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Human Development courses & timetables

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Courses & timetables

IMPORTANT: Students must review the Calendar listing for an overall understanding of their program requirements. Please click on the following 'Courses' button.

McGill Course Calendar


McGill Course Calendar


McGill Calendar - All ECP graduate-level courses (500-level and above)

To view current course offerings & schedules, use the Minerva Dynamic Schedule - Class Schedule Search


Course sequencing

All students are required to follow the course sequences as outlined in the provided time table.

In exceptional circumstances students with prior graduate-level coursework may follow a different course sequencing (or plan of study). In such cases, it is the student’s responsibility to be in contact with their Supervisor (faculty member) and edpsych [dot] education [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Program Coordinator) to ensure they are enrolling in the correct courses and progressing through the program appropriately.



Visit the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' registration information pages for overall registration information. Still have questions? Be sure to visit our Department's Registration page for answers to frequently asked registration questions.

If you are a newly-admitted student, do not forget to accept your offer of admission on Minerva otherwise you will not be able to register for any courses!

Information about fees, fines, and other charges can be found on the Students Accounts website.