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Search and Integration in External Venturing: An Inductive Examination of Corporate Venture Capital Units

Authors: Sandip Basu, Corey C. Phelps and Suresh Kotha

Publications: Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

Published: 15 Sep 2015

Shareholder value implications of service failures in triads: The case of customer information security breaches

Authors: Modi, S.B., Wiles, M.A., and Mishra, S.

Publication: Journal of Operations Management

Published: 9 Sep 2015

Financial Relationships and the Limits to Arbitrage

Authors: Kondo, J. E. and Papanikolaou, D.Publication: Review of Finance Abstract:...

Published: 4 Sep 2015

PhD Candidate Mahmood Zargar Wins Best Student Paper Award at OCIS

PhD student Mahmood Zargar has won the best student paper award from the Organizational Communication & Information Systems division of the Academy of Management for his paper: “Interplay between social structure and knowledge reuse in open innovation communities".

Published: 4 Sep 2015

Clinical and demographic factors associated with post-lung transplantation survival in individuals with cystic fibrosis

Authors: Stephenson, A.L., Sykes, J., Berthiaume, Y., Singer, L.G., Aaron, S.D., Whitmore, G.A., and Stanojevic, S.

Publication: The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation

Published: 24 Aug 2015

Using food as reinforcer to shape children's non-food behavior: The adverse nutritional effect doubly moderated by reward sensitivity and gender

Authors: Lu, J., Xiong, S., Arora, N., and Dubé, L.

Publication: Eating Behaviors

Published: 24 Aug 2015

A bi-objective model for the used oil location-routing problem

Authors: Zhao, J. and Verter, V.

Publication: Computers & Operations Research

Published: 13 Aug 2015

Are Investors for Sale? Evidence from Financial Mergers

Authors: Luo, M., Manconi, A., and Schumacher, D.

Published: 13 Aug 2015

Supply chain design for unlocking the value of remanufacturing under uncertainty

Authors: Chen, W., Kucukyazici, B., Verter, V., Jesús Sáenz, M.

Publication: European Journal of Operational Research


Published: 13 Aug 2015

Who Is Afraid of BlackRock?

Authors: Massa, M., Schumacher, D., and Wang, Y.

Published: 12 Aug 2015

Unleashing sustainability transformations through robust action

Authors: Etzion, D., Gehman, J., Ferraro, F. and Avidan, M.Publication: Journal of Cleaner ProductionAbstract:...

Published: 28 Jul 2015

Whole-of-society approach for public health policymaking: a case study of polycentric governance from Quebec, Canada

Authors: Addy, N. A., Poirier, A., Blouin, C., Drager, N. and Dubé, L. Publication: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Abstract:...

Published: 27 Jul 2015

An Innovative Approach to Addressing Childhood Obesity: A Knowledge-Based Infrastructure for Supporting Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Decision-Making in Quebec, Canada

Authors: Addy, N. A., Shaban-Nejad, A., Buckeridge, D. L., and Dubé, L. Publication: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public HealthAbstract:...

Published: 27 Jul 2015

Management learning at the speed of life: Designing reflective, creative, and collaborative spaces for millenials

Authors: Karakas, F., Manisaligil, A., Sarigollu, E.Publication: International Journal of Management EducationAbstract:...

Published: 27 Jul 2015

Misfit and Milestones: Structural Elaboration and Capability Reinforcement in the Evolution of Entrepreneurial Top Management Teams

Authors: Ferguson, A. J., Cohen, L., Burton, M. D. and Beckman, C. M.Publication: Academy of ManagementAbstract:...

Published: 27 Jul 2015