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"The Scleroderma Patient-centered Intervention Network (SPIN) Cohort: Protocol for a cohort multiple randomised controlled trial (cmRCT) design to support trials of psychosocial and rehabilitation interventions in a rare disease context," BMJ Open

Authors: Kwakkenbos, L., Jewett, L.R., Baron, M., Bartlett, S.J., Furst, D., Gottesman, K., Khanna, D., Malcarne, V.L., Mayes, M.D., Mouthon, L., Poiraudeau, S., Sauve, M., Nielson, W.R., Poole, J.L., Assassi, S., Boutron, I., Ells, C., Van Den Ende, C.H.M., Hudson, M., Impens, A., Körner, A., Leite, C., Maia, A.C., Mendelson, C., Pope, J., Steele, R.J., Suarez-Almazor, M.E., Ahmed, S., Coronado-Montoya, S., Delisle, V.C., Gholizadeh, S., Jang, Yeona, Levis, B., Milette, K., Mills, S.D., Razykov, I., Fox, R.S., Thombs, B.D.

Published: 25 Oct 2013

Professor Mintzberg receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Professor Henry Mintzberg will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award (and be inducted into the Leadership Legacy Program) by the International Leadership Association (ILA) for his significant and diverse contributions to the field of leadership. Find out more about the award.

Published: 25 Oct 2013

"What Clients Don't Get About My Profession: A Model of Perceived Role-Based Image Discrepancies," Academy of Management Journal

Authors: Vough, Heather; Cardador, M. Teresa; Bednar, Jeffrey S.; Dane, Erik; Pratt, Michael G.

Publication: Academy of Management Journal, August 2013


Published: 4 Oct 2013

"Beyond the "i" in the Obesity Epidemic: A Review of Social Relational and Network Interventions on Obesity," Journal of Obesity

Authors: Leroux, Janette S.; Moore, Spencer D.; Dubé, Laurette

Publication: Journal of Obesity, 2013


Published: 27 Sep 2013

"Mixed Signals: A Dynamic Analysis of Warranty Provision in the Automotive Industry, 1960-2008," Strategic Management Journal

Authors: Etzion, Dror; Pe'er, Aviad A.

Publication: Strategic Management Journal, 2013


Published: 27 Sep 2013

Professors Faraj and Vaast's Insight Grant Ranked First by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Desautels Professors Samer Faraj and Emmanuelle Vaast’s Insight Grant to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), entitled: "Complex Collaboration in Communities of Innovation," was ranked 1st out of 90 applications in Committee 435-3C and was awarded $189,409 in the competition year 2012-2013.  

Published: 27 Sep 2013

"What if technology worked in harmony with nature?" Imagining climate change through Prius advertisements," Organization

Authors: Garland, Jennifer; Huising, Ruthanne; Struben, Jeroen

Publication: Organization, 2013


Published: 19 Sep 2013

"The Use of Benevolent Leadership Development to Advance Principles of Responsible Management Education," Journal of Management Development

Authors: Karakas, Fahri; Sarigöllü, Emine; Manisaligil, Alperen

Publication: Journal of Management Development, 2013


Published: 12 Sep 2013

"Effects of Social and Temporal Distance on Evaluation of Corporate Ambivalent Behavior," Social Behavior and Personality

Authors: Chung, Sunghun; Park, Jooyoung

Publication: Social Behavior and Personality, 2013


Published: 6 Sep 2013

"Returns Policies Between Channel Partners for Durable Products," Marketing Science

Authors: Gumus, Mehmet; Ray, Saibal; Yin, Shuya

Publication: Marketing Science


Published: 27 Aug 2013

Professor Dror Etzion wins 2013 ONE Emerging Scholar Award

Professor Dror Etzion has won the 2013 Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE) Division Emerging Scholar Award, presented at the Academy of Management (AoM) Business Meeting. The ONE Emerging Scholar Award recognizes early career academics who have already  made outstanding research contributions in the area of organizations and the natural  environment, and who appear to have a strong potential to continue making such contributions in the near future.

Published: 26 Aug 2013

Prof. Desmond Tsang wins best paper award from American Real Estate Society

Professor Desmond Tsang has recently received a best paper award from the American Real Estate Society in the Real Estate Investment Trusts category for his paper entitled, “CEO Bonus: Alternative Performance Measurement versus Gamesmanship.”

Read full paper: American Real Estate Society

Published: 23 Aug 2013

"From Autonomous Strategic Behavior to Emergent Strategy," Strategic Management Journal

Authors: Mirabeau, Laurent; Maguire, Steve

Publication: Strategic Management Journal, 2013


Published: 15 Aug 2013

"Constructing Consequences for Noncompliance: The Case of Academic Laboratories," Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

Authors: Huising, Ruthanne; Silbey, Susan S.

Publication: Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, September 2013


Published: 15 Aug 2013

"The Discount Is Unfair: Egocentric Fairness in Risky Discounts," Journal of Economic Psychology

Authors: Choi, Sung Chul; Park, Sang June; Qiu, Chun; Stanyer, Mike

Publication: Journal of Economic Psychology, December 2013


Published: 15 Aug 2013

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