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Desautels alumnus bets on bugs to solve world hunger

Published: 3Apr2017

As the world’s population increases, the pressure to find an ecologically-feasible protein source is mounting, so Mohammed Ashour (MBA'14) of the Aspire Food Group is bringing a foreign concept to...

Dec 3: 2017 Hult Prize @ McGill

Published: 24Nov2016

On Saturday, Dec. 3, McGill will be hosting the Hult Prize @ McGill — the university-level competition for the prestigious Hult Prize. The Hult Prize is a social entrepreneurship challenge that...

Une farine à base de sauterelles pour réduire la faim dans le monde ?

Published: 24Oct2016

Depuis quelques temps, la nourriture à base d'insectes semble de plus en plus populaire. Un succès qui pourrait bien encore monter d'un cran avec cette découverte. Des étudiants de l'Université...

Why I’m betting on McGill.

Published: 18Jul2016

It’s not news that Canada has an Innovation Problem. Over the years, governments have tried their hand at fixing The Problem, and yet, we continue to underperform against peer nations.

5 Compelling Reasons You Should Eat More Insects (Especially Crickets)

Published: 3Feb2016

The very thought of eating insects grosses people out. The image of a creepy, crawly, bug working its way down your windpipe doesn’t exactly conjure up feelings of the contentment we feel with...

Entomophagy: Can you swallow this food trend?

Published: 3Feb2016

Would you rather miss a PB by a single second, or eat a grasshopper? Runners who are competitive enough would probably strongly consider the grasshopper in this moment… being grossed out is...

McGill law grad makes Forbes 30 Under 30 list

Published: 18Jan2016

Recent McGill University law grad Shobhita Soor says she is “grateful to be in good company,” after being recognized by Forbes magazine as a breakout talent of 2016 30 Under 30 list. ...

Bugs on the menu in Ghana as palm weevil protein hits the pan

Published: 7Jan2016

Kyei Manu is one of four people farming palm weevil larvae in Donyina village under a scheme run by Aspire Food Group, which operates Ghana’s first commercial insect farm. Aspire wants to bring...

Dec. 5: 2015 Hult Prize @ McGill

Published: 27Nov2015

On Saturday, Dec. 5, McGill is hosting Hult Prize @ McGill — the university-level competition for the prestigious Hult Prize. 

A handful of US companies are trying to grow insects people will want to eat

Published: 28Sep2015

It’s hard to hear anything over the chirping. Cardboard boxes filled with egg cartons and sheets of plastic buzz with thousands of young-adult crickets calling out to one another to mate.......