Process to address compliance challenges

Cases where the issue has been identified by a complaint

If a compliance problem is identified through a complaint (e.g. from a community member experiencing an accessibility issue) timelines provided for addressing the issue will reflect the fact that the violation constitutes a human rights issue. The deadlines provided in these situations will reflect an urgent need to address the issue as soon as possible.

Note: In cases related to accessibility, equity, inclusion, security and privacy, non-compliance is always a human rights issue.


  1. Inform the site managers and editors involved and the site administrator
    • When a compliance issue is identified, the site managers and editors involved, as well as the site administrator will be contacted and asked to address the issue
    • A appropriate deadline of no longer than 3 months will be provided for compliance to be met (exact deadline to be determined on a case-by-case basis by Digital Communications)
  2. Mandatory retraining
    • If the issue is not resolved before the deadline provided in step 1, the deadline will be extended by an appropriate period of no longer than 2 months (exact deadline to be determined on a case-by-case basis by Digital Communications)
    • The site managers/editors will be required to re-take related WMS and/or WS training courses before the compliance deadline
  3. A suspension of editing privileges for the responsible site manager/editor
    • If the site manager/editor does not retake the training AND the issue is not resolved by the 2nd deadline, their site manager/editor permissions will be suspended
    • A suspended site manager or editor will be able to regain their role if they present a credible plan for bringing their site into compliance
    • Maintenance of the site will be assigned to another team member who has completed the appropriate training
    • In cases where this would leave the department without an active site manager, the issue should be escalated directly to step 4
  4. Inform department director, follow-up actions to be determined by the Web Advisory Committee at the next committee meeting
    • If compliance has not been met within a 2 week period following step 3 (or step 2 if the site has only one site manager), the issue will be escalated to a department director and/or site sponsor. Next steps will be determined with the input of the Web Advisory Committee with one possible action being to take the site down and and for the issue will be addressed by the Digital Communications team as per their availability. If a regular Web Advisory Committee meeting will not take place in the near future, a special meeting could be called, or a discussion could take place in a message board. The solution will be enforced by Digital Comms.


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