“Beta” blocks are now out of the blocks!


We’re happy to announce the much-anticipated release of the new Template blocks that have been in beta. These new blocks are now available to all site managers:

Statement blocks will remain in beta while we iron out a few rough edges. The Statement blocks will continue to be available to site managers with access to the beta tester role only.

Our beta testers have had a busy summer testing and implementing the new blocks on their sites. Their feedback has been instrumental in assisting us with getting the blocks ready for wide release. You can read about the work our beta testers accomplished and lessons we learned in posts we published earlier this summer:

A new way to add blocks

Now that the new blocks are out of beta they can be accessed via the standard WMS admin options. To create a new block:

  1. Sign into your site admin.
  2. Go to My Workbench > Create Content tab.
  3. Click on the type of block you would like to add.

The new method of creating blocks applies to List, Call to action, Twitter and Standard blocks. The old way of creating blocks (Structure > Blocks > Add block) is being phased out.

Learn more:

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