What's in a name? The good, the bad and the ugly of choosing a non-standard McGill URL

We recently updated our guidelines and supporting documentation for McGill domains and URLs. Get the low-down on best practices for choosing McGill URLs and the steps to take to request approval.
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Domains are an important part of our online brand. When people navigate to a McGill URL, they believe they've reached an official McGill website that meets our standards and policies.

Tips for choosing a McGill URL

There are a number important questions to ask when choosing your new domain or URL including:

  • Is the URL already in use?
  • Is the choice of URL too general?
  • Are there any negative implications to consider?
  • Is the URL an appropriate reflection of your department's purview?
  • Does the URL include an abbreviation or acronym?
  • Does the URL include jargon?

For detailed guidance about considerations when choosing a new URL see, Domains and URLs for McGill websites.

Submit a request for a website with a standard and/or approved domain name or URL

For standard domain names and URLs (sites on McGill-managed web platforms, such as WMS websites, and virtual host websites like juncker.lab.mcgill.ca), approval must be obtained from IT Services' Web Service Group. Submitting a request for a new site on one of these platforms will initiate the approval process.

Submit a request for approval of a non-standard domain name or URL

Approval for all non-standard domain names that include the word McGill (for example, mcgillathletics.ca*) must be obtained from Communications and External Relations (CER).

* We usually discourage using this type of domain name because anyone could register a domain like “mymcgillsite.com” and use it to claim to be a legitimate McGill entity. If we allow this practice, we make it hard for to users to distinguish legitimate sites from phishing schemes.

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