordering radioactive materials and the new myLab system for tracking their use and disposal.

For more information on the Radiation module of myLab, the Radiation Safety User Manual and FAQs, see the myLab Service Description.