Heading into the future

Headers on McGills websites are about to get a long-awaited makeover that will pave the way for some exciting new WMS template enhancements, including wider web pages.

Wider web pages on desktop

Ever wonder why McGill’s web pages aren’t wider and more responsive to larger screens? The current WMS template is constrained to a width that matches the width of the banner image (which is 940px wide, for you technical folks).

Recent feedback indicates a strong interest in wider web pages that span the width of visitors’ browser windows. The new header, which allows for more flexibility in page width, means a wider desktop template is on the horizon.

Header example
Another feature of the new header is improved functionality of the Quick Links drop down menu.

Improvements galore

In addition to a more flexible width, the revamped header introduces a number of additional benefits:

  • Improved responsiveness with all header elements displaying across all types of devices — desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • The simplified design and refined code allows for additional options with site titles, slogans, labels and approved logos.
  • Important content is more visible. Visitors can quickly and easily identify your site title and then move onto your key content in the body of your web pages. The new header also takes up less vertical space, which means important content displays higher in the browser window.
  • Refined functionality and coding of the Quick Links drop down menu.

The new header is expected to be released soon. Stay tuned for updates!

Other recent WMS design updates

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