Academic Careers

The academic job search takes years! It begins by building a relationship with your supervisor, who will eventually act as a reference, attending academic conferences and networking with potential collaborators, working as a teaching assistant and compiling evaluations, developing your research, getting published, building your teaching portfolio, writing your CV and cover letter, applying for faculty positions and getting through the interview process.

Sample Academic CVs & Résumés

Articles of Interest

Tips and advice on how to write successful academic CVs

Teaching Portfolios

Developing a great personal teaching portfolio or statement is crucial. If you are interested in building your teaching portfolio, you may wish to visit:

Articles of Interest

Academic Interviews

Tips and advice on how to prepare for an academic job interview as well as what to expect in the first round interview.

Reference Letters

Tips and advice on how to ask for a recommendation or reference letter:

Salary Information

Use the following websites to find out average academic salary or stipends.

Salary Negotiation

Academic Job Websites

Many of the following job websites post opportunities from Canada as well as the U.S., Europe and universities around the world.

Social Network Websites

Online communities where you can network with other professionals in your field.

Books & DVDs

  • Career Periodicals & Databases -> Login to obtain the full access to the online newspapers and magazines and job e-bulletins from The Chronicle of Higher Education (USA) and University Affairs (Canada).
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