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PhD Job Market Candidates


Irakli Japaridze


FIELDS OF STUDY: Macroeconomics, Demographics, Labor Economics

JOB MARKET PAPER: Female labor force participation and fertility differentials

ADVISOR(S): Francisco Alvarez-Cuadrado, Markus Poschke, Daniel Barczyk

Jean-Francois Mercier


FIELDS OF STUDY: Game Theory, Contest Theory, Mechanism Design, Industrial Organization, Public Economics

JOB MARKET PAPER: Group Rent-Seeking Contests with Private Information

ADVISOR(S): Licun Xue, Rohan Dutta, Ngo Van Long

Kaywana Raeburn


FIELDS OF STUDY: Development Economics, Behavioural Economics, Empirical Microeconomics

JOB MARKET PAPER: Resolving Ambiguity as a Public Good: Experimental Evidence from Guyana

ADVISOR(S): Franque Grimard, Sonia Laszlo, Jim Engle-Warnick

Lei Xu


FIELDS OF STUDY: Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Labor Economics

JOB MARKET PAPER: What Makes Geeks Tick? A Study of Stack Overflow Careers

ADVISOR(S): Fabian Lange, Luis Cabral, Licun Xue, Mitchell Hoffman

Mao Takongmo Charles Olivier


FIELDS OF STUDY: Macroeconomics, Econometrics

JOB MARKET PAPER: 1. Selection of the Number of Factors in the Presence of Structural Instability: A Monte Carlo Study

2. Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium, Detrending, and Generalized Method of Moments

ADVISOR(S): Jean-Marie Dufour, Steven Ambler, Vicky Zinde-Walsh, Kristian Behrens

Nagham Sayour


FIELDS OF STUDY: Empirical Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Experimental Economics

JOB MARKET PAPER: The Impact of Maternal Care on Child Development: Evidence from Sibling Spillover Effects of a Parental Leave Reform

ADVISOR(S): Matthieu Chemin, Sonia Laszlo, Saraswata Chaudhuri

Yan Song


FIELDS OF STUDY: Health Economics, Applied Micro Economics

JOB MARKET PAPER: The Power of Not Asking: How Do Presumed Consent Laws Affect Patient's Choice of Prescription?

ADVISOR(S): Fabian Lange, Erin Strumpf, Laura Lasio, Robert Clark