PhD Job Market Candidates 2016-2017


Md Nazmul Ahsan

FIELDS OF STUDY: Econometrics, Financial Economics and Empirical Research in Finance
JOB MARKET PAPER: Simple Estimators and Inference for Higher-order Stochastic Volatility Models
ADVISOR(S): Jean-Marie Dufour (Supervisor), John W. Galbraith (Co-Supervisor), Victoria Zinde-Walsh


Ying Tung Chan

FIELDS OF STUDY: Macroeconomics, Behavioral Economics, Labor Economics
JOB MARKET PAPER: On the Generalized Consumption Externality with Heterogeneous Agents
ADVISOR(S): Ngo Van Long, Francisco Alvarez-Cuadrado, Hassan Benchekroun

Irakli Japaridze

FIELDS OF STUDY: Macroeconomics, Demographics
JOB MARKET PAPER: Female labor force participation and fertility differentials
ADVISOR(S): Francisco Alvarez-Cuadrado

Bixi Jian

FIELDS OF STUDY: Financial Econometrics, Financial Economics, Empirical Asset Pricing
JOB MARKET PAPER: Multiple Horizon Causality in Network Analysis: Measuring Volatility Interconnections in Financial Markets
ADVISOR(S): Jean-Marie Dufour, John Galbraith, Victoria Zinde-Walsh

Jinjing Liu

FIELDS OF STUDY: Financial Economics, Econometrics, Risk Management, Asset Pricing
JOB MARKET PAPER: A New Tail-based Correlation
ADVISOR(S): John Galbraith

Jie Ma

FIELDS OF STUDY: Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics 
JOB MARKET PAPER: High Skilled Immigration and the Market for Skilled Labor: The Role of Occupational Choice
ADVISOR(S): Fabian Lange, Theodore Papageorgiou, Markus Poschke 


Maxwell Tuuli

FIELDS OF STUDY: International Trade, Industrial Organization and Development Economics
JOB MARKET PAPER: Intra-firm Trade in the Presence of Uncertainty 
ADVISOR(S): Ngo Van LongFrancesco Amodio, Sonia Laszlo 

Hong Zhao

FIELDS OF STUDY: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics
JOB MARKET PAPER: International Currency, Trend Inflation, and Indeterminacy. 
ADVISOR(S): Prof. Jagdish Handa, Prof. Francisco Ruge-Murcia