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The following are undergraduate minor concentration programs administered by the Dept. of Educational & Counselling Psychology.


Bachelor of Arts (BA) Undergraduate Minor in Educational Psychology



What is Educational Psychology?

Educational Psychology encompasses:

  • the theoretical and applied study of learning, cognition, and instruction in a variety of educational settings across ages and domains
  • instructional technology and computers as cognitive tools in learning
  • cognitive and social processes in learning
  • evaluation and enhancement of learning and teaching
  • education of learners with special needs or difficulties
  • relationships of these or related phenomena to issues in human development, especially for children and adolescents
  • the impact of family and community on children's learning and development



The undergraduate minor program in Educational Psychology is available to students in BA programs.


Students who are currently registered in a BA program at McGill and are interested in registering for this Minor Concentration should make an appointment with their Academic Advisor to discuss this option.

Requirements & Courses

McGill Calendar program page, Faculty of Arts: program requirements, required courses, and complementary courses.


Taylor Adolescent Program

Taylor Adolescent ProgramThe Taylor Adolescent Program (TAP) is a joint project of this department and affiliated with the Montreal Fluency Centre.

TAP has openings for tutor-interns to work with adolescents who have moderate to severe learning disabilities.

The program runs during the Fall and Winter semesters, September thorugh June inclusive.



While the majority of our successful interns in the Taylor Adolescent Program are typically undegraduate students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, students in other academic areas of study are not automatically disqualified from this program. This would be determined during the interview process held at TAP. 

For more information, please visit the Taylor Adolescent Program (TAP) website.


Students who are accepted into TAP must fill out a field work contract (see below), have it approved by their site supervisor, and bring it back to the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology in the Faculty of Education of McGill University for departmental approval. Students then register for two 3-credit Fieldwork courses, and upon successful completion of the internship, receive academic credit for their field work. Please note that these courses are graded on a Pass/Fail basis.

Tutor-interns accepted to this program will each be assigned to an adolescent. Under the training and supervision of the Taylor Adolescent Team, tutor-interns will assist in remedial planning and the implementation of effective intervention. Interns accepted into this program will be given a brief orientation course and supervised through weekly training sessions throughout the year. They will also participate in meetings and consultation to their student's family and school. This practicum would be of interest to future clinicians and other professionals in psychology, education and allied fields.


Field Work Contract Form

Taylor Adolescent Program Contract for Field Work with Exceptional Children: TAP Field Work Internship Contract [.pdf]