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Professors Russell Davidson, Jean-Marie Dufour, Victoria Zinde-Walsh and John Galbraith

Professor Ngo Van Long

Professors Erin Strumpf and Markus Poschke

Professor Sonia Laszlo

Professors Paul Dickinson and Ken Mackenzie

Principal and Vice-Chancellor Heather Monroe-Blum, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, and then-Department Chair William Watson before Mr. Flaherty's talk to the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada (March 2009)

Professors Hassan Benchekroun and Franque Grimard

Professors Christopher Ragan, Tom Naylor, Licun Xue and William Watson

Professors Chris Green, Jagdish Handa, Kari Levitt, Myron Frankman and Tony Deutsch

Professors Rohan Dutta, Francisco Alvarez-Cuadrado, Daniel Barczyk and Matthieu Chemin

Professor Jean-Marie Dufour wins Prix du Quebec and receives the Order of Canada (November 2008)

Professor Chris Ragan's new effort to Align Economic and Environmental Aspirations

Fiscal policies that impact the environment beyond the academic.  
Canada's Ecofiscal Commission, chaired by Professor Chris Ragan, makes the case for modernizing Canada's fiscal systems across the country to encourage the economic activities we do want; job creation, investment and innovation while reducing those we don't want (greenhouse gas emissions and the pollution of our land, air and water). Learn more about the Commission and read article in McGill Reporter.

Ragan says we need smart tolls on our bridges,  Read Article.

Professor Sonia Laszlo on what’s needed to deal with the Ebola crisis

Medicine and military alone will not save world from Ebola
A more co-ordinated and creative approach to tackling the outbreak is required if we hope to keep a global pandemic at bay.

Read her article published in The Star



Professor Emerita Polanyi Levitt Recipient of the Order of Canada in 2014

Congratulations to Professor Emerita Kari Polanyi Levitt, longtime member of the Economics Department, for being awarded the Order of Canada in June 2014. She was honoured for her contributions to the establishment of international development studies as an interdisciplinary academic field and for her research on political economy in the Caribbean.

She joins fellow Department member Professor Jean-Marie Dufour, who was appointed to the Order in 2008.


From Research to Policy:

President Obama’s new focus on the long-term unemployed relies on research by Kory Kraft (Toronto), Fabian Lange (McGill), Matthew J. Notowidigdo (Chicago): Duration Dependence And Labor Market Conditions: Evidence From A Field Experiment

President Obama cites this research in The New York Times video broadcast at 8.15 minute (January 31, 2014); this topic was also highlighted in The Toronto Star

Les entreprises américaines écartent les candidatures des chômeurs de plus de six mois. Barack Obama les invite à revoir leur politique d'embauche.  Aux Etats-Unis, le piège du chômage de longue durée